What are agarwood chips?

a type of agarwpod chips

Natural Agarwood goes through a long process of formation, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and collecting the scent with the highest spiritual value in the sacred realm. Agarwood chips are a by-product of Agarwood, people use it in home fumigation and disinfection usually. Moreover, the smell of agarwood pieces is light that helps you feel better. 

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I. What are agarwood chips?

Nowadays, the agarwood is a valuable medicinal herb with many good uses for spirit as well as mental health. Natural agarwood is a precious wood that over the years, absorbs the essence of heaven and earth. Therefore, this is also one of the precious medicines that people use it a lot in folk.  You can use it by breaking up small pieces  and using it in the inhalation. These one will help the fragrance release faster, the gentle scent spreading in the space will make you feel comfortable.

raw agarwood
raw agarwood has the lighter color than the cultivated.

The agarwood chips is precious wood and brings high value. They use this one for a good health. Moreover, it has a lot of advantages for your house in both of spiritual and physical. It’ s possible to mention good nature agarwood, male period. Next to the health benefits such as headache, pain, stress, nausea, … and it is also believed to bring luck, attracting talent,…Agarwood is a precious and valuable medicine

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II. How to distinguish real or fake agarwood chips?

  • Natural Agarwood chips: Natural agarwood. Completely underwater. It will have clear, strong, strong wood. Beside, it also have a good smell. Natural incense lasts long and not lost. Using this can bring to you a lot of advantages that you need.  There are a lot of types of agarwood; but in this content we just talk about the nature agarwood and cultivated agarwood.
    agarwood chips in the nature
    agarwood chips in the nature
  • Cultivated agarwood: the color is usually quite dark, looking at the ball. The aroma of this kind is the strong aroma, not as gentle as the real incense, for the long time in the air to fade away. Even a lot of it smells pretty sharp. This type of depression is mild and porous, not as heavy as the real agarwood chips. When boiling in pure water, it will change lighter because it contains large amounts of artificial color.

Because, the price of two of these are different. So you can choose a type of agarwood that you consider is the most suitable.

There are some usual way to distinguish real or fake agarwood chips due to the smell and exterior of it. By some features below, you can choose the real wood easily.

 1. Observe the exterior of the wood

you can look at the outside of a agarwood chips. If it has a darker, it will the cultivated one. On the other hand, it is the nature wood. Wood grain oil is appear longitudinally and layered in he grain. When you pick them up, you will feel the bit heavy weight.

look at the exterior of the agarwood chips or you can smell it fragrant


2. Smell the scent of wood:

The fragrant of agarwood chips unforgettable. The natural smell is that can not be completely faked. Real wood is light and sweet. When smell this fragrant, you really feel relax. In addition, the scent of nature agarwood also put you to sleep quickly.

In contrast, the fake has a dramatically strong smell as perfume. When lit it, you can smell the burning smell. If you smell this smoke, you will feel stressed ever more breathing.


3. Look at the smoke of its:

The real agarwood when light, it has a bit light smoke that dissolving quickly in the air. Moreover, the smell will spread in your space. This fragrant create a smell that help your mind will refresh and recharge the energy. It is really useful way to release stress. You should light and smell the nature agarwood chips directly or using it in the electric furnace.

In contrast, the fake agarwood chips is impregnated with chemicals, so when lit it in high temperature, you will smell the burning smell that make you feel uncomfortable. It stings the eyes, itchy nose and make it not able to breath when inhaled.


4. Using the electric furnace:

By this way, it is easy to distinguish the fake agarwood chips. You just have to scrape the agarwood to take some powder. Next, put these powder in the electric furnace. The smell from the furnace that making without feeling. That is the nature agarwood. This way is the main test that using to distinguish agarwood from the male period.

  • the cultivated agarwood
    the cultivated agarwood


III. Uses of agarwood chips:

The natural agarwood chips has a lot of advantages that make you want to buy it.

  • Firstly, make the house space purified and clean, Moreover, the agarwood chips create a good smell that make you feel comfortable
  • Secondly, Relieve stress and helps to sleep well. You can burn it into smoke directly to create a perfume,
  • Thirdly. Support good for yoga and meditation
  • For precious pharmaceuticals: treatment of common diseases of the gastrointestinal tract effective in case of shortness of breath
  • For the spiritual field: agarwood helps bring good luck, attract money and ward off evil spirits
  • In addition, agarwood  is also used in the making of bracelets and decorative feng shui objects in the family. Today it is very popular in Vietnamese families and many temple


agarwood chips
A type of cultivated agarwood.

IV. Where to buy real agarwood?

To buy the real agarwood is what eveyone wants. You want to buy the quality product, you need to have the knowledge about it. It is not entirely down to luck. By some features you can distinguish the real and fake agarwood chips more easily. Hopefully, these above way in the content, it will help to you in the buying process.

So You can choose and buy this product at both of two stores:

? Store HCM : 71 Nguyen Khac Nhu Street, Co Giang Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

? Store HN: 120 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi

☎ Hotline: 0933.348.368 (HCM) – 0818.348.368 (HN)


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