Piscel indonesia agarwood pisces bracelet – premium


The bracelet is made from 100% natural agarwood Indonesia. This type of wood with the essence of heaven and earth. Additionally, Pisces Charm is exquisitely designed and meticulous in pure 24K gold.

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    I. Information of Piscel indonesia agarwood pisces bracelet

    Material: 100% natural Agarwood + Gold 24K
    Country of Origin: Indonesia
    Number of seeds: 21 beads (depending on size)
    Agarwood ages: 40 – 50 years sedimentary
    + Female’s favourites
    + Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues
    + Brings good luck, attracting fortune, connecting the love
    + Meaningful presents toward Buddha

    II. Description

    1 / About the Piscel indonesia agarwood pisces bracelet

    Indonesia used their agarwood material to craft Piscel indonesia agarwood pisces bracelet. Usually, the bracelet will be made into 21 beads (may vary depending on the size). We choose beads number based on the rules of the cycle of “birth – old – disease – death”. Thus, it brings good luck to the wearer. Should choose the number of seeds divided by 4 remainders 1. Accordingly, the last particle will fall into the word “birth”.

    2 / Meaning of Pisces symbol

    Pisces symbol is one of the luckiest symbols in feng shui practice. They bring luck to people in love while enhancing prosperity in life. 

    3 / Agarwood bracelet is full of happiness

    Agarwood bracelet is so natural with the face of 2 gold carp doubling luck, prosperity and help love and harmony in the family.

    The pair of pure 24k gold Pisces combined with adds more vitality and attracts affection for the wearer. Moreover, it shows the difference and class of the ring’s owner. A piece of exquisite jewellery combined with feng shui philosophy is one of the unique designs in the agarwood bracelet collection. Pisces incense is not simply a piece of peace but also directed to the purity of mind and lucid wisdom.

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    About Agarwood 


    Agarwood which used to make from Submerged Indonesia wood. Additionally, it combines with moderate prices, beautiful oil still. It has darker agarwood seeds, pleasant aroma. Agarwood originating from Indonesia has the value of rare and high-class, giving customers a wonderful experience from scent to finished products.


    Commit 100% of natural Agarwood products, 40-50 years of sediment accumulation. No impregnated chemicals, quality assurance, discovering fake aloe vera 100% of the product value.


     The essential oil helps to relax and especially sleeps better with incense.


     The gentle aroma brings a sense of relaxation, comfort, and calm. Agarwood gives you softness, serenity and a sweet taste that anyone will feel refreshed when used.


    Agarwood Production Process
    Agarwood Production Process
    Size (mm)

    10, 8


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