White Diamond and 3 things to know when using

Many people who choose to shop for diamonds will see a lot of white diamonds on the market. Their number must account for two-thirds of diamonds of all kinds. How are white diamonds different from colored diamonds and their value? The article below will help you discover and understand more about this type of diamond!

What is White Diamond? – Simply understood, the white diamond is a white diamond. It is a colorless, clear diamond in natural conditions.

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1. Structure of White Diamond

To understand the value of white diamonds, we need to clarify the quantitative value of diamond quality. It’s diamond watercolor. Diamond watercolor reflects the clarity, color mixing according to the yellowing tendency of each diamond.

The quantification of diamonds is based on watercolors. Will reflect to tell us whether each one is a diamond. Is it considered pure and perfect or not. Scale to rate the watercolor quality of diamonds? Is based on the spectrum of criteria from D to Z. In which the quality is closer to Z, the more yellow the blood will be and the lower the value will be.

Thus, it is clear that there is not much difference in structure between white diamonds and other types of diamonds. The most obvious difference comes from the color and watercolor of the stone.

White diamond
There is not much difference in structure between white diamonds and other types of diamonds

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2. Meaning of white diamond

2.1. For health

  • Brings a feeling of relaxation, good for the mind,
  • Support to regulate heart rate, prevent heart-related diseases.
  • Bringing good and deep sleep to those who often carry them with them Meaning of white diamonds and natural diamonds for the spirit
white diamond_2
Diamonds have many health implications for the wearer

2.2 For the spirit

  • Because natural diamonds are the hardest of all minerals. They do not react with most chemicals, especially do not corrode over time. Therefore, since ancient times, ancient people have believed that white diamonds and natural diamonds can bring abundant strength and positive energy from within.
  • Diamonds are resistant to difficulties, adversity, attacks from unwanted external factors. People use diamonds as amulets, “saviors” as beliefs that guide the way into dark moments in human history.
  • White diamonds are considered a complete symbol of purity and integrity. This helps white diamonds have a parallel between the value that comes from the quality and also from the meaning of use. Therefore, in most cases of confession and marriage proposals, men often use white diamond engagement rings. Because it’s like true love. A deep oath to unite like-minded hearts…
Diamond jewelry is always the first choice in every important event

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3. How much do white diamonds cost?

As for the price of rough white diamonds, many people think that white diamonds will cost more. Although the value of each white diamond treated is higher than other diamonds, we can conclude the same. But in fact, there are not many other data or arguments to confirm this.

It can be said that white diamonds are one of the most valuable and meaningful diamonds in the diamond line. This helps those who are choosing white diamonds as a piece of jewelry or even those who care about personal value.

white diamond_3
It can be said that white diamonds are one of the most valuable and meaningful diamonds in the diamond line

With the sharing of Thien Moc Huong above, hopefully, it will bring useful information. It can help you better understand the two types of white diamonds and natural diamonds. Especially, you know its true value. Visit Thien Moc Huong often to update news and new designs.

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