What is the personality of metal element?

Metal element people are those who have the characteristics of the personality of metal destiny. It has in the five elements of mutual generation and mutual overcoming.

Learning about the characteristics of people belonging to them will help you understand them. Making easier contact with people of these elements.

Specifically, what kind of secrets will people with a metal element have around them? And what are the characteristics of the metals in the five elements? What is the personality of the person destined for them? How to choose the most standard feng shui bracelet for the most perfect theme.

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What is special about metal elements?

What is an element?

“Element” is an extremely important concept in traditional culture. The vast majority of ancient people respected God’s faith. It means respecting the sky and believing in fate. Everyone has a destiny, and everyone’s destiny is not the same.

So what is an element? What seems impossible, but still can be done. This is the will of God. What seems impossible to ask for, but they can get it. This is fate.

the metal element represents autumn and strength
the metal element represents autumn and strength

Element in the Metal element

According to feng shui experts, the metal element represents autumn and strength. The metal element is representative of the solid and the ability to contain all things. And it’s also symbolized as a guide. From a positive perspective, the metal element is the communication of information and ideas and is representative of intelligence and agility. In terms of negative aspects, it represents danger and depression. The metal element can also be a pretty item, but sometimes it’s a dangerous weapon like a knife or sword… The color that people think of when referring to the metal element is copper-gold, or it can also be white and silver.

Types metal elements

  • Firstly, gold under the sea
  • Second, the gold and silver mixture
  • Third, the gold lampstand
  • Fourth, the gold in the sand
  • Fifth, the Golden tip of the sword
  • Finally, gold jewelry

What year was the person born into the metal element?

To know if you belong to the metal element or not. You can look at your year of birth. Specifically, the year of birth of a person belonging to a metal element will belong to one of the following birth years:

Birth years of people belonging to the metal element

  • 1992 – 1932
  • 1940 – 2000
  • 1954 – 2014
  • 1962 – 2022
  • 1970 – 2030
  • 1984 – 1924
  • 1933 – 1993
  • 1955 – 2015
  • 1963 – 2023
  • 1971 – 2031
  • 1985 – 1925
  • 1941 – 2001

From those years, you can infer whether you belong to the metal element or not. If you belong to that, please join us to discover the surrounding secrets of your metal element.

What characteristics do the personal metal elements have?

The personality of the person destined for the metal element


People of the metal element network are often strong, determined. They have consistency. And they always have a focused attitude towards a certain issue if that is their goal. These person has opinions, has leadership abilities, and works effectively in groups. However, sometimes this person is quite conservative. They do not accept help from others. People of this destiny are usually very good at organizing and organizing.

People of the metal element network are often strong, determined
People of the metal element network are often strong, determined

These people have good intuition, live seriously, and always pursue perfection. They are always cheerful, intelligent, quick-witted, and convey information wisely and attractively. Because they are good at speaking. These people are very persuasive. They are also extremely respectful, contemptuous of talent. So, they live for love more than focus and material.

They are very social and know-how to control themselves. These people also know how to see the big picture. People belonging to this destiny are afraid of change and extremely prefer stability. The introverted personality makes others only have the impression of cheerfulness and optimism, completely ignoring their impatience or envy.


Too much hope for stability and safety, so there is an insecure state. It is difficult to have harmony. People of metal elements are also quite stubborn, conservative, stubborn, inflexible. They also calculating, comparing, and self-centered.

When sad, they can be extremely destructive people. The metal element network can be compared to a rose full of thorns. beautiful but not easy to have. When falling into a negative state, they will become a destructive weapon with extremely powerful destructive power.

Element is compatible and incompatible with metal elements.

Compatible element

According to the five elements of mutual generation. We have the following signs that are compatible with metal elements.

  • Earth gives birth to metal: Earth is a place to cover and protect the metal.
  • Metal gives birth to water: metal here when it encounters a high temperature, the heat will melt into the liquid metal, which is water.
  • Water gives birth to wood: Wood relies on water to grow and develop.
  • Wood gives birth to fire: wood withering will form fire.
  • Fire gives birth to the Earth: When the fire dies, it turns into ash, which is the Earth.

So, if according to the above mutual relationship, you already have the answer to what the fate of the metal element is. It is the destiny of the water element, the earth, and the metal element. However, if you belong to the golden tip of the sword and gold in the sand. It is also considered suitable for the fire element.

Incompatible element

Fire incompatible metal: Fire causes metal to transform and melt. Wood carving Metal: Metal harms trees. Wood carving Earth: Plants grow and take away nutrients from the soil. Earth carving water: Soil blocks the flow of water or absorbs all the water into soil nutrients. Water carving fire: Water extinguishes the fire.

the metal element represents the metal network engraved with the fire and wood elements
the metal element represents the metal network engraved with the fire and wood elements

Therefore, according to the above contrasting relationship. It can be seen that the metal element represents the metal network engraved with the fire and wood elements. Especially, those belonging to the gold jewelry, gold under the sea, gold and silver mixture, gold lampstands carved wood, and fire are very strong.

What colors are suitable for metal element people?

Color compatible with Metal destiny

Yellow: Yellow symbolizes purity, innocence, and success. When we look at yellow, we often feel light, comfortable. So, our soul is also more relaxed and comfortable. For Westerners, yellow is considered the dominant color, bringing luck and happiness to the owner. According to feng shui experts, this is the most suitable color for people with the metal element.

White: It can be said that white is a symbol of purity, simplicity, and purity. All beginnings are rooted in white. Besides, it is like the foundation of life that helps people become more complete. This is considered the color of compatibility with the metal destiny. Besides, bringing a rich life to the owner.

Silver-gray: In Feng Shui, silver-gray has an extremely important meaning for those who are destined for the metal element. Sophistication, depth, and creativity are the outstanding advantages of people of the metal element. Besides, the silver-gray color helps them make the most of those personality traits.

Color contrasts with the metal elements.

For people destined for metal elements, according to the theory of the five elements. So, the fire element will be engraved with metal destiny. Red and pink: These are the two colors that represent the fire element. Therefore, they are incompatible with those of the metal element. So, you need to be careful when using items with these colors.

Red and pink: These are the two colors that represent the fire element
Red and pink: These are the two colors that represent the fire element

How to choose the best feng shui bracelet for a metal element person

Choose your bracelet material carefully.

There are many different types of feng shui bracelets on the market today. With many different materials as well as completely different qualities. To avoid choosing an unsatisfactory bracelet. Agarwood will be an option not to be missed.

For those who want to buy themselves a feng shui bracelet with metal destiny. Agarwood bracelets are processed directly from natural Agarwood. The tree was injured by biological and physical impact. In the wound, the plant constantly secretes resin and essential oils to heal the wound. Over decades, essential oils accumulate and form Agarwood blocks.

Pay attention to choosing bracelets with matching colors.

The person destined for the metal element is inherently strong and a bit domineering. Therefore, bracelets with monochromatic colors, not mixed together. Besides, they are the best choice for people destined for metal destiny.

When choosing the color of gems, to bring good luck and avoid bad luck. You should choose the color according to similarities and contrasts. The Earth gives birth to metal.

You should choose the color according to similarities and contrasts
You should choose the color according to similarities and contrasts

According to the law of the five elements in the universe. Because Earth gives birth to metal. The colors yellow and brown are said to be compatible with people with the metal element.

At the same time, fire is engraved with metal. So, if you wear a feng shui bracelet with the color symbolizing the fire element. Tt will cause many bad things and damage to the wearer. People with metal should not choose colors belonging to the fire. Such as orange, red, pink, etc.

Choose the right bracelet for your hand size.

Wearing a bracelet (especially a feng shui agarwood bracelet), you need to carefully see if it fits your hand. Because it will follow you anywhere. In order for a bracelet to enhance the beauty and nobility of the wearer. It is necessary to choose a suitable one. If you choose a bracelet that is too big. It will make your hand rough. So when buying a bracelet, choosing the right bracelet is very important.

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