What is raw sodalite? The effect and meaning of feng shui

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Raw sodalite is a stone that can reclaim your voice and step into your power. If you’re finding something to help you express your feeling. So, sodalite is the best choice ever. Therefore, what is sodalite? Let’s find out in this article right now.

1. What is raw sodalite?

Firstly, Sodalite is a blue to purple-blue mineral. The name Sodalite reflects its nature. Because Sodalite is Greek for rock salt – this name is based on the chemical composition in Sodalite containing a lot of salt.

Secondly, In fact, in addition to blue, Sodalite also has many other colors. Such as gray, yellow, orange-pink. However, when used as a gemstone, it usually has a blue tint and white veins running through it. Dark blue sodalite is sometimes confused with another gemstone. Such as Lapis Lazuli, but it does not have the brassy pyrite spots like Lapis.

what is sodalite
this stone has many colors

Finally, raw sodalite became famous in 1800 during British princess Margaret’s royal visit to Bancroft, Canada. The princess fell in love with this blue stone and chose it to decorate Marlborough House. That’s why Sodalite from the Canadian region is sometimes called Princess Blue

2. The basic natural properties of Sodalite

  • Chemical formula: Na8(Al6Si6O24)Cl2
  • Crystal Structure: Isometric
  • Mohs hardness: 5.5 – 6.0
  • Specific gravity: 2.2 – 2.3
  • Refractive index: 1.478 – 1.488
  • Transparency: transparent to opaque
  • Separation: unclear
  • Fluorescence: strong, orange
  • World distribution: Canada is home to the world’s largest sodalite deposits. In addition, reserves of Sodalite stone are also found in Brazil (Bahía), India, Namibia, Russia (Urals), Myanmar, and the United States (Montana).

3. The effect and meaning of Sodalite stone

In addition, raw sodalite is sometimes referred to as the Wisdom Stone because it is said to enhance focus and courage. Sodalite has positive energies that affect the emotions of its users, bringing mental strength and emotional well-being to the owner. It clears away unnecessary negativity and guilt, promotes coherent thinking, inspires creativity, and gets along with those around you.

what is sodalite
Sodalite enhances the courage of people

Physically, sodalite is believed to help the body maintain a healthy and stable metabolism, reduce sleep disturbances, enhance the body’s immune responses and the lymphatic system, and support the Thyroid. It is also said that using sodalite regularly helps the body to produce healthy insulin.

In traditional Hinduism, Sodalite is believed to be associated with the throat chakra – Vishuddha, which helps to strengthen the organs in this area (thyroid, ..), which is very consistent with the health uses of Sodalite.

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4. Raw sodalite stone is suitable for what destiny?

In Eastern feng shui five elements, Sodalite stone has a blue color. So it is suitable for those with Water parity (compatibility). And the Wood element (mutual birth). Furthermore, This group of people can use feng shui bracelets, necklaces, or pillars to receive benefits from Sodalite

According to Western astrology, Sodalite is suitable for Sagittarius in the 12 zodiac signs
According to Western astrology, Sodalite is suitable for Sagittarius in the 12 zodiac signs


5. Instructions for preserving sodalite stone

Raw sodalite is quite soft compared to many other gemstones (only 5.5 on the Mohs scale), but it can last for many years with good care. Moreover, Sodalite is quite sensitive to strong pressures, high temperatures, and detergents. Therefore, you should avoid exposing sodalite to these elements.

sodalite bracelet
Sodalite bracelet with Nepal charm

When operating strongly, you should remove jewelry from Sodalite stone, lest it is scratched. Cleaning sodalite with warm water and a soft tower is enough.

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