What is natural Agarwood non-toxic incense – agarwood incenses

According to folklore, agarwood (agarwood incenses) is formed by the scent of the sky following the wind and landing on the wounded spot on Do Bau tree. Then, this fragrance merges with the plastic that flows from the wound. Molded over time, forming agarwood, containing the spirit of heaven and earth.

However, when science develops, the concept of agarwood is completed as follows. Agarwood is the woody part include balsam resin born from the trunk of Do tree. This tree grows a lot in the old forests of Southern Vietnam. When Do tree is injured (due to bombs, natural disasters, people …); It will secrete balsams to heal wounds on the trunk. And the damaged wood is oiled into an aromatic precious wood. That is Agarwood.

Agarwood Incense
Agarwood Incense
  1. Uses of Agarwood incenses

2.1 What is natural Agarwood non-toxic incenses

Natural Agarwood non-toxic incenses is made from natural Agarwood powder. The artisan when manipulating will mix the dough with sticky substance to shape into incense. Agarwood incenses has many types. Such as sticks incense, coils incense,… These type are often used for spiritual purposes, worship. In addition, there are cones incense, non-sticks incense. They are often used to xông nhà. Make the atmosphere more cozy. Nowadays, people use it as an enjoyment for Agarwood (art of Huong Dao). This is a healthy activity, very beneficial for health and spirit.

Spiral Incenses
Spiral Incense

2.2 Uses of Agarwood incenses

Natural Agarwood non-toxic incense is often used to disinfect the Buddhist worship culture. People believe that incense is the pure essence of heaven and earth. Therefore, people often burn incense on the occasion of Tet, death anniversary, … to commemorate the ancestors. Besides, it is also to ask the ancestors to bless the family for peace. At the same time, this also helps to dispel evil spirits, attract wealth and bring luck.

That’s the spiritual side. So in the spirit, what benefits will the Agarwood carry? Agarwood with soothing scent will help calming and relaxing. At the same time, the clean incense also helps purify the air, detoxify, eliminate odors and mold.

Agarwood incense cones
Agarwood cones


IV Researching the types of Agarwood incenses

  1. Cones incense

Cones incense is made from pure Agarwood. The wooden part of Agarwood will be finely ground by artisans. Then the artisans will combine Agarwood powder with completely natural materials to create a mixture with a certain adhesive strength. Finally, the artisans will shape this mixture into small blocks in the form of conical hats, lotus buds.

“Small but shelled.” Natural Agarwood non-toxic cones incense can spread the fragrance in a large space. People often use cones incense to XÔNG the house, the factory, the company or the office … The scent of it will eliminate all the smell of pollution, tobacco, fishy smell. Make your living and working space always full of pleasant fragrance.

Cones incense is made from pure Agarwood. The wooden part of Agarwood will be finely ground by artisans.
  1. Coils incense

Natural Agarwood non-toxic Coils incense, also known as round incense. It has a spiral texture. Normally being used when it is necessary to burn for a long time. Is extracted from 100% natural Agarwood materials. Because of being Non-toxic product; it usually has the natural brown color of Agarwood.

Incense burning time depends on the space where the incense is placed. If you put incense in an area with lots of wind, it will quickly go away. In contrast to enclosed spaces; Incense burning time can be up to 120 minutes. Incense floats in the air; bring pure aromatic Agarwood scents through the olfactory to the brain; Help you relax your mind.

  1. Agarwood sticks incense

It can be seen that, in our Asians worship culture; Natural Agarwood non-toxic sticks incense is the most common type. Because it is often used in worship spaces. This is also a kind of traditional incense associated with the spiritual life of Vietnamese people. Burning an Agarwood incense stick on the altar, the deep smoke spread skyward. Not only does it show the respect of the owner, it also make people feel more commodious and comfortable.

  1. Agarwood non-sticks incense

Natural Agarwood non-toxic non-sticks incense is a dedicated product to enjoy. This product’s features include only agglomerated powder forms into rods. There is no traditional bamboo stick core inside. The reason is that bamboo sticks when burned also create smoke. This will affect the subtle fragrance of Agarwood. With a non-sticks structure, professional Agarwood players will fully enjoy the pure incense. And without any other smell.

  1. 5 steps to identify clean and good-for-health

Clean incense includes 100% natural ingredients.

Step 1: Verify the origin. Incense must be clear of raw materials, wood and production units. To ensure cleanness from raw material to production.

Step 2: Based on the scent. When unburnt there is a slight aroma of the essential oil used, when burning there is a stronger aroma but not too concentrated. It usually takes a while to give off the fragrance stronger (the oil will burn more slowly than the stick). Clean incense when lighted has a gentle and pleasant scent. It has a relaxing effect, ensuring health for users.

Step 3: Based on the color of the incense. Each type of material used will give different colors. The fineness of incense’s surface is also different. For example, real incense will be light brown wood color.

Step 4: To determine which is the clean incense, we need to observe and smell the incense. If it is slightly fragrant, not unpleasant and doesn’t have chemical odor; The fragrance spreads gently. It is the clean incense you are looking for.

Step 5: Observe the sticks. The toothpick sticks when peeled off the incense powder still retain the natural light color, not impregnated with burning substances.

Step 5: Based on the incense after burning. Clean incense when finishes burning, it’s ashes falls in place does not stain the incense bowl. 

Spiral Incense
  1. Where to buy Natural Agarwood non-toxic incense?

As we know it, Natural Agarwood non-toxic incense has many uses and benefits for health. But, if you want to have such great uses as mentioned, you have to use the right kind of pure natural Agarwood incense. When you use fake incense, which is made from Odor chemicals and Agarwood aromatherapy. It is not different from eroding your own health. Do not spend money and only get worse

Tram huong Thien Moc Huong is proud to be a famous brand of Natural Agarwood non-toxic incense currently. Thien Moc Huong is the place that specializes in providing 100% natural incense. We commit not to use any chemicals, using 100% Agarwood. Concurrently, we use natural adhesives. Incense sticks also use natural bamboo toothpicks, to correct the stained bamboo trunk color. Ensure safety for your health


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