What is Labradorite Stone? What do you know about it?

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Many people have really loved Labradorite stone because of its beauty and use, meaning. With this gemstone, people have found positive energy that helps bring luck, fortune, and peace to the owner. So what is Labradorite stone? Let’s learn about this stone with Thien Moc Huong to better understand it below.

1. What is Labradorite Stone? Basic information about Labradorite stone.

 Labradorite is a stone found in nature and until now it is classified as a popular feng shui gem. With Labradorite, people know it, but its characteristics and properties may not be understood by many people. So with Labradorite, we will learn below to see what Labradorite is and basic information about Labradorite.

labradorite stone
Labradorite is a stone found in nature and until now it is classified as a popular feng shui gem.

1.1 What is Labradorite Stone?

 Labradorite stone, also known as mother-of-pearl stone, we Vietnamese also call this stone with the name Hac Nguyet Quang. This stone is found in nature with a clear black color with a brown tint. In addition, this stone also has many other colors such as Gray, brown, green, blue, yellow, colorless.

1.2 Origin of Labradorite stone.

Labradorite was first found on Paul Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada in 1770. It was later found in Norway, Finland, and many other locations around the earth. Each place where this stone is found has different properties and characteristics. The most common color of this stone that people see is clear black with a slight brown tint.

labradorite stone
Labradorite was first found on Paul Island near the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada in 1770.

1.3 Distribution of Labradorite.

Labradorite stone is formed during geological transformation processes. Up to the present time, people have discovered this stone in areas of Finland, Germany, Tibet, India, Madagascar.

1.4 Chemical properties of mother-of-pearl Labradorite.

  • Stone Type: Mother of pearl
  • Scientific name: Labradorite
  • Chemical formula: (Ca,Na)(Al,Si)4O8,
  • Chemical composition: Ca, Na, Al, Si. In which Ca/(Ca + Na) (% anorthite) contains about 50%–70%.
  • Color: Gray, brown, green, yellow, blue, colorless
  • Mohs hardness: 6 – 6.5
  • Specific gravity: 2.68 to 2.72.
labradorite stone
Chemical properties of mother-of-pearl Labradorite

1.5 Physical properties of Labradorite.

Labradorite is a stone that is considered to be an extremely rich color change, almost one can see 7 rainbow colors in this stone. When you put Labradorite under a special light-reflecting angle, you will see the richness of Labradorite’s color. The outer appearance of Labradorite is usually black, but when light is shone on it, it will reflect and create an eye-catching and wonderful color.

Above are the characteristics of Labradorite stone that people see when studying and learning about them. However, in addition to the special beauty of Labradorite stone, people also love it because of the uses and meanings of feng shui. Let’s continue to learn with Thien Moc Huong.

7 rainbow colors
Labradorite is a stone that is considered to be an extremely rich color change, almost one can see 7 rainbow colors in this stone

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2. What are the meaning and use of Labradorite stone?

As mentioned, in addition to its special beauty, Labradorite also attracts others thanks to its meaning and use. For Labradorite stone, people see the following great uses and meanings:

2.1 Health benefits of Labradorite.

This stone possesses positive energy when spent millions of years in the ground, so it brings the following uses:

Thanks to the positive energy, this stone helps the owner to improve and strengthen their health, helping them to avoid common colds or minor illnesses.

This stone is also good for the owner’s respiratory system, avoiding respiratory diseases.

  • Positive effects on the nervous system through strong yang energy, owners of Labradorite will reduce headaches and stress due to work and life pressure.
  • It also provides a better blood circulation system, which helps to avoid the risk of stroke or stroke.
  • For people with insomnia, owning this stone also helps them fall asleep easily, sleep better and sleep more deeply.
  • In addition, Labradorite was also found to have good effects on infertility, prostate-related diseases.

Labradorite is also good for bones and joints, especially spine diseases, helping to increase strength and flexibility.

In addition, it is also good for the digestive system and effectively treats kidney stones.

Many of the health effects mentioned above have made it considered a talisman for its owner.

Health benefit
Health benefits of Labradorite

2.2 What is the feng shui meaning of Labradorite stone?

In addition to the health effects, Labradorite is also an extremely versatile feng shui item in life. Specifically:

  • As above, Labradorite is considered as an amulet for the owner, bringing peace to them. It can drive away evil spirits so that the owner is healthy, secure in the development of fame and career.

For women, wearing this stone also helps them possess a more attractive and seductive beauty and more confidence.

  • Has a good effect to help stimulate the development of creativity, so it is extremely good for art people, it helps owners to create better works or be more intelligent and flexible when dealing with problems. other topics in life.
  • For those who are indecisive, Labradorite will increase their strength, giving them the confidence to follow their decisions.
  • For business people, it gives them a sober head to calculate, map out strategies and plans to develop themselves and develop their careers. Help them trade, sell more expensive items.

Because it brings positive emotions, for owners of Labradorite, it will help them to be more open in character, thereby being loved and respected by others.

With feng shui stone, you can see many wonderful effects of this stone for health and feng shui. So who is suitable for Labradorite stone?

Feng shui meaning of Labradorite stone

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3. Who can own Labradorite?

Because Labradorite can change colors in a variety of colors, it is almost suitable for all zodiac signs according to the five elements of Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth. Because of the variety of colors, any destiny can be owned. As mentioned in terms of physical properties, it will show multicolor when shining on light, and basically, this is a black stone with a little brown tint.

labradorite stone
it is almost suitable for all zodiac signs according to the five elements of Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth

4. How to distinguish Labradorite stone?

The market today has countless places that provide Labradorite stone, but the real and fake ones are confused, so many people are confused about how to buy the real stone. With Labradorite, you can apply the following distinctions:

  • You use acetone solution and wipe it on the stone, if the color fades out, it is a dyed artificial stone.
  • Let’s shine the light on the stone, if you see multi-color appearing, that is the characteristic of Labradorite stone.
  • You can choose to test the stone’s energy with a machine to know what the true energy source of this stone is to see if it is 100% natural stone or not.
labradorite stone
The way to distinguish Labradorite stone real – fake


The shares of Thien Moc Huong above have helped you better understand Labradorite stone. Hopefully, with those shares, you will know what Labradorite is and know how to find yourself a suitable Labradorite stone item. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately.

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