What is knotted rosary bracelet? 4 Uses of knotted rosary bracelets


Currently, knotted rosary bracelets are favoured by people because of the reproduction of features for the wearer, but also send wishes back to the wearer’s luck, peace and fortune. When wearing the rosary bracelet string, your Guardian will protect you from bad things. In addition, a string rosary bracelet is also a spirit stuff which has special meaning in spirituality. It has been popular abroad, especially Catholics countries. Every material used to make the knotted rosary bracelet has one another meaning. This content below will bring to you knotted rosary bracelet instructions. 

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I. What is knotted rosary bracelet instructions?

The ingredients to make a knotted rosary bracelet are variable. It can be made from: Catholic, Silver, pearl,…To create a special point on the bracelet, people usually add Benedict’s cross into it. Knotted rosary bracelets have a lot of meaning in many countries. Rosary bracelet string is a thing for people who believe in their region- Catholic. Not only abroad, but also the others in different regions can wear it. 

knotted rosary bracelet
knotted string bring to us a lot of lucks

Knotted rosary bracelets are believed to bring happiness and luck for the owner who wears them. You can feel that wearing this bracelet helps your prosperity dramatically increase. Beside, a string rosary bracelet is a accessories which follows your preferences. You can choose your lucky charm then give it to the crafter to make your own bracelet. It will be an interesting thing. 

Knotted rosary bracelet instructions is a God’s reminder that you must always live well and be virtuous. Due to these good things you do, you will receive a lot of other luck that you do not expect again. This is a good thing that God always wants us to become the one that they want to be. Moreover, the bracelet is a beautiful accessory for you to update yourself better. 


II. 4 Usage of knotted rosary string

A Knotted rosary bracelet has a lot of advantages that you need to have one.

  • A good item for presenting. Perfect Religious Gift for GIRL. Perfect for many occasions for example: Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Baptism or Wedding. Your relatives and friends will especially like it.
  • Help eliminate negative energy thought out of your mind. Moreover, it also has a function to purify your energy. From that, you feel comfortable and relaxed; then having a quality life.
Rosary agarwood bracelet
Rosary agarwood bracelet
  • A Knotted rosary bracelet represents belief in a region. 

If you are a Buddhist or Catholic, all of you can wear it. It brings a good power that adds to the lack of positive remaining energy. Not only a beautiful bracelet, but also a beaded string for praying when you have free time. 

  • It can be a necklace in big size.

If you choose a suitable pattern, you will have a vintage outfit that you want. It is really worthy to have one. Be a woman, you should have one to make your daily clothes looked more interesting than ever. 


III. How to make a knotted rosary bracelet? 

Need to prepare: a transparent string, lighter, charm (optional preferences) and beads

Step 1: Take the string so that even though it is twice as long as the wristband, it is still prepared and backward for parallelism. Use only or wool over top as often as possible from one end to the other.

Step 2: After completing the red thread in step 1, we use our hands to tie the cable straight. Then, cut off the excess rope and pull the flame to fix and tighten the rope.

Step 3: Then, thread 2 mulberry loops into the end of the rope, in which there are 2 excess spikes. Secure the knot and tie it tight and then use a rubber band to tie it so that the mulberry does not come loose. 


 In the process, you can add your optional charm. You must not forget to add the cross charm. 

Beauty doesn’t have a standard, so create your own string rosary bracelet which has a your love and story in it


IV. Where can you buy rosary bracelet string? 

There are many types of knotted rosary bracelets in the market nowadays. If you need to buy a good luck bracelet for yourself or relatives, you have to visit Thien Moc Huong’s showroom. Here, we have a professional staff to give you exactly advancements about fashion, experience and knowledge about these accessories. Coming to our store you will choose a product that is not only beautiful, quality but also very affordable with the quality of the product.

Modern showroom at Thien Moc Huong
Modern showroom at Thien Moc Huong

We are confident that Thien Moc Hương is the best Vietnamese Brand for International Principle. With more than 40 years in making Feng Shui items for all regions of the country. And become the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of Feng Shui jewelry. More than 80,000 customers, in more than 20 different countries around the globe. thousands of favourite reviews across the national and international community.


V. 3 Rosary bracelet must have by Thien Moc Huong

1. Rosary bracelet- agarwood classic:

Rosary bracelet string as a reminder of God. It is suitable for daily prayer. It could be a best choice for everyone, especially people of faith.


Catholic string bracelet
Agarwood bracelet with cross charm


You can check out the link below about the productRosary agarwood bracelet

2. Double Wooden Rosary bracelet- agarwood classic:

This one has double the length, which is suitable for wearing as a necklace. More than that, you can use it for praying everyday.  The agarwood material is good for all skin type, until the sensitive skin.

agarwood bracelet with cross charm
agarwood bracelet with cross charm

For more information, let’s check out our product here  Double wooden rosary


3. Knotted rosary bracelet 

This Knotted rosary bracelet has a darker than others. It has been dotted by some black beads along the length of the bracelet. The rosary agarwood bracelet is worn on the hand as God is always present and protects us.

Rosary agarwood bracelet
Rosary agarwood bracelet

Have your own one at: Rosary agarwood bracelet 

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This article has information about knotted bracelet. Thien Moc Huong has over 40 years in making and trading agarwood jewelry all over the world. If you want to know more about this precious wooden bracelet, you can now visit: 6 important things when wearing agarwood bracelet

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