What is Emerald green color gem?


The green gemstone which has another the scientific name Emerald. It’s the Queen of all gems. As one of the most beloved gemstones used for more than 4000 years. Emerald green color is as precious as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl, or Jade. So, what Emerald is and what its attributes and benefits. If you want to know, follow the post below.

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What is Emerald green color?

The name Emerald originates from the French word ‘Esmeralde. Which also originates from the Greek word ‘smaragdos, which means green stone.

As defined in mineralogy, Emerald green color is the most valuable gemstone in the beryl group. Further, with the chemical formula in the crystalline structures is Be3Al2(SiO3)6). Beside, a small amount of Chromium and Vanadium minerals in the beryl crystal forms the dark green color of this. Emerald ranks at 7,5, 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

Jewelry made of Emerald
Jewelry made of Emerald

This dark green color of Emerald is uniquely incomparable in the world of gemstones. Which makes it one of the most priceless gemstones such as Sapphire, Ruby, and Diamond.


Emerald Gem Origin

Firstly, Emeralds green color have been mined since 2000 BC. The most famous Mining Mine is in Egypt. They are  Cleopatra Mines or Mons Smaragdus (Emerald Mountains). These deposits were also mined for centuries until the Spanish discovered the Emerald mine in Colombia in 1545.


Secondly, Colombia is the country that produces the most famous emeralds globally. And has the largest reserves of Emerald gems. The most famous in Colombia is the Muzo mine, northwest of Bogota. Next is the Muzo Mine, which produces high-quality emerald gems with a deep green color.

green Emerald
green Emerald

Thirdly, in Brazil, Emeralds appear in Bahia, Goiás, and Minas Gerais. Emeralds in Brazil are lighter in color than those in Colombia. The first emerald was in Brazil in 1980, and Brazil is now one of the most critical suppliers globally.

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In addition, the emerald green color appears in small deposits in East Africa. Especially in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania. East African emeralds are quite intensely colored, sometimes with the desired greenish tint. The most famous of these emeralds are those from Sandawana in the south of Zimbabwe.

Finally, Emerald’s green color is also mined in South Africa, in Northern Transvaal. Moreover, modern mechanized mining is carried out at the Cobra and Somerset mines. But only about 5% of the output is of good quality. Most stones are light or heavy in color and are only suitable for cabochons.

Plus, other notable Emerald quarries are in India and Pakistan. As well as in the Ural Mountains of Russia, Afghanistan. Australia, Ghana, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, and the United States (North Carolina). In Europe, they have been found in Austria and Norway.

Color and value of Emerald

Additionally, Emeralds have a green color ranging from light green to dark green, sometimes bluish. The color bases on the trace elements Chromium, Vanadium, and Iron. So, it is the factor that determines the value of the gem. Thus, the Emerald is considered precious if it has both of a deep blue tone and is almost transparent. However, too much blue can reduce the value.

Judging criteria based on transparency
Judging criteria based on transparency

The value of Emerald is assessed against the 4C standard set forth by GIA (American Gemological Society). Based on Color, clarity, weight, and cut. This gem is also the criterion for evaluating other precious stones such as Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.

Treatment method

Most Emeralds are post-treated with oil or resin to fill in small cracks. Cedar oil is commonly used to fill gaps in surfaces or enhance color, transparency, and stability.

How to distinguish between real & fake emerald green color

– Observation to identify impurities: For natural emeralds, separate characteristic impurities, blindness. And cracks formed inside. In contrast, stones that do not have perfect color cracks may be artificially synthesized in a laboratory.

Emerald rings
Emerald rings

– Check by light: When illuminating under moderate light. Natural Emerald will appear with small cracks and a slight color change. Their color is irregular in a stone concentrated in an area or vertical stripes

– Through hardness and specific gravity: One of the easiest methods to identify emeralds is to test specific gravity (density). And hardness using several modern testing machines. For high-value Emerald before buying, you should ask the seller to provide a certificate of natural stone from reputable testing centers.

The effect of Emerald green color

Emerald green color is a symbol of love and luck. It is used against negative energy to help the body achieve physical, emotional. And spiritual balance. Plus, it brings you inspiration, increases creativity. Then, emerald will help you focus and raise your consciousness to bring about the positive. Right actions that change the way you look at work and life.

Furthermore, this gem gives you the strength to overcome challenges and hurts in life. So, it is a regenerative, restorative stone and will heal negative emotions giving you a better life.

It also has healing properties that heal sinus congestion, lung problems, clear the eyes. And cure eye-related ailments and vision defects. Able to detoxify the liver, blood, heart, and spleen. The emerald helps alleviate depression-related illnesses, relieves stress, and cures insomnia. Bits help keep your mind alert and highly focused at work.

When using Emeralds worn on them, they can control the symptoms of epilepsy. Regulates blood sugar, cures diabetes, and lowers blood sugar.

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