What is April 20 Zodiac sign? Personality, love and career

People born on April 20 are Aries. Aries – belong to person birth between 21st March to 20th April, the first one in Zodiac. The symbol is the Sheep with yellow fur. Aries belongs to the Fire element, one of the fourth Leaders ( with Scorpio, Capricorn, Cancer ). Aries smart, brave, adventurous, and leadership. Let’s more information about the April 20 Zodiac.

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1. Curriculum vitae of April 20 Zodiac (Aries)

Aries is the first one of the Zodiac, the symbol is the Sheep – the leader. Because of Mars, Aries belongs to the Fire element so they are hot-tempered, violence but they always effort with enthusiasm.

April 20 zodiac
April 20 Zodiac belong to fire element so they hot-tempered
  • Birth: 20/3 – 20/4
  • Day in the week: Tuesday
  • Stone: diamond, ruby, red quartz
  • Metal: iron
  • Animal: wolf, rooster
  • Color: orange, red
  • Flower: geraniums, honeysuckle flower, sweet pea flower
  • Tree: all kind of thorny tree
  • Part of body: Aries represents for head and face
  • Health: take care of head, face, brain, and teeth
  • Keywords: ego, independence, brave
  • Zodiac for Date: Leo, Sagittarius
  • Zodiac for Friend: Cancer, Capricorn
  • Sport: taekwondo, football
  • Job: firefighter, aerobics teacher
  • Accessory: Hat
  • Perfume: sandalwood, lavender
  • Slogan: don’t stand in my way
  • Dream: Be a Leader
  • Number: 1 & 9
  • Zodiac doesn’t fix: Libra
  • Love: pioneering, proactive, compete
  • Hate: restrained, lost, passive
  • House: formal decoration

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2. The Legend of Aries

The story of Aries is rooted in Greek mythology, with King Athamas and Queen Nephele of Boetia. King and Queen had two children, a son named Phrixus, a daughter named Helle, lived happily together until one day, King Athamas fell in love with another beautiful woman named Ino so much so that he deposed Queen Nephele and made Ino become Queen.

April 20 zodiac
Aries – a golden sheep

The new queen Ino gives birth to King Athamas another son and wants her son successor to the throne, Ino made a dark plan to kill all Nephele’s children. At that time the main source of food in the Boetia kingdom was corn, at the beginning of the new planting season, queen Ino instigated the farmers to roast corn kernels before transplanting them into the ground so that they cannot germinate.

Knowing the bad news, Nephele’s mother sent a golden sheep named Aries to save her child. The sheep carried two children on his back and fled his hometown, but on the runway across the ocean, the daughter Helle, unfortunately, fell into the sea and died. The son Phrixus reached the distant Colchis kingdom safely. The king and queen here receive Phrixus adopted and he was married to the eldest princess Chalciope of the Colchis kingdom.

April 20 zodiac
Zeus transformed the golden sheep into a constellation in the sky, named constellation Aries

To thank the gods, Phrixus sacrificed the sheep Aries and kept the golden fur in a safe place, guarded by a dragon that never sleeps. Remembering bravery and celebrating the bravery of the sheep, Zeus transformed the golden sheep into a constellation in the sky, named constellation Aries.

3. The April 20 Zodiac – Personality of Aries

3.1 Characteristic personality

  • Aries is dynamic and enthusiastic, always pioneering in work, independent, reckless and decisive.
  • In life, Aries is strong, enthusiastic, enthusiastic, and a bit stubborn little.
  • Aries gullible, mistaken, then gullible again. They don’t fake, deceive others.
  • Bringing joy to people is one of the main purposes of Aries.
  • Sometimes, they make mistakes because of their impulsiveness.
  • Sometimes, Aries people are self-centered and don’t like to follow instructions commands of others, but prefer to work on their own.
  • Aries spends most of their time and energy proving themselves to be the best.
  • This zodiac sign loves adventure. Their temperaments are unpredictable, and what. This makes them more charming.
April 20 zodiac
Aries – This zodiac sign loves adventure

4. Aries love

4.1. Aries love is really passionate and vibrant

When fell in love, with the fire of enthusiasm and passion always burning, Aries will want to be with the one they love whenever they have free time. They want their other half to participate in the activities they participate in, indulge in fun, chat with their lover in meetings, tell their other half what they have been through, sometimes about their future plans, careers, and jobs.

However, sometimes because of being too passionate, too enthusiastic, Aries may become hot-tempered and irritable with their lover when the two quarrel or contradict something. Such is the nature of this zodiac sign, but please understand that it is their loving care, just the way it is expressed may not be gentle and skillful. Don’t try harder with them, and the Sheep will calm down quickly, like a child who is angry and won’t take it anymore (unless it’s too much serious).

April 20 zodiac_love
Aries love is really passionate and vibrant

4.2. Sincerely

A true Aries will never have two-handed fishing or cheating in love. Once in love with someone, this guy or girl will be drunk and know only the person he loves, no one else can interfere. When someone can interfere in your relationship with you, it is certain that Aries has never really loved you, that’s all.

The sincerity of this zodiac sign is something you can completely trust, and when it comes to true love, Aries will never hide something hidden or calculating from you. Aries love sincerely with all they have, without trying to show off or brag. Those are the good and simple things in Aries love.

April 20 zodiac
The sincerity of this zodiac sign is something you can completely trust,

4.3. Bored quickly

The flame of love burns quickly, sometimes seemingly in a hurry, passionately, but in reality, it burns unstable. Many of you will think that Aries will get bored quickly, but only partially. In fact, Aries’ quick-borrow trait comes from a strong desire to face challenges, experience new things, and fear boredom. So if you see a sign that the fire of love in Aries is dwindling, just add a little catalyst or something and the fire will burn again immediately, like a long trip, for example.

April 20 zodiac
So if you see a sign that the fire of love in Aries is dwindling, just add a little catalyst

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5. April 20 Zodiac – Career of Aries

Career is the most dominant area of Aries. People of this constellation all have the common characteristic of being very productive and creative. They are never satisfied with what they achieve, they always push themselves to go higher in their career, towards bigger dreams and ambitions. At work, Aries has a natural talent that is very good at commanding and leading people.

In the face of hardships and challenges, Aries are undeterred, fearless, on the contrary, they find it very interesting, have more strength and determination to conquer difficulties. Fire is the typical symbol of Aries, representing the spirit of determination, the desire to win. The more competitive, the more Aries shine. Areas that match the personality of this sign are Real estate, business, leaders, politicians …

eople of this constellation all have the common characteristic of being very productive and creative
People of this constellation all have the common characteristic of being very productive and creative

The ideal career that is most suitable for you will be a firefighter, lawyer, engineer, or martial arts-related jobs such as police, military … Or sports jobs, athletes. You can learn and equip yourself with the best knowledge related to the profession you want to pursue in the future.

April 20 zodiac
They always try to strive to complete the job better than everyone else


In the constellation Aries, women often have stable jobs, which are more prominent than men. If you are a woman who has good communication skills, is confident enough, brave enough to live independently, you can set up a company of your own, you will have the opportunity to develop your talents further. However, you should pay attention to one thing that bad habits will kill you, if not calm, patient, persistent, all your career will return to the starting line.

April 20 zodiac_woman
In the constellation Aries, women often have stable jobs, which are more prominent than men


If you are an Aries man, you love adventure, you want to conquer all difficulties and challenges in life. Jobs that are too easy will not appeal to you, so you will be suitable if you are a sailor driving a ship or a police inspector. Aries men often use their strength to protect others, when they see grievances, they intervene, a job of a security guard will also suit your ability.

At work, you are trusted and loved by many friends and colleagues. They respect and admire your talent and what you achieve, which gives you the strength to move forward. However, if you feel that someone is superior to you, your competitiveness will rise, you will push yourself to try harder.

April 20 zodiac_man
At work, Aries is trusted and loved by many friends and colleagues

Always having goals, ideals to live and reach for is the key to the success of Aries. You always believe in your abilities and what you can achieve. Strong, fierce as flames, giving up victory is not your choice.

April 20 zodiac
Aries always believe in your abilities and what they can achieve

Aries has a very liberal lifestyle and spending. They don’t seem to care about saving for the future, for them the important thing is the present life. They are willing to spend large sums of money to shop, travel, adventure, risk without regret. For Aries people, life is most meaningful when they get to do what they love every day.

One thing is for sure, Aries is very funny, funny. They always make the people around them feel happy and comfortable. Because of this, people of this sign are very smiling, optimistic, and love life.

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