What is Agarwood Incense? How to use Agarwood incense?

Agarwood incense

Agarwood with a special lasting scent; Folks considered Agarwood as bringing in the spirit of heaven and earth. Therefore, agarwood incense contains a lot of energy, very strong yang, and has high value. Wherever the smoke of agarwood spreads, it dispels evil spirits. Bad things around the homeowner come there, bringing good luck and prosperity. What are the uses of high-grade agarwood incense?

Today, the demand for incense is increasing day by day. That’s why there are many types of incense such as round incense, incense without toothpicks, incense buds, incense sticks with toothpicks, etc. In which, incense bud is the kind that is preferred by most people; because of the functions it brings and also because of the unique shape of the product.

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1. What is Agarwood incense?

Agarwood incense buds are products produced from agarwood. Specifically, the agarwood will be pureed and then crushed until smooth. Then people will combine agarwood powder with completely natural materials to form a mixture with a certain adhesion. Finally, the artists will shape this mixture into small blocks in the form of conical hats and lotus buds. Agarwood bud incense is a type of incense made from Agarwood powder and other purely natural ingredients, without using any chemicals in the production process.

people often use incense buds to steam houses, workshops, companies, or offices...
people often use incense buds to steam houses, workshops, companies, or offices

1.1. Features of Agarwood incense buds

This type of incense spreads the fragrance in a large space; people often use incense buds to steam houses, workshops, companies, or offices… The scent of incense sticks will eliminate all unclean odors, tobacco, and fishy odors. Make your living space always full of pleasant fragrances.

1.2. Purpose of using Agarwood buds

In addition to the purpose of being used to offer to the altar of ancestors, it also has the use of creating coziness in the house, bring comfort to family members. The smell of Agarwood incense emanating from this type of incense when burned brings energetic yang; help homeowners feel more refreshed and alert, combat stress in work and daily life.

Tower Agarwood buds are used for the furnace, the smoke spreads quickly; has the effect of exorcism, purifying the environment, houses, and offices; bringing positive energy to the surrounding space, avoiding the cold. According to feng shui, folk often use agarwood buds tower on the altar to create a warm palace; sacred to wish all luck, good fortune, good fortune.

Agarwood buds dissolve slowly, are often used with smoke waterfalls. Agarwood burning space brings relaxation and enjoyment which is very suitable for talking to guests or meditating. Because the smoke of Agarwood buds spreads like a waterfall, it gives everyone a feeling of peace and comfort when feeling the scent of incense and watching the smoke.

2. How to use Agarwood bud incense?

Currently, there are two most popular ways to burn agarwood, that is, using a bass burner or using a waterfall to burn agarwood.

2.1. Bass burning disc

We use a plate with a flat bottom when placing the incense bud in the center position will help the incense bud stand firmly. Use a lighter to burn at the top of the incense bud; Lightly fan the fire with your hand to create red butts for the smoke to spread into the air.

You just need to prepare a ceramic, wood, or terracotta burning dish, to prevent burning and burns when the freckles fall.

2.2. Agarwood smoke waterfall – Agarwood burning waterfall

Depending on the preferences of each person, for users of the waterfall as an elegant pleasure; enjoy the tranquility, thanks to the structural properties of the bass bud; Combined with heavy smoke when used with a waterfall of smoke or a statue of burning agarwood, the smoke will flow down below. Place incense buds on top of Agarwood waterfall, use a lighter to burn incense top; Use a fan to create red ash, the smoke will spread below the waterfall; around the foot of the tower like a fairyland.

Therefore, choosing a bass-burning tool is equally important in using agarwood properly. Choosing the right agarwood burning tower will help the incense to spread without turning off the smoke, and at the same time pose no danger to the person who burns it.

You need to do the following ways to have a waterfall of frankincense with lofty, fanciful smoke:

You just need to light a fire on the top of the bud and then put the agarwood bud on the waterfall. The deep smoke rises from above, following the small slits on the top of the censer that radiates gently and delicately.

3. Uses of Agarwood incense bud

3.1. Uses in feng shui

To have a tower of Agarwood incense with a shimmering smoke fanciful and still have a ceramic aesthetic. Incense buds will be lit by the owner and placed in the center or top. Small holes on the top, censer has the function of releasing smoke and incense.

Burning incense will not fall out; aesthetically pleasing, neat, and clean. We can easily come across copper urns; bronze peaks in sacred places, temples, shrines, or on the ancestral altars of traditional families today.

Agarwood incense buds are used with many uses in life; both imbued with feng shui while bringing pure customs into space. Burn an incense stick of Agarwood buds when you want to relax, make sleep better and deeper after a stressful and tiring working day, use an agarwood bud to release all pressure back to equilibrium.

Agarwood incense is also used in meditation; practice helps users easily enter meditation; a deep sense of concentration. Agarwood buds are an effective space regeneration solution; create a comfortable atmosphere; mental relaxation makes people feel calm; It also helps stimulate clear thinking in the office, reading room.

Agarwood incense
Agarwood incense buds are used with many uses in life

3.2. Uses in spirituality

During the holidays and New Year, people also use Agarwood as gifts for relatives, parents, and friends as a luxury, precious, and extremely meaningful item in spiritual life.

Agarwood brings pure and eternal beauty to the ancestral altar supreme beings. “There is worship there is holiness, there is abstinence there is good”; business people are always careful about worship and feng shui; On opening occasions, initial worship, they often burn incense sticks of Agarwood buds to break into the house; with the concept that the spirit emitted from incense can exorcise evil; Protecting homeowners brings prosperity and blessings in their work and life.

3.3. The effects of frankincense bud incense on health

Frankincense aromatherapy has a direct impact on the treatment of depression and stress. Agarwood, when diffused in the air, will bring a gentle fragrance that has the effect of dispelling all stress. The application of agarwood in the treatment of diseases has been and is being encouraged a lot; Not only that, but this therapy is also used by more and more countries.

Sedative: Agarwood has a slightly pungent aroma; Especially when burned, it will give a fragrance that cannot be mixed with any other fragrance, making the spirit comfortable and peaceful.

Pain relief: Agarwood is good for people with headaches, chest pain, and abdominal pain.

Digestive benefits: Agarwood helps lower phlegm, treat diarrhea, and fight to vomit.

Good for the heart: Oriental medicine believes that agarwood helps the heart, strengthens the heart.

Good for kidneys: Agarwood tonics primeval yang; warms the kidney, very good for people with kidney failure, urinary retention, cold semen in men.

Essential oils in frankincense are non-toxic; no irritation or side effects; everyone can use. The natural ingredients contained in incense sticks can give you a feeling of peace; relieve stress and fatigue. The scent is what is most likely to reach the nervous system quickly; The microscopic molecules in deep smoke will directly reach the part of the brain that controls memory and emotions.

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