What does the Buddha Bracelet mean to us?

Originated from traditional Buddhist mala beads, the Buddha Bracelets have become increasingly popular among those who follow a spiritual path in daily life. The Buddha bead bracelet carry a unique and special tradition from Buddha’s time, and what does the Buddha bead Bracelet mean to people who wear Buddha prayer beads bracelet?

Prayer does not change God, but it changes him who prays. – Soren Kierkegaard

For thousands of years, Buddhists use prayer mala beads as a convenient tool to count the total number of times that a manta is recited. During meditation, it is also a common practice to use prayer beads to count breaths.

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What does Buddha Bracelet mean to us? Different people might have different answers.

Developed from the traditional malas carrying 108 beads, the Buddha bracelets with smaller size and various designs, are quickly becoming trendy these years. The bracelets are no longer used strictly for meditation and religious ritual only, but also used by people who want to add a bit of sophistication and class to their everyday look.

Like the “full” mala, the Buddha bracelets can be made out of a wide range of materials, including wood, seeds, gems, metal, or anything else you could think of. It is a very personal preference to choose what type of material your bracelet is made of, while different material and design creates various visual effects, and delivers spiritual messages in a subtle and elegant way.

buddha prayer beads bracelet
Buddha prayer beads bracelet – 108 mala beads

It reminds us to follow the Truth and the Right Path

The Buddha has spent his entire life in following the ultimate truth, which leads us to the Enlightenment. Buddhists, and many others who have decided to follow the right path, would like to remind themselves in daily life of the following “Eightfold Path”:

Right Understanding leads to Wisdom, Right Aspiration leads to Divine Inclination, Right Speech leads to Truth and Understanding, Right Behavior leads to Goodwill, Right Livelihood leads to Sharing, Right Effort leads to Highest Outcome, Right Mindfulness leads to Purposeful Living, and Right Absorption leads to Unity.

Most of our suffering is self-inflicted, because we act, speak or think in a wrong way. We could have been healthier and more energetic if we adopt the right lifestyle. We could have been much happier if we take the right approach in perceiving what we experienced. We could have better relationship if we choose the right way of communication with those who we love. Following the truth and the right path actually helps improve our life significantly.

Buddha Bracelet
Wearing Buddha prayer beads bracelet with smiling Buddha, and remind ourselves to follow the right path constantly in daily life. If I am not feeling well, take good care of myself and quit smoking. If I meet financial challenges, work hard and be honest. If I encounter problems in relationship, listen to others and have a good talk.

Buddha prayer beads bracelet means Harmony and Happiness

Many of us are in pursuit of seemingly elusive happiness and harmony in our lives. Even for those who achieved highly successful material abundance, something still feels lacking in life. No surprise – it is never so easy to bring the joy and balance back to our life.

Conflict and hatred, that steal our happiness, are often rooted in differences between people – different races, different religions, and different ways of thinking and so on. Learning to accept and respect differences in our life, takes our hard word, commitment, dedication, and time. It is never easy, but also never late to start connecting with friends, family, partners, and neighbors. Learn more about others and respect our similarities and our differences, and open the doors to numerous new possibilities in life

Buddha bead bracelet made of various natural stones and elements could help us recognize and respect differences in this universe
Buddha bead bracelet made of various natural stones and elements could help us recognize and respect differences in this universe

Dance with all different souls, and be ready to embrace more harmony and happiness. Buddha bead bracelet made of various natural stones and elements could help us recognize and respect differences in this universe. Remember, Happiness is when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in harmony.

Buddha Bracelet offers Healing with Spiritual Energy

From Buddhist’s perspective, the basic nature of our mind is pure, limitless and pervasive. Feelings and emotions come and go, just like clouds passing in the sky. We suffer from negative thoughts and emotions; however they are just like those clouds that temporarily block the sun. All of our problems and worries, negative emotions are simply temporary, and can be removed from our minds.

The mind decides whether we are sick or healthy, both mentally and physically. As a matter of fact, Buddhists believe that our minds create all of our problems. As such, the cause of disease comes from inside of us. Signified by the healing energy bracelets, we can bring the mind home, and turn them inward in order to heal the wound deep inside.

When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves. – Buddha

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