What does morganite meaning? Properties and effects of it

Among the pink colored stones, the most popular and well-known are probably Ruby, Rose Quartz, and Spinel. Morganite is also a pink gemstone but the pale color is cooler. So what is morganite? And what does morganite meaning?. Let’s find out through the following article!

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1. What is Morganite?

Morganite stone, also known under another name Pink Beryl. Pink Beryl is a mineral formed from Aluminum beryllium silicate and Manganese. It belongs to the Beryl family of gemstones. Their color is mainly pale pink, sometimes under the light can emit purple. Like beryls, Morganite has a hardness of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale. The index of refraction is 1.562 to 1.602. Specific gravity is from 2.71 to 2.90.

Colour chart for morganite stone
Colour chart for morganite stone

Quality Morganite is mainly quarried in Brazil and Madagascar. In addition, Morganite is also found in the United States, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Mozambique, Namibia, Russia, Zimbabwe…

2. How to recognize Morganite stone?

Unlike emeralds, which are often cracked and have low clarity. Morganite stone in its crystalline form is usually low in impurities, achieving perfect color saturation and clarity. In most cases, morganite is easily distinguishable from other pink stones by its brightness, luster combined with its recognizable hardness, durability, and clarity.

However, Morganite can be treated at 4000 C to improve color and remove impurities

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3. The morganite meaning 

Among the beryls, Morganite stone is one of the rare gems second only to red Bixbite with strong energy coming from the mother earth. Therefore, Morganite meaning gives people great uses such as:

3.1 The morganite meaning in feng shui

Just like rose quartz, Morganite meaning is a stone of love. Wearing jewelry from Morganite will help lonely people find their other half soon. People in love have a passionate, romantic love. In addition, it also helps people with families avoid unnecessary conflicts and conflicts. Lasting happiness together.

The energy of Morganite helps you to balance your emotions, promote independence, self-control, and patience. So you are not being dominated by temporary emotions.

Morganite meaning is known as a stone of love
Morganite meaning is stone of love

In social relationships and in business, this stone has the ability to connect relationships. Besides, it also creates friendliness, trust, empathy and sustainability.

In business, Morganite meaning is a stone capable of increasing sales. In addition, it also brings luck and success faster in the path of fame and career. This pink stone is an amulet for people belonging to the Fire and Soil Element

In the west, Morganite rings are the best engagement gift after diamond rings

3.2 The morganite meaning with Health

According to petrologists, Morganite meaning help with asthma and trachea. In addition it helps with heart and lung disorders. Besides, with a certain amount of Manganese present in the crystal, Morganite stone also has the ability to help regenerate cells. It increases resistance and prevents disease.

Morganite meaning is believed to help with asthma and trachea
Morganite meaning help with asthma and trachea

Morganite stone with their distinctive pink color are in direct contact with the heart chakra. It helps to relieve stress, cure all stress-related ailments. Besides, it provides many benefits to the mental system.

Above is some information about the characteristics, effects and Morganite meaning. Hopefully with the above information, you will better understand what is morganite stone and use the stone in the right way

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