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What is Nephrite?

Nephrite is a line of marble-jade. The Jade marble includes Nephrite Jade and Jadeite Jade. In Vietnam, Nephrite Jade is often called Nephrite. It is actually an amphibole mineral rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron.

This name comes from the Greek word “nephros”, which means “kidney”. Because it was once used to cure kidney diseases.

In China, since ancient times, this stone symbolizes the four gods and kings of the world. It can make gods and people communicate with each other. Also helping the heavens communicate their intentions. Therefore, the word Nephrite is only different from the character King by 1 comma. It is the quintessential paradise nurtured. This stone is the inseparable object of the gentleman. It represents the 5 virtues: generosity, honesty, wisdom, integrity, and courage.

This stone is the inseparable object of the gentleman
This stone is the inseparable object of the gentleman

Basic Natural Properties

  • Ca2 (Mg, Fe) 5 (Si4O11) 2 (OH) 2
  • Crystal structure: monoclinic system, fiber
  • Color: Mainly green and white, add black, red,..
  • Mohs scale hardness: 6.0 – 6.5
  • Specific weight: 2.9 – 3.1
  • Extracts: 1.600 – 1.627
  • Birefringence: > 0.027
  • Clarity: clear to opaque

The origin in the world

Nephrite is distributed in Canada, China, Hong Kong, New Zealand, USA, Australia, Switzerland, etc. The world’s largest source of this stone is mined in British Columbia, Canada. It here is usually dark green. So, it is considered the most beautiful in the world.

This stone quarried at Lake Baikal in Russia often has tiny black spots on the stone body. Sometimes forming very rich and beautiful patterns.

Nephrite Jade stone has always been popular since ancient times
Nephrite Jade stone has always been popular since ancient times

This stone in New Zealand and Australia is dark green to black in color. Creamy white to bluish gray in Poland.

In the US, it in Alaska is green. Gray-green in Wisconsin. But in Wyoming there are green spots with white, looking very special.

This stone reserves are found in Son La in Vietnam

The meaning of this stone in human life

Health effects

Nephrite stone has extremely abundant vital energy that helps to strengthen health. It also help quickly heal wounds and prolong life.

It supports the liver and kidneys to remove toxins, excess substances. This stone balance water, salt, and pH levels of the body.

It also has a positive effect on the eyes. This stone is very suitable for people with poor eyesight or eye problems.

It is believed to heal fertility problems such as irregular periods or infertility.

Spiritual feng shui meaning

Tranquil evil, brings luck, and is auspicious for the wearer.

This stone strengthens emotions and improves relationships in life.

it helping the client to expand compassion and generosity.
it helping the client to expand compassion and generosity

It brings creative, resourceful energy to help you achieve your financial goals. Besides, this stone make your dreams come true.

Green Nephrite is related to the heart chakra. So it helping the client to expand compassion and generosity.

What is the destiny of this stone?

The Green stone is suitable for people of Wood and Fire destiny. The White is suitable for people with a metal and water destiny.

People of these zodiac signs should own feng shui jewelry. Such as Nephrite bracelets or other products such as rings, Pi Xiu, fox, Buddha face,…Beacause of receiving all the great benefits of it.

Stones similar in color to Nephrite

  • Chrysoprase: is a chalcedony (a variant of quartz) with a bright blue color. When cut into small jewels, it looks very much like Nephrite.
  • Serpentine is a metamorphic mineral rock commonly found in the same area as Nephrite marble.
  • Maw Sit Sit: is a bright green stone with some black spots quarried in the northwest of Myanmar. It is usually carved into beads.
  • Hydrogrossular Garnet: is a large green garnet stone. Hydrogrossular has greater hardness. It also specific gravity than Nephrite.
  • Aventurine, also known as green quartz. It is also a type that can be confused with Nephrite.

How to distinguish real nephrite from fake?

UV test: with dyed goods, we can test with ultraviolet light. Put the Nephrite under the counterfeit detector. The dyed Nephrite will change to blue. While the real thing will still have a beautiful blue color.

you need to go to testing centers to get the most accurate results
How to distinguish real nephrite from fake?

Physical test: use a piece of wood or a fingernail to scratch the Nephrite face. If it scratches, it is definitely fake. Listen to the sound: gently tap it on another stone. The real one has a clear and deep echo.

Here are a few simple methods. To distinguish clearly, you need to go to testing centers to get the most accurate results.

Instructions for using

Although this stone is tough, it has a fairly low hardness. So it should be avoided colliding with strong forces. That could crack the nephrite. Avoid exposing it to cleaning agents or exposing it to sunlight. It can affect its color. Do not place nephrite near strong heat sources. Be careful not to crack.

Clean the Nephrite stone by soaking it in warm water for a while. Then lifting it up and drying it with a clean, soft cloth.

This stone is a feng shui stone jewelry. You should wear it regularly to get the full benefits of the stone. However, with broken Nephrite jewelry. You should stop using it because it can bring bad luck to you.

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