The meanings of feng shui stone – birthstone charms to decorated the bracelets

Succubus Stone Agarwood Bracelet

It is very clear that Feng shui has played a vital part in life of Asian in general and Vietnamese in particular so far. People have arranged their house furnitures, bought cars, boughts jewelry based on feng shui which has been most suitable for them. They think that if we follow these spiritual rules, your life will be happier and more fortunate. One of those rules is wearing bracelets which are decorated with feng shui stones or birthstone charms.. And the stones, they all have their own meanings? In this following article, Thien Moc Huong tram huong will provide some interesting informations about some of birthstone charms. And it’s gonna all about Aquamarine, Sapphire, Ruby, Marble …

birthstone chart
birthstone charms chart

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I. What is feng shui bracelet?

Feng shui bracelet comes from Buddhism. They are used by monks, Buddhists when chanting Buddhist recitations. There are 108 beads for each string. 108 has long been considered a sacred number in Hinduism and yoga. Traditionally, malas, or garlands of prayer beads, come as a string of 108 beads. Some believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul, while others associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths a day, while in deep meditation. As mala beads were traditionally created to be used as a tool in meditation, we believe mala beads are also beautiful mediums to set intentions, manifest, and generally feel good. Since then, agarwood bracelets were born. Its uses are to help us calm down, refresh our mind and also bring fortune and good luck.

Vòng tay Trầm Hương 108 Ngọc Bảo
Some believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul, while others associate the possibility of enlightenment with taking only 108 breaths a day – agarwood bracelet

It also has impacts on people health. The special fragrance is pure and delicate, which helps calm, relax the mind and reduce stress. This is an item that helps dispel evil and brings good things to the owner.

There are many different types of bracelets. The most in common one is a series of bead strung together. People normally use Agarwood due to their precious uses. These wooden bracelets are decorated with stone in order to be more fashionable and feng shui.


II. What is birthstone charms?

birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s month of birth. Birthstones are often worn as jewelry or as a pendant necklace.

Birthstones by Month: January: Garnet. February: Amethyst. March: Aquamarine, Bloodstone. April: Diamond. May: Emerald. June: Pearl, Alexandrite, Moonstone. July: Ruby. August: Peridot, Spinel, Sardonyx. September: Sapphire. October: Opal, Tourmaline. November: Topaz, Citrine. December: Turquoise, Zircon, Tanzanite.

The origin of the belief that to each month of the year a special stone was dedicated, and that the stone of the month was endowed with a peculiar virtue for those born in that month and was their natal stone, may be traced back to the writings of Josephus, in the first century of our era, and to those of St. Jerome, in the early part of the fifth century. Both these authors distinctly proclaim the connection between the twelve stones of the high-priest’s breastplate and the twelve months of the year, as well as the twelve zodiacal signs

III. The meanings of feng shui stones – birthstone charms.

The impact of feng shui tones on people’s health seems to be nonsense but in fact, it helps improve people’s health for a long time ago. They help open the chakras, absorb positive energies from surrounding environment, cause a positive effect on the owner.

1. The feng shui Quartz stone

Quartz stone is one of the most commonly used for making feng shui bracelets or other feng shui items. This type of feng shui stone has an incredibly geological structure which lives deeply underground.

Quartz stone is divided into different kinds based on their colors. Each color has its own significance.

  • Ametit (Purple Quartz stone)

Being usually sleepless at night because of works, deadlines, .. no longer allow our mind to cruise confidently and conscientiously and cause a bad effect on life. It can be more dangerous if this situation happen for a long time, it will lead to other mental pathologies.

Don’t worry, Ametit is the key to solve this problem. It contains power that can create an energetic defence around you in order to protect you from stress and bad feelings. Putting the ametit between your eyebrows can bring peaceful, remove painful, and purify you mind.

  • Rose Quartz Crystal

Pink Quartz, with its light red energy rays brings determination, commitment, and caring. Its soothing color calms feelings of anger or resentment, and can aid efforts to meditate and reflect. Pink is the color of new love, new romance and new relationships. Therefore, it’s very suitable for those who are extrovert.

  • Citrine (Yellow Quartz)

It seems like the sun due to its color appearance. It helps refresh your mind, bring you good feelings, optimist and happiness.

  • Clear Quartz

This type contains very special energy. They are capable of penetrating through your body’s optical regions. Therefore, it helps dispel  evil, bring good luck, refresh your mind.

2. The meanings of birthstone charms: tiger’s eyes stone

The name of this stone has partly shown its power and energy. The tigers are called “Lord of the jungle”. They are powerful and fast-moving . Since ancient times, this has been known as a symbol of strength and luck. They have believed that people who wear feng shui bracelets with tiger eye stones will have the ability to observe and discern everything.

birthstone charms
Stone tiger eyes were chosen by the Egyptians as the eyes in their idol image. That is to show the vision of the gods. The eyes of a god are a combination of the sun and the earth.

Egyptians believe that their Gods have the tiger’s eyes which are the combination of the sun and the earth. The tiger’s eyes were also used in Roman. Latin soldiers brought it to deflect enemies’ weapons and increase their courage. In a result, it’s very important in maintaining prosperity, protecting owner’s assets

3. The meanings of birthstone charms: Agate stone

Agate stone can be easily found in many mountainous provinces in Viet Nam. In Europe, it is a symbol of health, longevity and prosperity. Wearing a feng shui bracelet mixed with Agate stone helps you feel more confident and also help you avoid bad things. In a side of love, it represents patience and sympathy which means you and your partner can go through troubles and live peacefully together. 

Blue Banded Agate Tumbled Stone Agate Tumbled Stones Healing
it represents patience and sympathy which means you and your partner can go through troubles and live peacefully together.

4. The meanings of Nephrite

Since BC, Nephrite stone has been known as a rare gemstone. It was used by the King, Queen and Aristocracy as a treasure. Beside, it could be used to decorate tombs for the royal. This stone is a symbol of tolerance, virtue and humility. It also is a very attractive stone. Therefore, wearing Nephrite help you communicate better with others.

Ngọc Bích nephrite
This stone also represents courage and humility. It is capable of bringing us wisdom and calmness.

5. The meanings of Aquamarine

Aquamarine is stone which has particular abilities. It helps you overcome communication barriers, improve your interpretation ability, be more fluent in speaking. Beside, Aquamarine contains a huge optimistic power from the sea. It help people calm down, reduce fever when putting it on your body. Thus, people usually use feng shui bracelet mixed with Aquamarine.

Đá aquamarine cẩm thạch
birthstone charms: aquamarine

6. The meanings of Ruby stone

For answering the question of what the uses of Ruby stone are, feng shui experts say that this stone is very powerful. Putting a ruby stone under you pillow will help you dispel nightmares, improve your sleep as well as sex life.

It also has particular ability for those who are having trouble with infertility, carrying a ruby stone side by side helps activate the chakra number 1 so your body is no longer blocked and ready for unexpectedly good news.

birthstone charms
birthstone charms: red ruby

7. The meanings of Jade stone

Have you ever been crazy for everything happens around you at the same time? And you’re angry with everyone from family to friends, colleagues or partners. Gradually, due to your overreacted actions, you lose your relationships.

Jade stone can help you soothe all negative emotions and it is a master of healing pain. If you are a fiery person, you should bring by side a jade stone and let it dispel your anger. Carrying Jade stone helps you create a pleasant atmosphere when talking to everybody. Jade stone has many different shapes, especially Jade jewelry. 

birthstone charms
birthstone charms: jade stone

Each stone has its unique language that you need to take time to understand them, and it is more wonderful when you know how to use the eternal energy from natural stone in caring your health, looking for luck and balancing your present life.


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