The great benefits of Agarwood Oud Oil you should know

Agarwood is a special gift from nature and has many health benefits that not everyone knows. Let’s learn the benefits of Agarwood Oud Oil and its use.

1. Agarwood oil’s benefit to Attain Inner Peace 

Agarwood oil is considered to be a unique oud oil for healing, able to offer healing from emotional trauma. Scientific studies indicate that this agarwood oil has a highly powerful harmonizing effect on the electrical frequencies of the brain.

Long ago, Tibetan monks use Agarwood oud oil had increased their inner energy and induce absolute tranquility to the mind and the soul. For this reason, Agarwood is such a revered and favored oil for use in the ceremonies of numerous spiritual traditions and esoteric gatherings.

pure agarwood essential oil

2. Agarwood Oud Oil With Pain Relief Benefits Including Rheumatic And Arthritic Conditions

With its analgesic, antiarthritic and anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oud oil have the benefit to relieve pain and reduce the inflammation associated with rheumatism and arthritis.

When you massage the painful areas with 2 drops of Agarwood oud oil mixed with a little coconut oud oil, you will feel to ease symptoms. Another benefit of agarwood is to help diuretic, it will also promote more frequent urination to flush out toxins, and uric acid from the system, which reduces pain, swelling and stiffness. The easiest use of agargood oil is using 2 drops of the essential oud oil in hot or cold compress for soothing muscular pain.

3. Benefits Of Digestive System Support From Agarwood oud oil

Agarwood has great effect in supporting the digestive system; the digestive, carminative, and stomachic properties of Agarwood oud oil support smooth digestion and prevent the buildup of gas when taken used a digestive. when painful gas is already present, the oud oil can aid in expelling the gas and reduce discomfort.

The simplest way that you can use 2 drops of Agarwood oud oil mixed with a carrier oud oil and massage into the upper or lower abdomen depending on where pain is felt. If you have digestive problems, Agarwood oud oil will stimulate the production of the digestive juices necessary to treat indigestion and bloating and work gas through the system.

pure agarwood essential oil
pure agarwood essential oil

4. Banish Bad Breath With Benefits Of Agarwood oud oil

If you have a big problem with the breath, Agarwood is the most effective way to overcome. Researchers have shown that Agarwood oud oil is effective against a number of bacteria. Bacteria are the cause of bad breath, and the oud oil has been used traditionally to inhibit bacteria and freshen the breath. You can add 1 drop of Agarwood oud oil and 1 drop of Peppermint oud oil to a 4oz glass of water and use to swish around the mouth and to gargle with.

5. Agarwood oud oil For Breast Cancer

Studies and experiments have shown that Agarwood oud oil has a beneficial effect on cancer treatment, especially its anti-cancer properties. In cell cultures it was found to inhibit the growth of MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Studies show that Agarwood Oud Oil acts as a positive anti-cancer therapy.

6. Agarwood oud oil Can Improve Skin Health

Agarwood oud oil is very effective in anti-inflammatory which makes it useful for any skin condition that features redness; swelling, irritation or puffiness. It has a very good antimicrobial effect, eliminating bacteria from the skin and reducing the number of spots. You can use one or 2 agarwood oil drops mixed with your regular skin care cream or lotion.

agarwood essential oil
agarwood essential oil


Benefits Of agarwood: The excellent oil is against hundreds of cancers

The essential agarwood oil is extracted from the resin of Aquilaria crassna;a plant which is very familiar in oriental medicine as a versatile medicine with a special aroma can be used to treat a variety of diseases on the human body. In the past, only upper classes; kings have the ability to use this material because of its rarity.

Nowadays, the essential agarwood oil is more popular; however, their essence is still there. Various studies have shown that agarwood oil is useful in the treatment of various cancers, including brain cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer…

So, why does the essential agarwood oil have many great functions?

– This essential oil inhibits false signals in the body or changes in the cell cycle.

– The most common causes behind the development of cancerous cells.

– It is like an effective shield, can interfere with the formation of cancer cells, which can not be further developed.

– This oil kill a part of cancer cells; because it can affect the genes in the human body in order to accelerate the healing of wounds and help patients recover quickly.

– The essential agarwood oil can kill the bladder tumor cells; as well as removing breast cancer cells without affecting healthy cells.

– Agarwood oil is a powerful catalyst in the process of coding human DNA.

– The essential agarwood oil can prevent the formation of cancer cells before they appear; therefore, it is a scientific and effective method to prevent the big amount of the different cancels.

– For brain cancer, the essential agarwood oil can kill the cancer cells developing in the brain by promoting the decay of these cells.

Besides prevention and treatment of cancer; you can use the essential agarwood oil with many different healing purposes. The professionals believe that this oil can decrease stress; be anti-inflammatory, analgesic, astringent, analgesic, disinfectant; cough, flu and cold, reduce dyspepsia, stimulate spit secretion naturally. Moreover, it is a great things can help women with anti-wrinkle and aging effects; protect oral health, scar treatment, remove blurring bruise… If you have digestive problems; Agarwood oud oil will stimulate the production of the digestive juices necessary to treat indigestion and bloating; and work gas through the system.


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