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WHAT IS A MALA BEADS? Why are there 108 beads specifically on a mala?


The traditional Buddist malas have 108 beads – Mala Bracelets, the number of beads can vary depending upon the particular sect of Buddhism, the guru beads and markers are not included in the 108 beads. People often ask why 108? Well the most commonly stated and accepted reason is as follows: 1 represents the Source, […]

Are you Wearing Feng Shui Bracelet in the Correct Way?

Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold - classic

If you have noticed then you are walking down the street, you might have discovered that an upcoming fashion trend. Many people are wearing Jewelry, not only for accessories but also for some Feng Shui aspirations. These feng shui bracelet/jewelry are believed to function as personal energy booster or protector since you are wearing it […]

Exploring feng shui meaning and definition in the life

feng shui meaning

As you know, feng shui meaning has affected many aspects of life. It almost depends on people’s belief as mentioning so much about right or wrong opinion. By the way, to make out clearly about this, you can follow the article below. What is the definition of feng shui? Feng Shui is the sum of […]

The origin of Agarwood – How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

vụn trầm

Although the number of individuals of Aquilaria spp exhausted, but demand for Agarwood in the world trade increased substantial. At present, the strongest countries are Middle East and Asia, and even in the US and Europe (TRP, 1997). Article below shall give some profound knowledgement about natural origin of Agarwood. When you buy an agarwood […]

Four leaf clover meaning and its magical story

Four leaf clover

There are so many good luck charms in Asian culture. Four leaf clover (shamrock) is well-known as a lucky symbol. In general, people apply this feng shui item for making luxurious jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, …  The origin of four leaf clover Four leaf clover has long been considered a good luck symbol in […]