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WHAT IS A MALA BEADS? Why are there 108 beads specifically on a mala?


The traditional Buddist malas have 108 beads – Mala Bracelets, the number of beads can vary depending upon the particular sect of Buddhism, the guru beads and markers are not included in the 108 beads. People often ask why 108? Well the most commonly stated and accepted reason is as follows: 1 represents the Source, […]

Agarwood bead and its applications in spiritual life

ngọc bảo nâu

Among numerous products made from Agarwood; Agarwood bead is an item that allows the users to always carry with them; as a fashion accessory; and also as a precious gift from nature for their mental and physical health. Agarwood bead is also an indispensable item in solemn rituals of many religions around the world. Distinguishing […]

Agarwood Rosary beads – 108 beads and the meaning of the amount of beads in Buddhism

THien Moc Huong Agarwood Accessories

Agarwood Rosary beads – 108 beads Agarwood string made from rosary originated in India and has become a very important item in the beliefs of the followers of Religion. Like the bell, the drum and the rosary are among the thousands of means of Buddhist practice. In Buddhism there are many means of religion. Of […]