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12 things you have to know about agarwood benefits. Why agarwood is so expensive

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For thousands of years, agarwood has been known as “The Wood of the Gods.” First-grade agarwood can cost as much as $100,000 per kilogram, making it one of the most expensive raw materials in the world. But for this tree to produce any agarwood, it must first become infected with mold. So, how does this […]

WHAT IS A MALA BEADS? Why are there 108 beads specifically on a mala?


The traditional Buddist malas have 108 beads – Mala Bracelets, the number of beads can vary depending upon the particular sect of Buddhism, the guru beads and markers are not included in the 108 beads. People often ask why 108? Well the most commonly stated and accepted reason is as follows: 1 represents the Source, […]

The origin of Agarwood – How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

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Although the number of individuals of Aquilaria spp exhausted, but demand for Agarwood in the world trade increased substantial. At present, the strongest countries are Middle East and Asia, and even in the US and Europe (TRP, 1997). Article below shall give some profound knowledgement about natural origin of Agarwood. When you buy an agarwood […]

What does the Buddha Bracelet mean to us?

Originated from traditional Buddhist mala beads, the Buddha Bracelets have become increasingly popular among those who follow a spiritual path in daily life. The Buddha bead bracelet carry a unique and special tradition from Buddha’s time, and what does the Buddha bead Bracelet mean to people who wear Buddha prayer beads bracelet? Prayer does not change […]

Red string bracelet – luck symbol or just in legend?

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Red string bracelet or red bracelet are popular in Asian culture. Using them means your life always takes place peacefully and fortunately. However, the explanation for this right or wrong opinion is still  out of question. This article helps you make out clearlier. The history of red string bracelet. There are many different views related […]

What is Agarwood Beads? Aplications of agarwood bracelet/beads

Among the numerous products made from Agarwood Vietnam; the Agarwood beads is an item that allows the wearer to carry with him; as a form of jewelry and also as a precious gift. Your mental and physical health. Agarwood is also an indispensable item in the solemn rituals of many religions around the world. Value of agarwood beads […]

5 key factors to price Agarwood Essential Oil

Pure Agarwood essential oil

Until now, it is widely known that agarwood is well expensive; but no one can accurately determine; even the elderly in the profession. The pricing factors of agarwood essential oil is very much like an auction of the elite based on the rare; special type, origin, color, shape, pattern, oil … There are five main […]

Agarwood prices – possibly the most expensive non-timber wood on earth

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Agarwood prices on the market today have many different prices, Depending on the quality, shape and smell of the product. Types of Agarwood include: Agarwood chips, Agarwood chunks powder, incense, Oil, etc., sold at different prices. Currently, the price of Agarwood is from 200 USD – 3,000 USD / kg, the price of Agarwood oil […]

What is natural Agarwood non-toxic incense – agarwood incenses

According to folklore, agarwood (agarwood incenses) is formed by the scent of the sky following the wind and landing on the wounded spot on Do Bau tree. Then, this fragrance merges with the plastic that flows from the wound. Molded over time, forming agarwood, containing the spirit of heaven and earth. However, when science develops, […]

Agarwood bead and its applications in spiritual life

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Among numerous products made from Agarwood; Agarwood bead is an item that allows the users to always carry with them; as a fashion accessory; and also as a precious gift from nature for their mental and physical health. Agarwood bead is also an indispensable item in solemn rituals of many religions around the world. Distinguishing […]