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3 uses of feng shui bracelet you should know to have luck

feng shui bracelet

People like feng shui bracelets, gold bracelets, and silver bracelets have “good roots” and have great predestined relationships with Buddha from beginningless eons to the present. In the records, Buddha taught that “If someone holds this rosary in his hand, he cannot follow the custom of chanting the names of Buddha and Dharani, but can […]

Special meaning of a red bracelet in feng shui

Red bracelet

The red bracelet has been gradually becoming a hot trend among young people. It is not only a piece of jewelry, a highlight for women. It also has spiritual and cultural significance. According to folklore, red bracelets bring good luck to the user. Above all, it also helps lonely people find their other half. But […]

Where is agarwood from? Facts about agarwood tree

Agarwood is the fragrant, rotten part formed on the trunk of the Aquilaria tree

Agarwood tree, also known with another name as agarwood good, which is accumulated by the Aquilaria Crassna tree, is one of the rare woods in Vietnam known to many people because of its extremely useful uses. To learn more about this Agarwood tree with Thien Moc Huong Agarwood, the most dangerous goods today. 1. What […]

The origin of Agarwood? 5 USES and how to distinguish standard bass

Agarwood price

Many people often mistakenly think about the term “Agarwood tree”. But this term is a misnomer. Because what creates agarwood is not an agarwood tree. So what exactly is a tree? There are thousands of questions surrounding this issue. This article will list all the knowledge about what is agarwood? Why is the agarwood bracelet […]

WHAT IS A MALA BEADS? Why are there 108 beads specifically on a mala?


The traditional Buddist malas have 108 beads – Mala Bracelets, the number of beads can vary depending upon the particular sect of Buddhism, the guru beads and markers are not included in the 108 beads. People often ask why 108? Well the most commonly stated and accepted reason is as follows: 1 represents the Source, […]

How to correctly choose feng shui colors for your house

Feng shui colors

What do you have to choose feng shui colors for? How have they strongly affected our life?  If you have explored feng shui for a while, you may understand its basic meaning. In fact, people are not sure that whether or not this can be right or wrong, it just depends on your belief. Feng […]

The facts about 9 tailed fox and its meaning in real life


There are so many stories about 9 tailed fox as well as its negative 9 tailed fox meaning. However, positive aspects should be also explored, especially in feng shui. Nine-tailed fox is applied for using like a good luck charm in love. To know this special charm as well as meaningful feng shui, follow this […]

Exploring feng shui meaning and definition in the life

feng shui meaning

As you know, feng shui meaning has affected many aspects of life. It almost depends on people’s belief as mentioning so much about right or wrong opinion. By the way, to make out clearly about this, you can follow the article below. What is the definition of feng shui? Feng Shui is the sum of […]

The origin of Agarwood – How to use the Agarwood Bead Bracelets?

vụn trầm

Although the number of individuals of Aquilaria spp exhausted, but demand for Agarwood in the world trade increased substantial. At present, the strongest countries are Middle East and Asia, and even in the US and Europe (TRP, 1997). Article below shall give some profound knowledgement about natural origin of Agarwood. When you buy an agarwood […]

What does the Buddha Bracelet mean to us?

Originated from traditional Buddhist mala beads, the Buddha Bracelets have become increasingly popular among those who follow a spiritual path in daily life. The Buddha bead bracelet carry a unique and special tradition from Buddha’s time, and what does the Buddha bead Bracelet mean to people who wear Buddha prayer beads bracelet? Prayer does not change […]