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What is Agarwood Beads? Aplications of agarwood bracelet/beads

Among the numerous products made from Agarwood Vietnam; the Agarwood beads is an item that allows the wearer to carry with him; as a form of jewelry and also as a precious gift. Your mental and physical health. Agarwood is also an indispensable item in the solemn rituals of many religions around the world. Value of agarwood beads […]

5 key factors to price Agarwood Essential Oil

Pure Agarwood essential oil

Until now, it is widely known that agarwood is well expensive; but no one can accurately determine; even the elderly in the profession. The pricing factors of agarwood essential oil is very much like an auction of the elite based on the rare; special type, origin, color, shape, pattern, oil … There are five main […]

Agarwood bead and its applications in spiritual life

ngọc bảo nâu

Among numerous products made from Agarwood; Agarwood bead is an item that allows the users to always carry with them; as a fashion accessory; and also as a precious gift from nature for their mental and physical health. Agarwood bead is also an indispensable item in solemn rituals of many religions around the world. Distinguishing […]

What is Spiral Agarwood Incense? How to use it

Agarwood incense has been a familiar image in the spiritual culture of the Vietnamese. It appears in ceremonial worship and religious places such as temples, pagodas, churches. Moreover, people use incense daily to make the space more relaxed and pleasant. There are many types of incense with characteristics suitable for a specific use. In the […]


type of Toc agarwood

When you mentioning the precious products of Vietnam from ancient times, it is impossible not to mention “Ky Nam”. This is considered to be one of the top valuable woods of our country in the past, as a tribute and gift of the kings and nobles. Today, Ky Nam not only does not lose the […]

What is Agar wood? The use of Agarwood and benefits of burning incense

vụn trầm

Agar wood (Trầm hương) is very rare and precious wood because of  a great value for human. Burning incense is one of the most useful. It become a living habit, a beautiful cultural feature. So what are the effects of it and the process of burning incense? Follow Thien Moc Huong and find out in […]