Metal element people: feng shui colors, features and lucky bracelet


People with the Metal element are individuals who are distinguished by their distinct characteristics. Understanding the characteristics of Metal persons will help you get better knowledge about the five elements. What type of secrets would persons with the Metal element have? Where is the answer for the fate of Metal’s character? And how to choose the best feng shui bracelet for them.

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1. The Specific things of the metal element

1.1. What are elements?

“Element” is an essential concept in traditional culture. The vast majority of ancient people respected God’s faith, respecting heaven, and believing in fate. Everyone has a destiny, and everyone’s future is not the same.

So, what exactly is “destiny”? Mencius said, Mac chi vi nhi vi gia, thien da; mac chi tri nhi chi gia, menh da; possibly translated, “It’s not human power that can accomplish it, but it can still be done, this is God’s will; It’s not strength that people can ask for but can obtain, this is fate.”

1.2. Metal in the Five Elements

Metal, according to feng shui specialists, signifies autumn and power is the element that represents solidity and the capacity to contain all things. This element is also represented as a guide. From a positive standpoint, it is not just a means of communicating information and ideas. But also a symbol of intellect and agility. Metal signifies danger and melancholy in terms of negative characteristics. This may also be a beautiful thing. But it can also be a lethal weapon, like a knife or a sword. When it comes to metal, the colors that spring to mind are gold and white (silver).

Metal is the element that represents solidity and the capacity to contain all things
Metal is the element that represents solidity and the capacity to contain all things

Different variations of the Metal Element (Nap Am)

The Metal Element has six different variations (called Nap Am in Vietnamese). Each of which has its features. However, in this post, we examine the general features of the Metal Element and introduce the variations only. To be more specific, the six variations are:

  • Hai Trung Kim – metal in the water.
  • Kim Bach Kim – metal mixed with silver.
  • Bach Lap Kim – candle-like metal.
  • Sau Trung Kim – metal within the sand.
  • Kiem Phong Kim – metal at the tip of a sword.
  • Thoa Xuyen Kim – metal as jewelry.

1.3. Which birth years are metal element people?

To identify whether your element is Metal or not, you can check your year of birth. 

The birth years of people Metal in the element are listed as follows:

  • The Ren Monkey: 1992 – 1932
  • The Geng Dragon: 1940 – 2000
  • The Julia Horse: 1954 – 2014
  • The Ren Tiger: 1962 – 2022
  • The Geng Dog: 1970 – 2030
  • The Julia Mouse: 1984 – 1924
  • The Gui Rooster: 1933 – 1993
  • The Yi Goat: 1955 – 2015
  • The Gui Cat: 1963 – 2023
  • The Xin Pig: 1971 – 2031
  • The Yi Ox: 1985 – 1925
  • The Xin Snake: 1941 – 2001

From the birth years listed above, you can figure out whether your element is Metal or not. If you are Metal, please keep on reading to explore the secrets surrounding your element with us.

2.2. Mutual restriction relationship

Wood splinters the soil and depletes the earth’s nutrients. 

Earth contains water, makes it transform to earth’s nutrition, and as a dam prevents flooding. 

Water extinguishes fire

Fire controls metal by its powers to melt it. 

Metals damage wood.

The mutual restriction cycle refers to how the elements restrict and control one another. Consequently, the Metal element determines Wood Element and Fire Element. Especial, Hai Trung Kim, Bach Lap Kim, Thoa Xuyen Kim, Kim Bach Kim are over-restricted to Wood Element and Fire Element.

3. What colors for alloy person?

Par metal merges with metal colors such as yellow, platinum, and gray. In addition, the color suitable for par metal is earth brown, white, blue, or black. These are the colors that co-exist and harmonize with the metal destiny.

3.1. Yellow

Yellow symbolizes eternal happiness, for an undying vitality like the shining sun. It also brings strong attraction and stimulates the creative ability of the mind. 

Therefore, when the person who has Metal feng shui element, they can use the color yellow and have an excited and optimistic energy source for work. Coordinating yellow clothes or jewelry also has the effect of attracting fortune and bringing good luck.


3.2. White

Bright white with metallic luster is a representative color for those destined for Kim, purity, and simplicity.

3.3. Gray, brown

Because this is a consistent color for par Kim, it will help you solve many problems at work when the desk is decorated with this color. In difficult times, you will still find your way.

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4. How to choose the best feng shui bracelet for the person destined for Metal Element

4.1. Choose your bracelet material carefully

There are many different types of feng shui bracelets on the market today with many other materials and entirely different qualities. To avoid choosing unsatisfactory bracelets. Agarwood will be an option not to be missed for those who want to buy themselves a feng shui bracelet with Metal. The bracelets are processed directly from natural Agarwood. It is a product obtained from the wound of the Aquilaria Tree. The biological and physical impact causes the wounded on Agarwood. In the wound, the plant constantly secretes resin and essential oils to heal the wound. Over decades, essential oils accumulate and form Agarwood. 

Agarwood bracelet for metal element people

4.2. Pay attention to choose bracelets with matching colors

The person who has Metal elements is inherently strong and a bit overpowering. Therefore, bracelets with monochromatic colors are the perfect choice for them. When choosing the color of gems, you should choose the color according to the similarities and contrasts to bring good luck and avoid bad luck.

But according to the law of the five elements theory in the universe, because Earth generates Metal, the colors yellow and brown are compatible with people with Metal elements. At the same time, Fire is opposed to Kim. So if you wear a feng shui bracelet and that has the color symbolizing the Fire element. It will cause many bad things and damage to the wearer. So people of the Metal should not choose colors belonging to the Fire element such as orange, red, pink, etc.

4.3. Choose the suitable bracelet for your hand size

Wearing a ring, especially a feng shui agarwood ring, you need to see if it fits your hand or not carefully since the bracelet will belong to you. For the bracelet to enhance the beauty and nobility of the wearer, it is necessary to choose a suitable bracelet and if you choose a bracelet that is too big, it will make your hand rough. So when buying a bracelet, choosing a suitable bracelet is very important.

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