Sapphire stone: meaning, legend and uses

Sapphire includes all gemstone variants from the Corundum group with the exception of Ruby

In the natural material world, we know that there are many rare gems, hidden with many interesting and mysterious things, the most famous are stones: Sapphire stone, Ruby, Quartz, Tourmaline, Stone. Zircon,… Nowadays, these precious stones are used as jewelry and lucky feng shui objects for owners, but few people know about the formation and development stage of colorful stones. this color. Soon, we will introduce and provide relatively complete information about.

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1. What is Sapphire stone?

Sapphire stone – whose archetypal name is from French Saphir is a single crystal of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), a mineral-based on Corundum.

Sapphire - whose archetypal name is from French Saphir is a single crystal of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), a mineral based on Corundum.
Sapphire stone – whose archetypal name is from French Saphir is a single crystal of aluminum oxide (Al2O3)

Sapphire includes all gemstone variants from the Corundum group except for Ruby. The Corundum group is pure aluminum oxides. Natural conditions, high pressure and underground temperature for a long time make aluminum oxide crystallize into beautiful white gemstones. The content of various impurities such as iron and chromium mixed in Sapphire forms the colors of Sapphire such as blue, red, yellow, pink, purple, orange or light green.

Lightness of Blue Sapphire
The lightness of Blue Sapphire

Ruby also belongs to the Corundum group and is the Red Corundum or Ruby. The remaining colors of Corundum are called Sapphire.

Corundum family
Corundum family

The Eastern cultures from ancient times have known the magical power of Sapphire, and the West also does not meet, both East and West cultures consider Sapphire gemstones as effective support for health and spirituality.

A raw sapphire specimen
A raw sapphire stone specimen

Sapphire is mainly used to make jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, or royal crowns to enhance the luxurious and noble beauty of the upper class, Sapphire is used as feng shui items, as a protective stone. Sapphire is known as a symbol of love, joy and happiness, a symbol of wealth and honesty of the owner. A raw sapphire stone specimen

A raw sapphire stone specimen

2. Sapphire stone meaning in feng shui

Not only the beauty of Sapphire stone used as jewelry comes with splendid costumes, but this stone can also be combined with the destiny of the wearer. If you wear natural Sapphire stone jewelry with a color suitable for your destiny, then according to the law of the five elements of mutual reciprocity, the owner will have abundant health and be full of energy, helping the owner to always have good health, good luck and prosperity in life.

It is important to pick a suitable stone color to birthday
It is important to pick a suitable stone color for a birthyear

According to the mutuality – compatibility in color, then the dark blue Sapphire stones will suit the owner of Water or Wood elements, in addition, people of Water destiny also have compatibility and luck when wearing black Sapphire stone.

Choosing stone color based on five elements rules
Choosing stone color based on five elements rules

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Sapphire is associated with life as a gemstone associated with love, joy, wealth and honesty. And especially, the durability of Sapphire stone is very suitable for wedding jewelry to express eternal love, and hope for happiness. Natural Sapphire is often attached to engagement rings, expressing fidelity in marriage, building a beautiful sustainable future. Sapphire is especially suitable for people with Water, Wood, Tigers, and those born in Virgo (August 23 – September 22) and Capricorn (December 22 – 19).

According to the West, the color of Sapphire is considered the Royal color, this is the color that symbolizes nobility and luxury. Sapphire with deep blue color will bring the owner a more balanced and peaceful state.

Blue Sapphire brings the benefits of self-organizing logic in work, when daily work is busy or requires high concentration, wearing Sapphire can help in maintaining clear vision. and move the wearer towards the positive, to find the most effective direction. That’s why you see so many Western psychics using Sapphire as a dowsing pendulum.


3. Different colors of Sapphire stones

There are many different shapes and grinding styles of Sapphire stones on the market today. Sapphire stones also have many different colors. Each color of Sapphire stone is compatible with different colors. Other feng shui and therapeutic effects. The following are the essential characteristics of each type of Sapphire: 

  • Black Sapphire: A stone that represents power, prosperity, happiness, loyalty. This stone will bring wisdom to create joy. Trusting intuition, helping owners reduce anxiety and forget sadness, wearing Sapphire stone jewelry helps avoid risks at work. Black Sapphire is suitable for making rings and necklaces for people of Water and Moc destiny. 
A black sapphire stone
A black sapphire stone
  • Blue Sapphire: this is the color of luxury and prosperity. When the owner has to speak in front of a crowd, bring this Sapphire to enhance confidence to express more coherently. And make it easier for you to succeed. At the same time, blue Sapphire brings wisdom, honesty, and integrity, stimulates the eye, and encourages compassion for others. Blue Sapphire is suitable for people of Wood or Fire par.
All range of blue sapphire stones
All range of blue sapphire stones
  • Yellow-orange Sapphire: This is a symbol of wealth, land, and affluence, helping owners achieve their desired goals and also helping you eliminate negative thoughts and bring the wisdom of mind and knowledge. Usually, this type of Sapphire will be associated with sensory and spiritual people. This talisman can control the activities of the liver, gallbladder, and lymph. Orange Sapphire is used to making jewelry for those with Earth and Metal destiny.
An orange sapphire stone
An orange sapphire stone
  • Pink Sapphire: Surely, everyone knows that pink and purple are the two colors that symbolize faithful love and happiness. Those who wear Sapphire stones will stimulate emotions in love, helping you to forgive quickly. Forgiveness and mutual respect this is the power of love, pushing your heart to love more. Suitable for people of Fire and Earth.
A pink sapphire stone
A pink sapphire stone
  • White Sapphire: White symbolizes purity, clarity, stimulates your soul towards new and good things, brings determination to overcome all difficulties, obstacles on the master’s spiritual path. Iridescent white sapphire, so it is chosen by many people of Metal and Water to be worn as jewelry.
Oval white sapphire
Oval white sapphire


4. How to distinguish natural Sapphire and treated, cultured, artificial Sapphire stone:

In Vietnam today, there are many shops and companies selling gems, but many people are very afraid to go shopping due to the possibility of fake and imitation gems. There are some basic ways to distinguish natural Sapphire and treated Sapphire, artificial Sapphire:

To make sure it is a natural Sapphire stone, when buying, please ask the seller to have the certificate of gem inspection of reputable units such as PNJ, SJC, DOJI, … For each stone, the inspection agency will have a unique code that can be looked up online on the website of the testing unit.

When examining Sapphire stone, use a specialized magnifying glass to observe carefully, if it is a natural stone, there will often be ridges, stones, or impurities. Those that are transparent, clean and spotless, need to be tested at reputable gem testing centers.


5. History and Legend of Sapphire:

According to Persian legend, the Earth is centered on a large block of Sapphire, and the blue color of the sky is caused by reflected Sapphire stones.

With both romantic and aristocratic characteristics, Sapphire deserves to be the jewel of the royal family. At the wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Sapphire was chosen as the main stone for the wedding ring.

apphire was chosen as the main stone for the wedding ring for Princess Diana
Sapphire was chosen as the main stone for the wedding ring for Princess Diana

Thanks to the purity and beauty of Sapphire, from ancient times until now, people often use Sapphire stone jewelry as a gift to express their sincere, ethereal and pure hearts.

Sapphire is often used as jewelry for birthday gifts in September in the US.


6. Value and Popularity of Sapphire:

Sapphire belongs to the expensive type of blue and the clearer it is, the higher the reflectivity of the facets, the more expensive the stone and always goes with the weight of the stone, the more carats the stone has. more expensive.

In addition, Sapphires with colors such as orange, pink are also valuable but not as blue.

Sapphire is often cut facet in square, rectangular, oval, round, teardrop, heart, triangle, emerald style…

Star sapphires are also quite expensive.

Beautiful sapphires are still cheaper than beautiful rubies, emeralds and diamonds.


7. Enhance the beauty of the sapphire stone by using the following treatment:

Heat treatment decomposes titanium-containing impurities to create clarity, and about 90% of Sapphire stones are heat-treated to improve color. Heating lightens dark sapphire as well. Heat-improved sapphire is popular and long-lasting, and it requires no extra maintenance.

Beryl diffusion therapy is a newly developed treatment process in which colorless, pale pink, or yellow sapphires are heated combined with the mineral beryl or chrysoberyl, allowing the element beryllium from those minerals to enter. Star blue sapphires

Star blue Sapphire stone preservation and cleaning:

Sapphire, like Ruby of the same class, is a Corundum mineral, which means it has a Mohs hardness of 9. Corundum is a highly hard material that is frequently used as an abrasive. As a result, the sapphire is one of the most long-lasting jewels.

Scrub the back of the stone with a brush, where a lot of dirt can build, using soap and warm water.

Cleaning sapphire stones to maintain its purity
Cleaning sapphire stone to maintain its purity

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