Rutilated Quartz: 3 things must-know


Rutilated quartz is a slightly less valuable stone than its quartz cousins. However, the strange and different beauty from the hairs inside the stone has captured the love of the followers who love it and show it off.

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I. What is hair quartz?

Rutilated Quartz (another name of hair quartz) is one of the diverse variations in the quartz family. Besides, the inside of this stone looks like hair because it contains needle and rod inclusions. Therefore, they are also known as hair quartz.
Hair Quartz has the following basic properties:

  • It belongs to the group of quartz stones
  • Chemical formula: SiO2
  • Mohs scale stiffness: 7.0
  • Crystal: Hexagonal
  • Distribution: They are found mainly in Africa

II. Classification of rutilated quartz

With various colors of the inclusions inside the stone. Hair quartz has been classified into many types with different colors.

2.1 Red Rabbit Hair Rutilated Quartz

Red Hair Rabbit Rutilated Quartz is one of a kind rare quartz. This stone contains hematite inclusions within. With reddish hair-like inclusions that are much finer. In Feng shui, the red color symbolizes luck and intense vitality. Above all,  Rutilated Quartz is a stone believed to attract wealth. Fortune and bring positive energy. Furthermore, It is widely used in the treatment of diseases. It helps blood circulation, supports the treatment of gynecological diseases.

Red hair quartz stone
Red hair quartz stone

2.2 Yellow Rabbit Hair Rutilated Quartz

As Red Hair Rabbit Rutilated Quartz, this stone is a type of gemstones Rutilated quartz. Because it was formed and buried deep underground for thousands of years. Moreover, they accumulate the quintessence of the nature of heaven and earth. So that Yellow Rabbit Hair Rutilated Quartz carries enormous energy to help circulate blood in the body. Beside, the inside of this stone contains needles of a red, sepia, red, or milky color. These tiny hairs look like golden hair from the outside, creating a warm and seductive beauty for the stone.

Yellow red hair quartz
Yellow red hair quartz

2.3 Green hair quartz

In addition, green rutilated quartz is one of the popular variations in the quartz family. Because, inside they contain actinolite or chlorite minerals with a green and green color pleasing to the eye. 

Green hair stone bracelet
Green hair stone bracelet

Besides, this stone has a density of 2.6g/cm3 and a hardness of 7/10 calculated on the Mohs scale.

With the three-way crystal system along with the hairs combined with the shimmering beauty of quartz. Hair quartz was created an extremely seductive appeal of this stone with feng shui connoisseurs.

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2.4 Black Hair Quartz

Black quartz is the name for the mysterious black hairs inside the stone. This is made up of the Black Tourmaline substances crystallized in the stone. This effect, combined with the magical shimmer of quartz crystals, creates the mysterious black color of the stone. Therefore, this stone is also known as the stone of the universe, spirituality, and dominating power.

Black hair quartz braclet
Black hair quartz bracelet

Black rutilated quartz has a chemical formula of SiO2, a hardness of 6 to 7 calculated on the Mohs scale. The stone’s color is distributed from black and white to deep black, hexagonal crystal systems, and they can connect with chakra 1.


In addition to these forms of quartz, there are also purple rutilated quartz, white rutilated quartz, etc., depending on the structure of the crystallized inclusions inside the stone. However, these types of stones are not as common as the three types of quartz above.

3. The meaning of hair quartz stone

3.1. The meaning of the rutilated quartz in feng shui 

Again, this kind of quartz has been utilized to expel evil spirits and negative energies since ancient times. However, they bring the user luck and fortune energies. Further, wearing a hair quartz bracelet will help those people with shy personalities overcome their lack of confidence and promote their creative abilities.

3.2. Spiritual meaning

Additionally, the rutilated quartz provides humans with a positive flow of energy. At the same time, it helps remove all of the tension and stress exhausting our minds, thus bringing us peace and serenity.


This feng shui stone helps remove affliction and nurture spirit
This feng shui stone helps remove affliction and nurture spirit

On the other hand, this type of quartz could also enhance critical thinking and stimulate the creativity of its owner. Finally, this is why placing the rutilated quartz near the temporal region of the head will improve your intelligence and help you become more open-minded.


3.3 Medical, healing meaning

Furthermore, this feng shui quartz is capable of preventing illnesses relating to the kidney, amnesia, and disorientation thanks to its ability to cleanse and filter its owner’s blood. Therefore this quartz is an excellent fit for elders who need improvement in health problems revolving around memory loss and the nervous system.

This stone helps treat memory loss and amnesia of elders
This stone helps treat memory loss and amnesia of elders

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