Red Quartz: Meaning, benefits and price

Red quartz

Red Quartz stone symbolizes happiness, bringing good luck to those who are owners. Its price depends on the shape, weight, etc. The more we yearn for a beautiful love, the more disappointed we become. What we get is broken and painful love. To bring luck choose for yourself a red Quartz stone that attributes important benefits in terms of love, passion, strength and energies that make up these elements.

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I. Benefits’ Red Quartz for earth element and fire element

1. People of Fire element

The Fire element indicates summer, fire and heat. It can bring light, warmth and happiness, or it can flow and explode. Red symbolizes new strength, abundant energy. It also symbolizes the intensity, the will to develop extremely strong. As a stone with fire energy, red quartz is quite outstanding for people of fire element.

On the positive side, Fire represents honor, passion, aspiration but is rich in energy and justice. On the negative side, Fire symbolizes aggression and war.

Red quartz is suitable for Earth and Fire elements

Fire people have a passion, leadership ability, understanding, and intuitive ability. The fire element personality often manifests in excitement, impulsiveness, jealousy, disappointment, regret and discouragement in relationships. Besides, they are straightforward, determined and also very aggressive.

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2. People of Earth element

Fire generates Earth, the energy of fire effectively supports the earth element. Therefore, red quartz is the perfect choice for them.

People of the earth element are tolerant, forgiving, loyal and trustworthy. The character of them is loved because they know how to keep their commitments, they try to fulfill their commitments once they have promised someone. They plan to fulfill their commitment, know their advantages and strengths, and bring out their full potential. Quiet personality, calm, careful work, able to organize.

But they have the disadvantage of lacking imagination, unable to make bold decisions or pursue bigger dreams. In addition, they are disciplined, self-disciplined, self-respecting, beloved colleagues and superiors, always trying to complete the assigned work, so there are opportunities for promotion. Dislike activities, conservative, boring, they feel the urge to pursue goals, they focus on a fixed area. When they have achieved certain successes and positions in society, they tend to stagnate. Therefore, it is recommended to use a red feng shui quartz stone to overcome this.

II. The meaning of the Red Quartz

The quartz energy enables humans to strongly feel themselves as part of the boundless creativity.

Of all colors of the rainbow, Red is the most vibrant and vigorous as it is like a sparkling flame, awakening humans in joy, in hope of a brighter future. Having a product that is made of Red Quartz helps the owners stimulate their inherent dynamism, hidden creativity and be more open and sociable with the people surrounding. Additionally, it also helps their female owners become more attractive.

the meaning of red quartz
the meaning of red quartz is to bring strong energy

It is said by many that the energy provided by the Red Quartz could assist its owners in faster recovery from physical wounds and mental breakdown. Besides, the Red Quartz makes us feel that we are living in a vast world whose numerous mysteries are waiting to be discovered. 

Quartz will bring about promotion in life as you need more energy to fulfill your goals. On the other hand, not only will it help you maintain good health but it will also help you prevent diseases and illnesses.

III. Where should this feng shui stone be placed?

You should put spherical quartz at your desk to increase your fortune, block killing intent, avoid evil, and help your work develop smoothly.

You can put Red Quartz Stone in the bedroom, it helps us to warm up the love of husband and wife,

Placed on the study table, we will choose a small ball about 6-7cm that will help you improve your eyesight, and promote intellectual capacity, enhance memory, and be more eager to learn.

The benefit of red quartz when put it in the right place
The benefit of red quartz when put it in the right place

Placed in the living room, the door position should be the best, to welcome fortune, health, happiness, and help family members stick together and deepen.

For businesses, you can put at the cashier counter, increase fortune, stabilize the budget, increase prosperity, or an expensive clothing store.

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IV. Price of red quartz and its accessories

1. Price of red quartz stone

The price of Red Quartz depends on factors such as: shape, weight – stone size, color factor. Usually the first two factors are the most important, and in terms of color, the price is not too different to care about.

2. Price of red quartz ball

The more sophisticated the shape, the more effort it takes, the price of course also increases, the price of a red quartz ball on the market today is about 1.2 – 1.6 million/kg.

3. Price of bracelets, necklaces

Also has a round shape but the font size is much smaller like the bracelet beads that only weigh a few tens of grams but the price is also from 400-800 VND/bracelet. The price of the necklace is about 600-1,000,000 VND/chain. This price depends on the seller.

Red quartz with Agarwood
Red quartz with Agarwood bracelet

4. Sculpture price

If it is a statue, the price is even higher, because it is a carved product, so the effort and loss of the stone is higher, so the selling price will be from 2-3 million/kg of finished product. For example, a red quartz recital Buddha statue with a weight of 4kg, its price will be 4kg x 3 million = 12 million VND.

5. Price of pendants, rings

The price is usually about 100-300,000VND/face. But often people rarely use this stone as a pendant or ring because red has many high-class and beautiful gemstones such as ruby, tourmaline, garnet, garnet…

6. Raw quartz price

Most feng shui stone products are sold by weight calculation. The larger the stone, the higher the price. The price of raw red quartz stone of 1kg is currently from 250,000 – 300,000 VND/kg

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