Red Gemstones: the 8 most luxurious ones

8 types of red stone

When choosing gemstone jewelry, besides the value of the product itself. The color of the gemstone is also significantly taken into consideration by many. Each color of the gemstone represents a distinct spiritual meaning in accordance with each unique human character. Together, let’s explore eight of the most elegant, valuable, and popular Red Gemstones today.

Red gemstones have always charmed their user’s thanks to their vibrant color. Beside, red gems are also highly appreciated because of their underlying meanings. Let’s take a look at which red gemstones are the most preferred today.

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1. Red Diamond – the most precious red gemstones

When mentioning red gemstones, Red Diamond is undoubtedly on top of mind. Further, this is a rare type of diamond that is significantly valuable. It is estimated that there are only about 20 Red diamonds left. The purer the red color, the harder it is to locate the diamond as it is extremely rare.

Red diamond is a rare type of gemstone used as highly valuable jewelry 
Red diamond is a rare type of gemstone used as highly valuable jewelry

The special red color in the diamond is made of the carbon chain containing nitrogen and Brom. Many believe that the red diamond is a direct symbol of supreme power, abundant energy, luck, and success.

2. Ruby: the second red gemstones

Ruby is a gemstone belonging to the mineral group of Corundum, or it can be said that the red stone of the Corundum mineral group is identified as Ruby. If the stone of the group is blue, then it is identified as Sapphire. Like a diamond, the purer the red color, the more precious Ruby’s value is.

Ruby red stone

Ruby is believed to be the symbol of power, freedom, happiness, and joy. Finally, it is a proof of a blazing love.

3. Painite Stone

Painite is a rare mineral with high hardness; it is estimated that only 25 samples of Painite can be found globally. This red gemstones is not bright red but has a distinctive reddish-brown color. Although today people have found new mineral deposits with more Painite stones, this gem is still classified as a rare gem.

Painite stone is a rare mineral
Painite stone has high value due to its rareness

4. Garnet Stone

Garnet must be mentioned by another name, garnet stone. Referring to the top 8 valuable red gemstones. Garnet has a red color and many other colors; however, red is more known. The advantage of this stone is that the color is durable over time. That is why many people prefer to use this stone as jewelry. The meaning of garnet stone is to show power and luck; red fire is also strong energy for passionate love.

Garnet stone
Garnet stone

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5. Spinel Gemstone

Spinel is a kind of aluminum-magnesium mineral with a similar look to Ruby stone, making it easily mistaken. In addition, other hues of spinel stone include the pink, purple, and bright red. Which is the most attractive and well-known. Many people associate the meaning of Spinel with the hope of good things.

Spinel gemstone
Red spinel gemstone is the most precious stone

Furthermore, many people think that this red gemstone provides good inspiration to assist individuals to overcome obstacles.


6. Zircon Gemstone – one of the most expensive red gemstone

This is a silicate mineral stone ranked as one of the top eight expensive and opulent red gemstones. So, this stone has a variety of hues, the most common is red. Because, in comparison to other hues, red zircon requires a lengthy creation. Many individuals wear red zircon as an amulet to bring them luck and health. Colorless zircon is valued at the same level as diamonds.

Zircon gemstone is valuable the same with diamond
Colorless Zircon gemstone is valuable the same with diamond

7. Red Beryl – the rare red gemstones in Viet Nam

Red Beryl is more commonly known as the red emerald. Moreover, this is a rare and precious red stone, especially in Vietnam and in the world, so the value is so high. Beryl comes in many different colors, but red is the rarest because of its unique formation process.

Red beryl
Red beryl

8. Tourmaline Stone – the final red gemstones

Firstly, tourmaline is also in the top 8 most popular red gemstones. Some people refer to Tourmaline as a “chameleon” stone because it comes in a variety of colors. Secondly, this red gemstones tourmaline is appreciated for its distinctive characteristics, high stiffness. Finally, tourmaline is familiar jewelry to bring good luck in life and love affairs.

Tourmaline gemstone
Tourmaline gemstone

Besides the top 8 valuable red gems as above, there are many different types. You can find out or contact Thien Moc Huong for advice on gemstones. The leading address in Vietnam specializing in providing quality gemstone products at reasonable prices.

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