Pink Tourmaline: All about happiness and loving energy

Pink tourmaline: All about hapiness and loving energy

Pink tourmaline has great vibrational energy in both the heart chakra and the higher heart or thymus chakras. Like most heart based stones, the vibration of this lovely crystal brings you the flow of love, joy and happiness into your life.

This lovely pink crystal is high in Lithium and is known to aid with emotional and mood-related issues.

So, if you have been feeling depressed, stressed, or no longer enjoying life, this lovely pink stone will help bring passion to your life.

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1. Pink tourmaline’s origin

Sediments are found in Afghanistan, Africa, Brazil and the US with some of the best rocks coming from California. The pink stones vary from a pale pink to a deep pink almost red color. Many of these crystals are gemstones of exceptional beauty and clarity.

Lighter-colored stones are commonly known as Pink Tourmaline and darker pinkish or red-colored stones known as Rubellite or Red Tourmaline.

Pieces from clear stones are often made of beautiful pink Tourmaline jewelry with different properties including opaque and rough stones.

Even the raw flakes have effective healing properties and all the properties of this Pink Tourmaline have strong metaphysical properties.

Pink tourmaline is high value heart-based stone
Pink tourmaline is a high-value heart-based stone


2. Emotional and spiritual recovery of pink tourmaline

If you are feeling stressed, this lovely pink stone helps to restore your emotions and feel less stressed as well as relaxed and relaxed.

The vibration of this stone also stimulates your chakra and combines this with the energy of the heart and thymus. This allows you to live life from a higher spiritual awareness and allows the love of God. Pink tourmaline carries a strong feminine or yin vibe.

It is known to stimulate inspiration of joy, hope, comfort and support as well as help bring love and humor back into your life.

The vibration of this pink stone will encourage a happier mood and help you to rise above feelings of pain and sadness.

Using them provides you with helpful methods for stress relief and they are one of the best options to buy for this purpose as they have lovely gentle energy.

These crystals encourage new ways of thinking and are positive stones to enhance your creativity.

Pink tourmaline specimen
Pink tourmaline specimen

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3. Why should you use pink tourmaline?

Pink Tourmaline crystals help heal skin and any kind of weakness that causes underweight or falls.

These are not only heart chakra stones but are also effective healing and are said to induce heart restorative.

They are said to aid with sore throats and help anyone recovering from serious heart-related health problems.


4. How to use pink tourmaline?

Pink tourmaline is one of the October stones, so these beautiful stones are found on the October Zodiac list.

Wear the lovely Pink Tourmaline gemstone as jewelry keeping this loving energy in your radiating zone to support your emotions.

Pink Tourmaline jewelry is very attractive and can be found in the list of Zodiac gemstones.

The energy of this stone induces deep healing and helps you identify where you need to make changes to bring your life into alignment with God’s will.


5. Who should use it

Use them close to the heart chakra to encourage this loving energy. To enhance the ability to stimulate love growth, use them with earrings so that they are as close to chakra. 

This stone meditation supports emotional well-being. 

These crystals are Libra and Sagittarius, which makes them popular jewelry stones. 

You combine Green Tourmaline with these stones because it looks lovely together with the pink jewelry stone. 

This balances your emotions and some stones have both colors within. 

Both colors of this stone will strengthen emotional ties because they vibrate in either the heart chakra or the upper part of the heart. 

Pink Tourmaline jewelry is easy to buy and it’s a great choice that is also very popular to wear for personal healing or a loving gift.

This stone meditation supports emotional well-being. 
This stone meditation supports emotional well-being.

6. Pink tourmaline support for emotional problems

Pink Tourmaline crystals are not only beautiful but also have wonderful metaphysical properties. This lovely pink crystal is known to help with emotional problems.

These beautiful pink stones help to heal the heart chakras and the upper heart or thymus chakras. So, if you have been feeling depressed, stressed, or have no interest in life, this lovely pink stone helps to bring passion into your life.

They stimulate your creativity and help bring a new approach to life. Like most heart-based stones, the vibration of this lovely crystal brings you an influx of love, joy and happiness into your life.


7. Combine with other stones

If you are suffering from depression or stress, you may choose to combine pink crystals with other Lithium-based stones

Stones such as Spurrite, Lithium Quartz, Kunzite, Golden Amblygonite or Lilac Lepidolite help relieve anxiety.

To bring in loving energy, use these pink crystals with the heart or thymus chakra stones.

There are also many lovely hearts or thymus chakra stones that are not pink that works well with pink tourmaline.

You choose to use Dioptase, Malachite, Cavansite, Prehnite Green, Variscite, or Chrysanthemum.

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