More about the agarwood mala (or japamala)

There are many types of agarwood mala and beads made from metal, and stones. Most would work. But why agarwood beads? When you look for mala to wear, pray, or chant,  it makes sense to look for something unique and meaningful. So you may find the below value interested you.

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Spiritual Value of agarwood mala

  • Agarwood appeared in the Holy Bible, the Buddhist Scriptures, the Hindu text, the Islamic Q’ran.
  • Many Priests or Feng Shui Masters recommended agarwood bracelets or mala to their disciples, and practitioners to wear. They said it would help the wearer gain peace and calm.
  • In the form of chips (agarwood chips), it was appreciated by many people from different background with or without religions. The sense  when heated is known as “The Scent from Heaven.”
Agarwood is natural wood, does not adversely affect the health of the wearer. However, there are still a few people who are allergic to agarwood because of the weak body’s condition, not suitable for wearing agarwood.

Fashionable Value of agarwood mala

Besides the spiritual value, below are additional

  • Skin-friendly: Agarwood mala is essential made from wood beads with resin.  And wood is organic and non-irritant. It means you are unlikely to get an adverse reaction from this agarwood mala
  • Comfortable: It is light-weight, around 10g to 22g.
  • Last longer: your body sweat can tarnish metal jewellery. However, with agarwood, it is the opposite. Your sweat will add more texture to these beads. Over time, it will become glossier. The good news is: you can polish it with a cloth to make it shinier. No chemical needed
  • It is unique because it is not ordinary wood jewellery. The pattern of infection creates a unique look for the mala.
  • If someone new to agarwood seeing you are wearing one, they will admire the beauty of it.

Assuming I just got a bad day, full of negative thoughts and self-doubt. The goal was to “get my act together” by changing my thoughts. Below were what he told me to do:

  • Pick three phrases that you want to become. For example: “I love helping people to get their parcels delivered”. “Anything under my control I can do to help them”. “Don’t get upset. That is not personal but business”.
  • Grab the bracelet on my hand, and keep “chanting” (or repeating) these three phrases for 20 times. Your mind will calm down.
  • Whenever you face uncertainty and adversary, you need to tell yourself that you are tough. Use your bracelet when repeating these positive messages to make these positive messages become part of you.


The number reason is the story behind it: No Pain no Gain

Agarwood can only form from the wounded Aquilaira trees. We all know the proverb: No Pain No Gain. Healthy Aquilaria white wood: Little Value, because of no wound, or “No Pain” Wounded Aquilaria wood: Very precious because agarwood formed to Heal the Pain. Agarwood is the Gain from the Pain.

So just like our lives, when we face challenges, when we face “pain”, we grow stronger. Imagine what happens when you gift these beads to your love ones and share them this story. The story of a wounded tree and how it heals. Imagine their facial expressions when they learn more about this meaningful bracelet. Would they be grateful?

Agarwood beads look different

You see, there are many “black spot” in a bead. These “black spots” are resin or agarwood formed to heal the wound of a tree. It is a defence mechanism secreted and formed by the tree body fight against the infections, or diseases.

They work well with gemstone

They are light-weighted. The weigh is just enough for you to feel your bracelet is on your body. It won’t drag you down. Imagine wearing a unique looking bracelet on your wrist without the feeling of heaviness in your arm.

So with Agarwood beads what to look for?

With cultivated agarwood beads, especially young ones, there is not much resin (phloem) but pore (transitional state to resin). Under a microscope, see the yellow fibrous part?

Let’s start with the mala 108 Agarwood

By now, you can tell these beads were made from a much older log and the age of infection is much longer. Can you spot the “phloem and pore” from the above beads? If the above image is not so clear, you can check out the below: A cylinder tube wild agarwood

A cylinder tube wild agarwood
A cylinder tube agarwood bracelets

From the above pictures, this agarwood tube was made from the wild material; the resin was unevenly distributed one side contains more oil pore while the other side contains mainly resin.

If you love black, or dark, heavy beads, you need to be aware of the below. Well, who does not like darker beads?

If you love black, or dark, heavy beads, you need to be aware of the below. Well, who does not like darker beads?
If you love black, or dark, heavy beads, you need to be aware of the below. Well, who does not like darker beads?

It is so black which is not a good sign; genuine agarwood need to contain golden fibrous part and dark stripe (resinous part). Why is it black? In the market, it is called ” Black Agarwood” or ” Rare agarwood” or even ” Ky Nam”.

Agarwood only forms near or around the wounded parts.
Agarwood only forms near or around the wounded parts.

Ready for the answer: IT IS OIL-SUBMERGED beads either by pressure or needle injection. It may be genuine agarwood, but it was “interfered” to inflate the price. The aim here is to look darker and heavier.

I saw bipolar beads. What does it mean?

These kind of beads are genuine. Why? Again, it contains phloem and oil pore per the images and visible. Authentic stuff no question asked.  Its appearance is interesting. How does it achieve this weird, unique look?

I saw bipolar beads. What does it mean?
I saw bipolar beads. What does it mean?

The answer is cultivated agarwood bead

Agarwood only forms near or around the wounded parts. It is essentially a defence mechanism of the Aquilaria or Gyrinops trees, a biological feature. With cultivated agarwood, nailing and inoculation method are used, and agarwood only forms around the injured part (around the nail to be exact). The white area is a bit further from the wound, hence little or none agarwood was formed.

I saw bipolar beads. What does it mean?
Agarwood beads


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