What is a jade buddha bracelet?

Buddha bracelet beads with agarwood

Nowadays, the trend of wearing a jade buddha bracelet is more popular than before. The belief in Buddha which has a lot of advantages in your real life. Especially for people from Asian countries. Most of Asian countries follow the Buddhist religion. There is a lot of material to make into a jade buddha bracelet. Wearing this one can magnet money, luck and happiness. This helps them have the inner strength to overcome the difficulties and storms they face in life. It could help change your destiny for the better. Besides, Jade buddha bracelets help increase the beauty of your wrist. Not only for the beauty, but this bracelet also eliminates the evil and negative. This is so good for your life at present and living in the future. Because wearing the bracelet is a tradition of many nations.. 

The balance between hot and cold
The balance between hot and cold in spirituality

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1.What is the meaning of the jade buddha bracelet?

Jade will help you have a positive attitude towards money, and it will make you visualize yourself working, earning, and using money purposefully and creatively. The prosperous energies of jade buddha bracelet will help you find the best course of action on matters that involve your finances and personal wealth. Jade stone will support your financial growth and expansion. It will also promote new beginnings and give you the guidance that you need to be successful and wealthy! Here some significances of buddha bracelet that we supply for you. Hopefully, you can know more information about this bracelets. From that, you can choose and check out for on your own.

 1.1 The meaning in many regions

Throughout the ancient times, jade buddha bracelets are present in many major religions of the new world for several different purposes. These Asian countries have a majority of many religions:  Buddhism, Catholicism and Hinduism. For Buddhists, this bracelet has a special meaning in spirituality; protecting your soul and removing the negative thought out of your mind. This one is really good for your brain and mental health. However,  wearing jade buddha bracelets is used as jewellry without any religious affiliation.  It has a lot of meaning due to the belief of each nation which follows Buddhism, Hinduism, Catholic,…. The Chinese are a big fan of jade buddha bracelets, amulets, colors and numbers. So, the tradition of Viet Nam is the same as the tradition of China. If you look at this point, you can realise that 2 countries have a lot of the same features. 


jade buddha bracelet
The belief in spirituality


1.2 The material to make this bracelet

Today, the jade buddha bracelet appears in every available material: onyx, tiger’s eye stone, moonlight black stone,…. This one is a beautiful artefacts which is suitable for many occasions for example: for celebrating longevity, anniversary, birthday and giving for your parents. It is the best choice for giving to your relatives. 

For babies, wearing this bracelet can remove the bad energy which makes them unable to sleep. Wearing the jade buddha bracelet when sleeping, you can have a good sleep. These bracelets are made of materials that tie to specific elements of Feng Shui stones, which has a lot of special meaning in the spiritual world. More than that, the charm along the bracelets has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy. In addition, the jade buddha bracelets are the symbol of fulfilment, money, health and protection. 


2. Uses of jade buddha bracelet

The Jade buddha bracelet has a deep relationship meaning as the red string bracelet. It also helps enhance your perception of spirituality. Not only is it good for your health, but it also seems like stuff to choose when reading tarot. It has a lot of uses and advantages. It used in Below is some of their usage of the jade buddha bracelet. 

2.1 The usage of jade buddha bracelet in meditation

During the time of yoga or meditation, you can wear it. Wearing and chanting mantras at the same time is also an effective way to increase faith in Buddhism and spirituality. If you have the version of 108 beads, you can use it as a long bead whenever reading spells or Buddhist scripture . Moreover, strings and mantras will make your meditation easier than ever. From there, it helps to dispel stress after a long tiring day at work. Meditation is a good way to release stress and tired after a long hard working day. You should try to meditation with jade buddha bracelet. Maybe this is useful for you. 

meditation in our busy daily life
meditation in our busy daily life

2.2 The use of this bracelet seem like accessory

This could be wearing due to your optional preferences. These bracelets are good items that can help you mix and match your daily outfit easily. Your outfit really will fashionable ever. It is a magnificent thing for choosing a group of tarot when reading the tarot. Due to these Feng Shui stones, your intuition can be enhanced everyday by seeing and touching them. Wearing it on your wrist, it is your option. Beauty has no limit. As long as you find it beautiful. Moreover, this could be really surprise that the jade buddha bracelet is a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriend. They will be very grateful when you give it to them. Because you thought of them and gave them a very meaningful gift in terms of mental and physical health.

2.3 Having for decoration

Not only are these bracelets used like the accessory on your wrist, It also is a stuff for your present whenever gifting for your relatives and friends. You can create your own bracelet collection of different types of traditional Chinese bracelets and charms for example: agarwood bracelet, Feng Shui stone, emerald ring,….. This is really interesting. The jade buddha bracelet is a symbol of luck, health and money. By the way, this bracelet can ignite your unlucky and negative thoughts all day. Which one has a charm on it, it can increase your pure soul and embrace your body.

jade buddha bracelet
You can use it for decoration or an accessory


3. Why do you need to have a jade buddha bracelet?

The reason why you should wear a jade buddha bracelet is to protect yourself from negative thoughts and the evil eye of people around you who can affect you carelessly or so on. They have a lot of chances, the charm has the power to transform negative energy into positive energy. More than that, these bracelets are made of materials that tie to specific elements of Feng Shui and the spiritual world, which means that as long as the bracelet is made correctly and you set your intentions, then the bracelet will work for you.

Secondly, Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu even Christian also have a strong belief in spirituality. They considered that you can wear thí bracelet at any time and in any place.  Although individual prayer is important, prayer in the community is much more powerful. Furthermore, these provide serenity and tranquillity to the soul. Besides that, they assist us in overcoming life’s difficulties.

Thirdly, people who follow Buddha can use it to count prayers, handcrafted. Because each ingredient to make into the bracelet has a different special meaning in spirituality. The Feng Shui stone is especially suitable for many fates. People who usually Feng Shui will have very thoughtful thoughts and prototypes. The destinies are divided into Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth. Each year of birth will correspond to a maximum number, and the cycle will repeat again after 60 years.

Each destiny will match the color that is based on nature. Destiny needle with colors symbol is white. This zodiac sign will coexist with the yellow or yellow of the Earth because according to the legend, Earth gives birth to Kim,…. Due to your fate, you can choose the best jade buddha bracelet. (287)


4. Notes on wearing this bracelet

You just need to wear a jade buddha bracelet on your wrist. It is a light in the form of a jade buddha bracelet that holds infinite wisdom and blessings of enlightened gurus. This is the good stuff that will help you purge bad features. At the same time, protecting the position of the bracelet will always follow to protect and suit you. No matter what happens, just believe that you will be strong and overcome all those difficulties. Moreover, you are free to choose the model and how to wear it according to your preferences. It is not too important to wear the bracelet on which hand or how to wear it. Be flexible. To protect your jade buddha bracelet for longer uses, you should You should clean and sanitize it regularly with specialized soap to clean jewellry. Your bracelet will always be beautiful and shiny over time. The longer you wear it, the more beautiful it will be

If you wear a 108-bead bracelet, you can use it as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist. It will form a ring with 3-4 layers. Very beautiful and fashionable. There is the belief of adults in ancient times. People believed that men should wear bracelets on the left and women should wear bracelets on the right wrist. You can feel comfortable to wear and touch. When you touch and touch the bracelet you will feel very comfortable and feel the shiny and slippery of the material that makes this bracelet. If you believe in it, it will help you a lot in developing your life. 

5. Top 5 hottest jade buddha bracelet today:

Today, there are a variety of jade buddha bracelets for you to choose. This one can be suitable items for many ages:

The jade Buddha bracelets are good things for you to enhance the belief in spirituality, Especially in Buddha. Not only wearing this bracelet can improve your belief, but also help  you in many different aspects in real life. On the other hand, the jade buddha bracelet is usually a Feng Shui stone that is worn on your hand. In Asia in particular and other continents in general, they believe that jade buddha bracelets also can help find balance in many aspects in your life: love, family, career, spirituality, …. The ambition of attracting your soul mate or to make your partner come back to your life again. Moreover, the bright color in each bead also represents wealth and fulfilment. Because it has a circle shape. The spiritual bracelet will manifest a lot of abundance, success and magnet money. Here is top 5 hottest jade buddha bracelet that Thien Moc Huong suggest for you:

jade buddha bracelet
tiger eye with Buddha charm
jade buddha bracelet
purple jade buddha bracelet with special meaning
Feng Shui bracelet
Green Feng Shui bracelet has a lot of optional charm
jade buddha bracelet
purple jade buddha bracelet up to your flexible choice
Feng Shui bracelet
light blue jade buddha bracelet has a great beauty
Remember that the most important thing when wearing jade buddhas bracelet is comfort. The purpose of this bracelet is to help you with whatever you set forth intentions for it. What is a jade buddha bracelet? What is the usage of a jade buddha bracelet? With the content above, we think that you can choose one which is suitable for yourself.

In conclusion, if you want to choose a good another bracelet beside jade buddha bracelet , we have a lot of information of many types of bracelet. It will help you a lot of information to find out the best choice of them. Thien Moc Huong will answer many question about many different types of bracelet. If you’re interested in mala beads and want to learn how to make them on your own. Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Thien Moc Huong store is willing to help and appreciates it.

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