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    I. Product introduction:

    Agarwood spiral incense is made from agarwood pulp. Agarwood is finely ground into powder, mixed with natural sticky substance, then molded into incense molds. Spiral incense also known as ring incense. It has this name because of its shape. Those are the circular incense sticks that are going to be connected to each other. The bottom is the largest round and then gradually smaller.

    Agarwood spiral incense is one product of the collection of Agarwood incense that is most popular and used by customers in Thien Moc Huong.

    II. Detailed description:

    1. The texture of incense:

    Agarwood spiral incense with spiral structure is the kind of incense often used when burning for a long time. Made from 100% natural non-toxic Agarwood materials, the product has the natural brown color of Agarwood. The burning time of this ring / incense depends on the space you set it.

    If you place the incense in an area with lots of wind (including wind from electric fans or air conditioners), the incense burns very quickly. The incense smoke flies high into the air, bringing the pure scent of incense to faintly smell through the olfactory to the brain, helping you relax the mind.

    2. Uses of coil incense:

    The scent of incense helps our spirit to be cheerful and alert. If used to charge agarwood, it will help your mind relax, sleep deeper and better sleep. Moreover, the incense incense helps to circulate the air in the body. This helps improve health and the immune system is also enhanced.  Coil incense is used a lot in worshiping spaces. Just like stick incense, coil incense is the thing that connects yin and yang. Incense-using is to express the sincerity of people remembering their ancestors and to pray for the fulfillment of them in the other world. Indoors, usually during Tet, people use this type of incense. Because on 3 days of Tet, when the spirits of the ancestors are invited to celebrate Tet with their children, every family must burn incense to keep warm in the worship space. Coil incense has a long burning time which is very convenient and is used a lot. The use of Agarwood incense is even more meaningful. Because Argawood is considered to be able to ward off evil spirit, bring a pure and clean space.


    Agarwood scent has a pleasant energy that purifies the air, eliminating exorcisms, bringing peace, luck and fortune to the homeowner. The hazy smoke makes the atmosphere cozy, more formal, creating a sense of great feng shui, bringing prosperity to your home.

    3. When do you use agarwood incense?

    • Daily workplace

    Every day you are tired of the stress from the workplace, the incense burner and coil agarwood incense will be a solution to help you dispel the stress, fatigue and clear the mind with a soft scent spreading from the burning agarwood.

    • Worship spaces

    Ancestor worship is an ancient belief of the Vietnamese people in memory of ancestors and relatives giving birth to them. Therefore, placing the set of incense burner and agarwood incense on the altar will show respect and keep the space warm and sacred in the place of worship.

    • House warming:

    You do not want your new home to smell foul or afraid that your house will be cold with evil spirits, … Using the set of incense burner and coil agarwood incense will help exorcize warm atmosphere for home space.

    • Starting a new year, grand opening day:

    The combo of incense burner and coil agarwood incense will bring new energy from agarwood to the house. Attracting fortune, luck harmonizing yin and yang elements to create a fresh space.

    • At the end of the year, anniversary, Tet

    The combo of incense burner and coil agarwood incense is both luxurious and elegant, expressed the gratitude and reverence to ancestors can dispel the bad luck and omnipresence in the old year to welcome new things with the desire of a lucky new year.

    4. How to use:

    To use the coil agarwood incense for worshiping purposes, you must use them in combination with the coil incense base. This base is usually made from copper gold metal. It was a metal rod longer than a glove, as small as a wand. The top of the metal bar has a horizontal hook to help fix the incense. Besides, there are also types made of wood.

    Using incense sticks for inhalation must combine with porcelain censer. The censer is a specialized device for burning coil incense. You just need to put the coil incense on the inside of the porcelain burner and burn the incense. Then close the lid. The lid of the porcelain censer is designed with a gap that allows the smoke of agarwood to rise. Besides, the porcelain is also very beautiful and has many colors. If you choose a messenger with your destiny, it also helps increase the effectiveness of agarwood.

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