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    Agarwood Smoke Waterfall Thien Moc Huong
    Agarwood Smoke Waterfall Thien Moc Huong

    I. Product Introduction:

    Agarwood incense cone is actually agarwood, and we make it by fine agarwood powder. The combination between the fine powder and the acacia of a natural tree that forms an adhesion with just enough adhesion to form.

    Depending on the aesthetic of each person, it has many shapes. Some shapes are usually created are the shape of a pyramid, a hat or a lotus bud,…There are many different shapes but all these forms of agarwood are collectively known as Cone agarwood incense. Meditation, house refreshing or yoga often use these incenses.

    Agarwood incense cone is one product of the collection of the Agarwood incense that is most popular and used by customers at Thien Moc Huong.

    II. Detailed description:

    1. Usage of this agarwood incense cone:

    Agarwood incense cone is often used to purify the air, treat respiratory diseases. Experiments show that samples of agarwood essential oil have over 60 organic compounds, many of which are aromatic compounds used for processing high-class cosmetics. Thanks to the aroma of essential oils in the wood, when burned, the scent of incense cones can help purify the air, create a fresh space, cure hoarseness, respiratory diseases, ward off evil spirits,… In addition to the above typical uses, it also has the typical uses of agarwood which cannot be discussed such as The prince of feng shui, attracting fortune, changing destiny, …

    2. Instruction:

    House refreshing with agarwood is long before the traditional practice of our people. Air-refreshing with agarwood is a cultural beauty of the ancient Vietnam people, bringing many health benefits and great meanings to daily life. Agarwood plays an important role in our activities. We can use it in other spaces just like arsenal, worshipful space, company office, religious rituals (temple, pagoda, church,…). Some common ways to use Cone agarwood incense of Vietnamese people are.

    Burning Cone agarwood incense on the plate: is the simplest method. You only need to prepare a ceramic, wood or terracotta burning plate to prevent burns and burns when freckles fall.·

    Using Agarwood porcelain burner: Put Agarwood in the fins to make the office, altar, tea room more elegant and warmer. Just light the fire on the top of the bud and then put the deep cone inside the censer and cover the censer. The deep smoke spreads high upward along with the small slots at the top of the censer, giving off a gentle, delicate appearance. This will also make it easier to clean when the incense burns out.

    Using Agarwood smoke waterfall: the smoke waterfall is popular for businessmen and lovers of feng shui. Agarwood smoke waterfall is considered an elegant hobby, bringing a relaxed feeling when the work is stressful. The smoke goes up and down the cone hole and it spreads upwards, partly flowing down the lower part of the waterfall. Agarwood smoke waterfall is a leisurely pleasure, helps calm the mind in work and life.

    3. Preservation:

    Agarwood incense cones
    Agarwood incense cones

    Keep in dry places ·

    Close the lid of the box after use ·

    The product can be used in air-conditioned rooms

    Why buy Cone Agarwood incense at Thien Moc Huong?

    Say NO to unknown incense, Chinese Incense. ·

    Say NO to cheap, marinated incense, 90% is wood pulp and chemicals ·

    If you want to buy incense only from 1-200K, you can buy many other places that are selling in the market.

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