How to correctly choose feng shui colors for your house

Feng shui colors

What do you have to choose feng shui colors for? How have they strongly affected our life?  If you have explored feng shui for a while, you may understand its basic meaning. In fact, people are not sure that whether or not this can be right or wrong, it just depends on your belief.

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Feng shui bedroom colors

Color feng shui for the bedroom is one of the amazing methods to bring great energy into your home. The light of colors is what we really need for our health, so the more color you have in your space, the more vibrant energy you create. This certainly doesn’t mean we’ll be back in kindergarten again (though keep an eye on how fun these kids are, swimming all day in a sea of sprawling colors).

In feng shui theory, there are five elements and each person will have their own one. Depending on this, many people can design a bedroom which helps them reduce insomnia, even improve husband and wife affection. Besides, feng shui bedroom colors bring luck to both your life and career.

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Feng shui bedrom colors
Your bedroom becomes warmer with neutral colors

This means there are specific colors that are supporting your energy, and then there are colours that can weaken you. For instance, if your birth element is Wood, green like trees is completely suitable for you.

In addition, do not forget to have at least some decor items in skin color tones to create warm, good feng shui in your bedroom .It stands for hugs, warm 

Feng shui living room colors          

The basic principle of feng shui lies in spatial harmony. It is a reason for which we need to keep your living room orderly. When mentioning feng shui decorating, it’s important to work intentional colors into your living room. We also use the rule of 5 elements to design your room to attract a bonanza.

However, you can also incorporate colors that automatically invite a sense of balance and flow. Such colors are often on the lighter end of the spectrum. You may begin by painting your living room walls white, for example. Besides, you can carry out with feng shui colors like grey, pastel, yellow, etc. Blue or green is also a symbol of well-being and freshness.

Moreover, feng shui is all about navigating your environment with respect and grace. As a result, you can achieve living room feng shui by creating a space filled with light. A room with ventilation always brings positive energy for your home.  

feng shui living room colors
Light is so important to make your living room greater

In many cases, arranging items in your living room orderly is an awesome way to get lucky. Minimalist designs often attract greater energy balance because they automatically eliminate clutter. Look for furniture pieces that double in function, such as a bench that is also a storage container. These pieces can make a room feel larger and lighter

Colors for kitchen

While white, yellow, blue, green, beige, red and orange are all well-known feng shui kitchen colors, it will be helpful if you understand how to use them. You can choose colors according to 5 elements but we recommend you should paint neutral colors such as white, beige to keep your kitchen clean.

White makes sense in the space where you’ll be making many meals. Since it can pairs well with every color, it can create a blank canvas that you can accent with warmer shades to keep the room from feeling too stark and cold. Consider using white on your walls and cabinets and adding warmer accents via your countertops, backsplash and window treatments.

Creamy neutral colors such as beige, khaki are also suitable for kitchen designing. According to feng shui principles, they can bring stability to a household and will help you have a harmonious cooking space. Warm and comforting, they pair well with many other colors and will make your kitchen feel cozy.

feng shui kitchen colors
feng shui kitchen colors

Yellow is another popular feng shui kitchen color. Believed to promote socialization, it can create an uplifting and cheerful space for you and your family to enjoy meals. Choose a light or golden yellow that’s soothing and stay away from shocking shades that might agitate people.

People strongly believe that kitchen is the heart of your home, so colors and space play an important role. You can explore other ways to design your feng shui kitchen colors.

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