How to clean quartz countertops scientifically and best?

Quartz stone is one of the rare and precious stones that are very popularly used to make jewelry such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings, … with green, red, pink, purple, yellow, black colors. , White,… However, we still don’t know how to clean quartz countertops scientifically and best, even for those who still regularly wear women’s clothes this page.

Let’s learn about quartz stone to find the answer to the question of how to store and preserve quartz in the best, most scientific way; as well as for instructions on how to clean this pearl so that it is always like new and retains its long-term value?

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Instructions on how to clean quartz countertops

1) Quartz Bracelets should not be worn 24 hours a day or throughout the week

Usually, our favorite pieces of jewelry are worn throughout the day, even while sleeping! You should remember: the best way to keep your beloved necklace and bracelet durable is to avoid exposing them to too many environmental factors. Simply, remove the quartz bracelet when you do housework, play sports, or do other manual work to avoid scratching them. Even the hardest ones like Amethyst bracelets can break if hit hard enough.

how to clean quartz countertops
how to clean quartz countertops

2) You must be very careful to avoid scratches

With Quartz bracelets with a hardness of fewer than 7 carats, you must be very careful to avoid scratches. Before going swimming or showering, it’s best to put this jewelry aside. Especially for natural quartz stone, it is not affected by clean water, but it is possible that shampoos and shower gels also partly make the stone lose its clarity. In the case of stones that are supported, or connected by wire, you should not immerse yourself in the tub with a quartz necklace or bracelet. Knowing how to take care of your jewelry, then you will know how to love them properly.

3) Be careful when using cosmetics

Because the chemicals contained in cosmetics can adversely affect the beauty of the stone. All kinds of soaps, solutions, makeup powders, perfumes, sprays… are all capable of creating very difficult marks on the surface of the jewelry frame (string, silver ring supporting quartz stone) and jewelry quartz. It’s best if you keep these qualities in mind on your jewelry, that you wipe it off right away before we’re able to respond.

4) Stay away from solutions containing cleaning agents

Never soak Quartz Stone in services that contain cleaning agents, especially chlorine-containing cleaners. These substances have the potential to corrode the abrasive, wire, or polish of the Quartz Stone, especially at high temperatures. Therefore, it is not recommended to wear rings or necklaces made of stone when broken in a tank or when doing laundry or washing in the house. As for the quartz types that come with stainless steel, tin… you should not let them come into contact with bleach, bacteria, acetone because these substances can cause damage and be difficult to handle.

5) Do not to enter an environment with sudden temperature changes

You should take care not to enter an environment with sudden temperature changes. Extreme heat or sudden changes in the environment can also cause stone jewelry to fail. When exposed to extremely hot environments, some stones lose the ability to absorb the moisture needed to create their natural beauty. High-temperature limit rose quartz will be easy to dry, discolor and discolor; Green Quartz may turn light brown, appear streaky or white, and may lose its ability to maintain color.

6) Limit exposure to the sun

Sunlight is also a harmful factor for the durability and color of quartz jewelry. If exposed to too much sunlight, some stones such as amethyst rose quartz will become weak. Therefore, to keep the quartz necklaces and bracelets durable, avoid carrying them when you go sunbathing or have to work for a long time in the sun.

Avoid carrying them when you go sunbathing
Avoid carrying them when you go sunbathing

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9 ways to clean quartz stones to keep them like new

Quartz can attract all vibrations, both good and bad, so it is important to cleanse them to remove any bad energy regularly. The quartz you buy may have traveled hundreds – even thousands of miles before reaching you, holding in its energy and deeply related by the people who dug it up and moved here. Furthermore, there must have been many people touching it when it was sold, so the quartz will absorb the vibrations of those it comes in contact with. Remember that negative thoughts or illnesses can pass through quartz and into you.

There are many ways to help clean quartz, which method you choose is up to you. The only thing that should never be done is to use soap or detergent to clean quartz, as they will be counterproductive. All of the methods below are extremely effective.

1) Use water to clean quartz stone

This method is especially effective for those born under the Water sign in the Western zodiac.

Use natural water

Take out quartz stones from a clean water source such as the sea, river, stream, waterfall and put them in the water. (If there is no natural source of clean water near you, bottled spring water can be used.) Never wipe quartz with a towel or cloth. Just let it dry naturally, you can leave it in the sun to recharge.

Use saltwater

Fill a ceramic or glass bowl with cold or water (do not use hot water as it will break the quartz). Add a handful of salt to the water and let the quartz sit for a few hours. Rinse again to remove all salt residue and let the quartz dry naturally.

Be very careful when using saltwater, especially when salt comes into direct contact with quartz. Salt reacts with some types of quartz, disrupting their quartz structure, causing the quartz to lose its luster or possibly discoloring the quartz. For example, when you put opals in dry salt, the salt will draw water from the quartz and convert it into chalcedony – a much cheaper type of quartz. However, salt is very effective at cleaning quartz, so a safer method is to place the quartz in a small glass dish and then place the plate in another larger dish to be filled with salt. Although quartz is not in direct contact with salt, the cleaning process still takes place.

Use holy water

Holy water can be applied to your quartz to purify it and stop its vibrations. Many sacred places in the world have holy water, such as the Well of Chalice in Glastonbury, England. Remember to let your quartz dry naturally.

2) Use soil to clean quartz stone

This method works for those born with the element of earth in the Western Zodiac. Bury the quartz in your garden and let it sit for about four hours. Remember where you bury it – quartz should be hidden here – and be careful not to let animals dig into the quartz. If you don’t have a garden at home, or the soil is too acidic (which can harm quartz), you can bury it in a potted plant. After digging the quartz, wash it with pure water and let it dry naturally.

Bury the quartz in your garden
Bury the quartz in your garden

3) Use fire

This method works well for those born with the Fire element in the Western Zodiac. One way of cleansing with fire is to leave your quartz in candlelight until the candle burns out. Or you can burn the candle and leave it alone. Heat the quartz stone back and forth quickly over the fire. However, when it’s the opal, the first way is still better because opal can be destroyed by fire.

4) Burn with fire at low temperature

This method is especially effective for those born under the Air network in the Western zodiac. This method is extremely good for washing not only quartz crystals but also cleaning the room or the air. In the Native American tradition, it plays an extremely important role. People often burn grass bundles. Wormwood is a very good pure herb, but cedar and lavender are also commonly used. Burn the grass into a smoldering fire. Slowly rotate the quartz in the smoke so that all sides can catch the smoke, from which the air will blow away the negative energy. If you like, you can use your hands to blow smoke into the quartz. You need a small plate or bowl to store the ashes and to put out the fire on the grass.

5) Use a quartz block

Another effective way is to place the quartz stone on a large block of quartz, or a block of amethyst. Leave it on for a few hours to neutralize the negative energies.

6) Use flowers

A gentle yet effective method is to use flowers or petals. Use rose petals for rose quartz, rose petals for amethyst like amethyst. Take your favorite flowers and put them in a glass bowl. Time your quartz under the petals for 24 hours. Then place the quartz in the moonlight – especially when the moon is full, or in sunlight.

7) Clean with rice

Fill a bowl of rice and place the quartz inside. Wait 24 hours and then take it out so that the beads absorb all the bad vibrations. The rice must then be discarded and not eaten.

8) Pray to the Gods

“Om Namah Shivaya” is a very effective mantra to cleanse negative energies
“Om Namah Shivaya” is a very effective mantra to cleanse negative energies

A spell-like “Om” can help clear your quartz. “Om Namah Shivaya” is a very effective mantra to cleanse negative energies because you are calling the name of the Hindu god Shiva, the god of destruction and change. To clear quartz, simply invoke “Om” or any of your favorite spells. When calling, imagine bad energy being replaced by good energy.

9) Use essential oils

Although this is not a popular method, for an aromatherapist like me it is a very good method. Effective essential oils include lavender, sage, cedar, lemongrass, turpentine, juniper, rosemary, lemon, rosewood, and frankincense. Just add a drop or two. a small cloth – perhaps a handkerchief – and wipe the quartz thoroughly. Or, you can use an essential oil diffuser. First, put a few teaspoons of water in a bowl on the diffuser. Then light the candle and put a few drops of essential oil in the water. When the steam rises, leave the quartz on the lamp. Quartz makes essential oils more fragrant. Adding a drop of essential oil to quartz can easily scent an entire room, and the scent seems to last longer. Here, we promise that you have a new look at quartz stone in the best storage and preservation of this gemstone as well as detailed instructions on how to clean and manipulate. clean to ensure its value is not changed but always like new.

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