Hematite stone benefits health and feng shui

The hematite stone meaning is "blood-like"

Although hematite stone has been imported in recent years. But hematite stone meaning in feng shui besides stones such as agate, quartz, and eye tiger stone. However, hematite stone has its own unique features. In particular, sometimes magnetic, can attract metals or even attract each other.

So what is hematite? Let’s find out through the article right below!

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1. What is hematite stone?

Hematite is a stone whose name comes from the Greek word haimatites. This stone stone meaning is “blood-like” (the emphasis here is on the bright red color of the crystal). In the Middle Ages, hematite as “blood-stone”. Because when polishing this stone crystal, the grinding dust mixed with water to form a blood-colored color. In Egypt, this crystal used to stop bleeding. In addition, it was one of the blood-forming ingredients.

It is not only an inanimate jewelry. But also known as a stone of the soul. Besides, it helps to protect the soul, keep the soul at peace, and repel negative emotions. In addition, it also attracts positive energy and enhances self-esteem.

The hematite stone meaning is "blood-like"
The hematite stone meaning is “blood-like”

1.1 Chemical structure 

  • Chemical formula: Fe2O3
  • Crystal system: three-way.
  • MOH scale (hardness): from 5.5 to 6.5
  • Transparency: not see through.
  • Multicolor: no
  • Luminescence: no
  • Absorption spectrum: unknown.
  • Coloring Ingredients: Iron.
  • Color: Hematite can be gray, black, reddish brown or bright red.
  • Light: metal.
  • Synthesized and processed: not yet synthesized and processed.
  • Density: Hematite has a very heavy density, ranging from 5.12 to 5.28, while the density of quartz is only 2.65.
  • Formation origin: Hematite rock is formed under oxidizing conditions with mineral types such as volcanic evaporation, hydrothermal. In addition, this rock is also found in the regional metamorphism.
  • Hematite is found in countries such as Italy, Norway, Brazil, USA, Russia, Australia, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Germany.

2.The great Hematite stone benefits

2.1 Hematite stone benefits for health

This crystals have a good effect on the blood. It is capable of supporting the treatment of some blood diseases. Such as anemia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure… This is a unique feature of hematite.

Hematite stone helps protect the body’s blood circulation and supports the healing of red blood cells. Besides, it also helps “clean” the blood and works well for the liver, spleen, and kidneys. This stone is also very effective in treating open wounds. One note that users of hematite should always keep in mind when using this crystal. It should not come into contact with water to achieve the best results.

For people with frequent aches and pains, arthritis, cramps, and hematite should be used to relieve pain. In addition, hematite can also be used to restore health after childbirth. Or after a psychological crisis.

Hematite crystals have a good effect on the blood
Hematite crystals have a good effect on the blood

2.2 The hematite stone meaning in feng shui.

2.2.1 In the relationship

Hematite meaning helps to maintain the relationship between people and heaven and earth. Helping people become healthier, more courageous, having good vitality as well as better endurance. In particular, it can protect and bring the owner peace. This crystal also makes you feel more secure and is considered your own amulet. In Europe, magicians considered the Hematite stone to be an amulet. It is used to draw symbolic marks and magic circles.

Hematite stone meaning is also a feng shui stone. That has a good effect when supporting meditation, calming the mind. Besides, it also helps to increase the feeling of peace, tranquility, and peace in the mind. This crystals aid meditation by creating a protective layer around you. So it helps to repel negative vibrations, thereby eliminating them. Giving you more positive vibrations. However, you should also be very careful. Because it is possible that your thoughts and negativity will be pushed towards yourself. In addition to the use of removing bad gases and negative vibrations from the body. This stone even helps you avoid bad energies from those around you.

Hematite meaning helps to maintain the relationship
Hematite meaning helps to maintain the relationship

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2.2.2 In divination

In divination, hematite crystals is an effective divination tool. You can light a candle in a dark room. Then place the hematite in front of the candle. So that the light is reflected on the stone. Pure mind, patiently observing the reflection. Thinking about the question that we are looking for an answer to. Be open-minded and judge the answers for yourself.

Hematite is a “male” stone, which has the effect of making emotions more favorable. So it creates and promotes predestined and emotional relationships. Hematite stone benefits help bring you love, joy and peace.

One of the special uses of this stone is that it can help the owner calm down. In addition, it increases the ability to concentrate. The owner of Hematite will have better self-discipline in learning. Besides, this stone also helps to increase mental strength. It increases the will to overcome difficulties and break through self-imposed limitations. So it used to treat insomnia, anxiety, or depression. Even treating behavioral disorders or addictions.

Hematite stone benefits help bring you love
Hematite stone benefits help bring you love

3. Instructions for use and care of hematite stone

There are many ways to use hematite. Here are a few simple and common ways:

  • Carry a hematite as an “amulet”.
  • When injured, roll over the injured area with a hematite stone. Then try to visualize how the stone helps rebuild muscles.
  • Hematite can be used under the pillow.
  • Hematite is also made into jewelry to wear on people.

Note when using Hematite stone: when using this stone, it is recommended to limit contact with water. Let it come into direct contact with the skin. It is more effective when combined with white quartz and rose quartz.

3.1 “Washing” and “Charging” 

Like some other feng shui stones, hematite can “wash” (remove old energies) and “charge” (charge, absorb new, positive energies) at the same time. To perform a “wash” and “charge” of the hematite, place it on the quartz for several hours. On the contrary, hematite also has the ability to “wash” some other stones. In particular, hematite stone also has the effect of purifying Tarot cards.

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