Feng shui home and 8 things to avoid not everyone knows

Feng shui home and 8 things to avoid not everyone knows

Feng shui home is one of the issues that many people are most concerned about today. Because it determines the spiritual life of the whole family. Whether the family is peaceful or not, whether there is development work depends a lot on feng shui factors.
From there, questions like feng shui? How to see the feng shui of real estate? How to arrange the kitchen, living room, bedroom to suit feng shui? How to view the house’s water room?… More and more people are interested in it.

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1. What is Feng shui home?

Feng shui (Chinese: 風水) according to Wikipedia, “Feng shui originated in ancient China, specializing in studying the influence of wind direction, air direction, and water flow on human’s life and happiness.”

What is Feng shui home?
What is Feng shui home?

Today, people have applied feng shui to the house to help increase prosperity and bring luck to the members of the house.
Feng shui home is not a superstition but a scientific category for Asians. A house with good feng shui will bring good luck and prosperity to the owner.

2. The Feng shui home principles homeowners need to know.

A house that is feng shui needs to have a full convergence of favorable factors. Such as topography, location, ventilation, and moderate impact of both sun and wind on the house.

There are many ways to decorate the house’s space and design the house according to different feng shui. Depending on the area, the function of use, or your preferences.

The Feng shui home principles homeowners need to know.
The Feng shui home principles homeowners need to know.

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2.1. Choose the direction of the house by the feng shui age according to par.

Choosing the direction of the house by feng shui par, the age of the owner is just an important part. Normally, when choosing a house direction, we will choose East Tu Trach and West Tu Trach.

  • East Tu Trach has 4 directions: North, South, East, Southeast
  • West Tu Trach has 4 directions: West, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast

People with the destiny of Dong Tu Menh, when choosing a house or office to work, choose Dong Tu Trach group. They will have a lot of favorable luck, health, and happiness. And vice versa, the person whose destiny is Tay Tu Menh chooses the Tay Tu Trach group.

In the layout, selection of feng shui items, and furniture, it is also necessary to pay attention to the destiny to help your life always be peaceful, happy, and successful.

Choose the direction of the house by the feng shui age according to par.
Choose the direction of the house by the feng shui age according to par.

When choosing to buy furniture, if your destiny is Earth, you should choose furniture with feng shui colors such as yellow, brown, or red. In particular, interior feng shui also needs to limit heavy items or too angular tables and chairs.

2.2. The main door of the house is not obstructed. 

In a feng shui home, especially the main door has the effect of entering and leaving and plays an important role in welcoming fortune. Therefore, a house with 2 main doors must have a reasonable size, proportion, and style to bring good air to the whole house.

Do not design the front door and back door facing each other. Opening the door to see the kitchen first is also not profitable in terms of money. The toilet near the door also does not bring good energy to the house.

The main door of the house is not obstructed.
The main door of the house is not obstructed.

Another thing to note is that you should not place a mirror in front of the door. Because it will prevent good energies from entering the house.

Regarding feng shui in the home, many people will confuse the main door with the side door:

  • For apartments, there is only 1 main door
  • For ordinary townhouses, it is arranged with 2 or more doors, including the main door and the side door. If you often come in and out by the side door of the house, then according to feng shui, that side door will become the main door.

Because the door that you use every day will become the main door and the doors you often close will be considered as a wall.

2.3. Has an open plan design.

Feng shui home is always towards ventilation. You should arrange your furniture neatly and neatly to create an airy and transparent living space for the house. If the house has many windows, you should arrange so that the airflow is concentrated in the central space of the house.

However, for townhouses of the type 4 level (tube house). The indoor design should also have ventilation but not arranged so that the wind can blow in a circuit from the front door to the back door.

Because according to the elements in the house feng shui, it is a way of arranging “treasure and gathering air”, helping fortune and luck accumulate in the house.

Has an open plan design.
Has an open plan design.

2.4. Have the right level of natural light for the house.

Feng shui people should avoid too strong sunlight rushing in because there are countless ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic fields. That can damage blood and cells in the human body living in it.

This influence will create frustration, irritation, anxiety, confusion, irritability, anger, and brusqueness. Which is detrimental to family harmony or harmful in the field of communication.

Moreover, daylight will shine into the house, which will accumulate energy until at night, the outside temperature drops quickly. Inside the house, the hot air still stagnates. That will cause antagonism in temperature that strongly affects the body of the people living in the house.

Since then, making yourself grumpy, your soul is always restless, restless, and mentally stressed can easily cause accidents and diseases.

On the contrary, if a house is too dark and humid, natural light will not shine in (yin is strong, yang is weak).

In addition, a house with a strong yin will make you susceptible to hallucinations and always live in an imaginary, ambiguous world. Therefore, your house should avoid hidden by walls or trees obstructing the front of the house.

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Have the right level of natural light for the house.
Have the right level of natural light for the house.

A house that looks serious, with moderate light and an airy, bright front cover, is a house with good Duong Trach.

On the contrary, if you consider feng shui to face a house that is obscured from light or not covered by protection on both sides. It is a place where sooner or later it will be exhausted.

3. Feng shui home and things to know about feng shui around the house.

  • The house has a wide frontage, a narrow backside called the head and tail of the mouse. The money is gone, even if it is to be saved, it is very limited. People in the family’s fate will be ruined and poor.
  • The house that has the land behind the home is low, collapsed, landslide or has a pond or lake is not good, it is difficult to prosper.
  • A house with a damaged roof, a hole, a wall that has been broken for a long time without being repaired is a symbol of decay, downhill.
  • In front of the house, there are bricks, stones, and scattered trees, which are symbols of destruction and decay.
  • The home looks murky, the wind blows with the howling sound is the home of the sound soldiers. Sickness and accidents will soon come.
  • The appearance of a house facing an iron fence or iron pillars is considered to be attacked by the energy of the Kim element. 
Feng shui home and things to know about feng shui around the house.
Feng shui home and things to know about around the house.
  • Doors or metal windows should only be for large offices. However, if used too much, the Kim element will thrive, which can be harmful in terms of the five feng shui elements. You want to reduce the countermeasure, you should keep the lake nearby.
  • The house is facing the cemetery, especially the cemetery is in the south direction, the people in the home who are difficult to prosper are often sick.
  • A house whose frontage is stabbed by a tree branch right in front of the gate is bad because it is called by the demon king with his arms outstretched.

4. 8 things to avoid in Feng shui home not everyone knows.

  • The house should not be built on very high ground. On the left side of the house (standing facing the street). If there is a well next to the wall, it is easy to argue and disagree with each other or children often violate the law.
  • There is a well on the right side of the house next to the house, the owner’s wife is often sick.
  • In front of the house, especially right in front of Chu Tuoc with a well, people in the house often waste money, wealth, and sorrow.
  • Houses with deep moats, gorges, deep ponds, vortex holes… then they in the house are susceptible to illness and have to be dissected, and the women are infertile.
8 things to avoid in Feng shui home not everyone knows.
8 things to avoid in Feng shui home not everyone knows.
  • The southeast direction of the house with high mountains is not good.
  • In front of the house, especially in front of the main door, there should not be anything big to block such as big rocks, old trees, buildings, high walls. If the mountain or hill in front of the house is very harmful.  It is difficult for prosperity to come to this house.
  • The house is built on the side of a hill or a deep valley, the person living in this house is often prone to mental involvement.
  • It should be noted that every time you see yellow leaves, you must cut them immediately because that is a sign of bad luck. Houseplants are sensitive to the circulating “Qi”, so the color change in the leaves indicates prosperity in that house.

5. How to see feng shui home by age.

Usually, when looking at house feng shui according to age, you often see the direction of the house or the direction of the room is suitable for your destiny.

In section 2 of the article, it was mentioned to choose the direction of the house, according to East Tu Trach and West Tu Trach. Thus, to choose the right direction, it is necessary to first lookup the destiny see if the owner belongs to the East Tu Menh or the West Tu Menh.

How to see the feng shui destiny by age:

  • Calculation by year of birth: Take the sum of the digits of the year of birth and divide by 9, the remainder after division is Thanh (divisible by 9, the remainder is 9)
  • Look up the number of Thanh, Gender according to the table to know the destiny according to the Bagua.
  • From the par, follow the table to know if it belongs to the East or West group.
How to see feng shui home by age
How to see a feng shui home by age?

Then combine with the East-West directions above to choose the directions that are suitable for the owner’s destiny.

  • Dong Tu Trach has 4 directions: North, South, East, and Southeast.
  • West Tu Trach has 4 directions: West, Southwest, Northwest, Northeast.

6. Feng shui items for houses.

Feng shui lovers are sure that everyone has a certain lucky object with them. These items are often very compact, not only used to decorate the house but also carry a lot of special meanings depending on the symbolism of that item.

Choosing the right feng shui objects will help the owner have abundant health, full of happiness. They often have auspicious meanings, bringing luck, fortune, and fame to family members.

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6.1. Why should you arrange feng shui objects in the house?

Lucky feng shui objects are not just decorative items, accessories, and jewelry that have the nature of displaying and beautifying the space. Besides, they also have the ability to cast spells or kill.

Each feng shui item or mascot has a different meaning. In today’s modern life, there are many feng shui objects used for houses. However, not all feng shui objects can be arbitrarily placed in the house.

Therefore, before purchasing these items. You need to pay attention to your destiny and space to choose the most suitable product.

6.2. Notes when buying and using feng shui objects.

  • In terms of location, feng shui objects should be placed informal places such as living rooms, offices, desks … Avoid placing them in dark places such as warehouses, wall corners, stairs …
  • Choose peace items that suit your destiny. Do not decorate too many peace items or statues in the house.
  • Pay attention to cleaning and cleaning lucky items.
  • Choose the direction to place the appropriate feng shui object to maximize its use.
  • Read carefully the product’s information, materials, and origin before buying to avoid buying fakes, imitations, and poor-quality goods.

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