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Agarwood Tree

Agarwood (trầm hương) has always been considered a treasured treasure of the nation because of the scarcity and high-class value that it brings. But in fact, types of Agarwood are divided based on different criteria such as origin, scarcity or seniority of sediment … Apart from Agarwood which is often made into bracelets on the market, there are many types of wood belonging to the Aquilaria family with varying degrees of scarcity and usefulness. What is agarwood?

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Types of Agarwood classified by scarcity

So how many types of Agarwood? What are those types? Types of Agarwood are classified according to their scarcity, in descending order: Calambac, normal Agarwood, Agarwood proper


More than ordinary Agarwood, Calambac is the most expensive wood in the market today because of its scarcity and difficulty in harvesting. Because of that, Calambac is rarely used because its real value can reach billions. Calambac and normal Agarwood are both shaped from the wounds of the gourd tree. The process is quite similar but the rarity is different. Agarwood is divided into 2 parts: Calambac and Agarwood. Not all potting plants produce normal Agarwood. And not every agarwood created is Calambac.

Real or Fake

Calambac is often harder and heavier than normal Agarwood because of the greater amount of essential oil. They are dark black in color and are usually surrounded by a layer of deep yellow-colored exterior. Calambac contains all the sweet, sour and spicy flavors. Calambac is divided into 4 types in the order of their most valuable and valuable: Bach Ky, Thanh Ky, Huynh Ky and Hac Ky.

Normal Agarwood

Normal Agarwood is located between Calambac and proper, normal Agarwood is easy to find in the mountains of Vietnam and its scarcity is not the same as Calambac. If Calambac was extremely expensive and hard to find, normal Agarwood was more popular in the market. Agarwood prices can range from a few dozen to a few hundred million.

Agarwood proper

It has a low level of essential oil, often alternating with wood grain so the value and quality are lower than the two types. Agarwood formed on that tree trunk, without holes. Although the quality is lower, but compared with artificial bass, high speed is still of a stable quality, plus affordable price, so they are very much used.

Agarwood proper has many types but basically can be divided into 4 groups as follows: ​​leech, rope, incense and pi.

Agarwood Tree
Agarwood Tree


Based on weight and essential oil content

Young Agarwood

This type of agarwood is still young, the amount of essential oil is not enough to submerge the worm into the water.

Agarwood is an aquilaria with a few sediment years, over 8 years, the content of essential oil is less, lighter than the density of water, so when it is put into Agarwood, it will float. Agarwood has dark and wavy wood texture, a gentle, natural scent.

4 lucky leaf bracelet
4 lucky leaf agarwood bracelet

Aged Agarwood

It can be said that Agarwood is the best and most valuable type of Agarwood. When dropped into the water, the Agarwood will sink. The explanation for this phenomenon is due to the high amount of essential oil contained in aquilaria. Aged Agarwood is an old agarwood, the number of sedimentary years is over 40 years, with a hard and heavy nature. Agarwood has more wood grain, clear, dark color and more fragrant than Agarwood. The greater the amount of water that is submerged, the more valuable it is and is sought by many people in the market. The average price for this type of Agarwood is often very high, from tens of millions to billions of dong.

Some samples of  Aged Agarwood Bracelet

Aged Agarwood Bracelet the Eastern Enlightenment
Aged Agarwood Bracelet the Eastern Enlightenment


Types based on natural level

Natural agarwood

Normal Agarwood is naturally as its name suggests, formed from nature. Born from the wounds of Doola gourd and under the influence of nature such as rain, wind, thunder … But not all dove gourds have Agarwood. It takes more than 10 years for Agarwood to be valuable, and the higher the age the five-year-old is, the more expensive it is.

agarwood rosary
phụ kiện Trầm Hương Thiên Mộc Hương

Normal Agarwood if looking closely with a magnifying glass or zooming very large will clearly see the wood grain containing tiny holes (very small). These holes are used to contain normal Agarwood essential oil.

Artificial Normal Agarwood

Artificial agarwood is the real agarwood, has also experienced many stages of formation and development like natural agarwood. But being artificial means there are impacts of the human hand. Artificial agarwood is used by humans to apply scientific methods and a number of measures to stimulate the growth of Agarwood. To do that, it must be very thorough, meticulous and extremely difficult because most of the success rate is also very low.

Although artificial agarwood is not as expensive as nature, the amount of essential oil and the quality that they bring are enough for us to not ignore such a valuable item at a high price but acceptable.

Agarwood oil press

One of the lowest value of normal Agarwood and can be considered as normal Agarwood is normal Agarwood oil pressed. That is, the oil will be artificially pressed into the wood, making the woody body smell like normal Agarwood. Often people will use the potting tree trunks to make normal Agarwood jewelry, then boil in a pressure cooker with Agarwood essential oil, so that the scent as well as essential oils can penetrate into the arms.

Pure Agarwood essential oil
Pure Agarwood essential oil

The pressed Agarwood bracelets will have a very strong aroma, spread far and easily to smell. Over a short time the scent will fade until there is no more smell.

Normal Agarwood classification based on origin

Types of agarwood are also divided according to the origin from which they were born. Agarwood appears in countries with tropical climates, especially Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Bruney, Cambodia or Indonesia … However, among these countries, normal Agarwood Vietnam is the most valuable. , the most expensive and the most advanced and can be used as medicine.


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