Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelets with stone


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    Tibetan Agarwood beaded Bracelet neutralize afflictions, avoid catastrophic diseases, meet a good deal of good luck and convenience in life.

    I. Information

    Material 100% Agarwood
    Country of Origin: Laos
    Number of seeds: 13 – 17 seeds
    Agarwood ages: 10 – 14 years in Wuxi
    + Male
    + Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subordinates
    + Bringing luck, prosperity, fortune, fortune, protection for evil
    + Meaningful presents for Buddhists
    Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet with stone
    Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet with stone

    II. Describe Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet

    1 / Learn about Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet

    Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet is made from woody agarwood from 10 to 14 years of sediment originating from Laos. Bracelets usually have between 13 and 17 beads (can vary according to customer wishes) agarwood. Based on the rules of the cycle of “birth – old – disease – death”, we then select the total number of seeds to bring good luck to the homeowners. Should choose the number of seeds divided by 4 remainder 1. Accordingly, the last particle will fall into the word “birth”. Agarwood bracelets have an almost eternal fragrance, helping wearers dispel feelings of fatigue, melancholy, relieve stress as well as relieve sadness in life.

    Tibetan Agarwood – a unique, harmonious combination of Agarwood and Tibetan amulet charm with the special meaning of Buddhism – opens the mind of compassion, charity, bringing many blessings to oneself and spread positive energy to everyone around.

    This agarwood beaded bracelet product belongs to Pandora Agarwood Collection hence it is the most preferable product for women at Thien Moc Huong store. Most notably, they used silver material to create a bracelet that has a compact design, precise but very aesthetic, charm bell. It has many very attractive uses that not all types of bracelets have.

    2 / Meaning of the image of the Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet in 5 different colors

    Golden Amulet – Earth

    Most notably, the famous and very powerful “Om Mani Pame Hum” mantra of the Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara is known as the most commonly used guardian mantra in Buddhism. The six syllables in the mantra symbolize the six paramitas, and are associated with six wisdom objects. As a result, all are the pure, pure qualities of Buddha.

    Agarwood Bracelet of Tibetan Amulet
    Agarwood Bracelet of Tibetan Amulet

    Red Charm – Fire 

    Om Mani Padme Hum has a pure meaning to the mind. Each time of reciting as a step to lift the curtain of darkness, open the light of wisdom and compassion, containing all the teachings of Buddha.


    Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet

    Green Amulet – Wood

    Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet is a reminder of people chanting the mantra for peace of mind, good luck as well as the Bodhisattva’s destiny, neutralizing the accident.

    Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet

    White Amulet – Metal

    The artisans of Thien Moc Huong were extremely meticulous and sophisticated when integrating the mantra into the natural aquilaria. Agar pillar is designed symmetrically, 24K gold-plated carefully, exudes solemnity, aesthetics without losing the core meaning.

    Tibetan Amulet bracelet

    Black Charm – Water

    Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet helps eliminate yoke, neutralize afflictions, avoid catastrophic diseases, meet a good deal of good luck and convenience in life.

    Agarwood Tibetan Amulet Bracelet
    Tibetan Amulet bracelet

    3 / Great jewelry for men

    Legend says Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet brings good luck, success, prosperity to those who wear it. Wearing Tibetan Amulet bracelets during dating makes it easy for the wearer to take advantage of the opposite.

    Because they are feng shui bracelets, when worn, they will bring peace of mind, mental intelligence about work and life, especially for men. Wearing a bracelet on the left hand in important meetings, biddings, conferences will help homeowners get the chance and good luck.

    CHOOSE NOW a Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet for good luck and good luck.

    4 / The perfect combination of Agarwood and Tibetan Amulet

    Agarwood has a gentle aroma, helps the spirit of refreshment, comfort, dispels all frustration, fatigue as if bringing a new source of lucky energy for the wearer. Tibet Agarwood Amulet Bracelet  are similar, but it has a very specific meaning. This is a feng shui object, helping the wearer always feel safe, convenient in life, improve health and eliminate toxicities.

    The artisans have combined Agarwood and Talisman charm in a subtle and unique way. Thien Moc Huong believes that this jewelry is extremely simple, delicate and luxurious, as well as bringing good luck to homeowners.

    III. Agarwood Production Process

    Agarwood Production Process


    Black, Green, Red, White, Yellow


    8mm – 8mm, 8mm – 10mm, 10mm – 10mm


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    Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelet with stone
    Double Tibet agarwood beaded bracelets with stone