Nine-tailed fox Golden charm


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    The Nine-tailed fox is a mascot originally from a fox. Through the process of perennial cultivation into a fox turned into a succubus, so it is not only smart, agile but also sharp. The stone surface of the succubus brings good luck in love, family happiness and also has the effect of connecting the couple’s affection.

    – If you are single, this symbol will attract faithful and sincere people to stay with you because they not only make your love more sustainable but also enhance the romance in love.

    – With the lover, the symbol will help a stable relationship and go to marriage. When owning this item, the person who used to be emotionally damaged can heal the wound, the altruistic, the spirit and the open heart. Put on succubus bracelets along with you, so it can bring into play.


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    Nine-tailed fox Golden charm