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    The meaning of Crown

    1. Bring baby peace

    Especially, parents often fear their small babies are “weak spirit” hence wearing an Agarwood bracelet on the baby which then will help them dispel the evil, neutralize the bad omen. Consequently, it brings better luck and fate.

    2. Help your baby be more peaceful and playful

    Notably, parents’ worries about children are often afraid of them being angry, unruly. Therefore, Crown agarwood beaded bracelet helps children balance the airflow in the body, creating a sense of comfort. As a result, the baby will be less excited, happy and much more comfortable.

    3. Help your baby grow up quickly

    Most notably, agarwood from the bracelet naturally absorbs the spirit of the earth. According to folk belief, wearing Agarwood bracelet harmonizes yin and yang; as a result, creates a hormonal balance which consequently helps children grow faster in a growing age.

    Likewise, hearing the name Crown agarwood beaded bracelet has partly understood the function of the bracelet which brings peace and balanced mental and consequently helping people wear it more fun and optimistic.


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