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    The meaning of Bell

    Brings a comfortable and peaceful spirit for children

    Babies who often cry, not be sociable and easily be excited are always the worries of mothers, therefore,the Agarwood Bracelet with a gentle fragrance helps the baby feel relaxed and will help your baby feel more peaceful, optimistic and happier. Moreover, it is also lovely jewellery, sending the love of parents and grandparents for their young children.

    Help your baby grow faster

    Especially, agarwood naturally absorbs the quintessence of and earth, and boost to quickly grow up, is completely benign and suitable for children. According to the perception of Vietnamese people, wearing jewellery for children has many spiritual meanings.

    Amulets, protection for the baby

    Surprisingly, Agarwood is a feng shui material, bringing a sense of security, convenience in life, improving health and eliminating toxic substances.

    Consequently, people wear it as a talisman for the baby, dispel all evil, dark, neutralize bad luck around the baby. From there, the baby will receive the positive changes that it brings. Therefore, the more fun the baby is, the better it helps mothers assure.



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