Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm


Nine-tailed fox bracelet brings luck, happiness in love, cleverness and acumen in communication and behavior.

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    Eternal love mascot

    Product information

    Material Agarwood 
    Source Philippines
    Number of beads 50-54 beads (depending on the size of the wearer’s hand)
    Age 30 years
    Use for Women

    This is a gifts for relatives, superiors or friends.

    It bringing luck, fortune in the way of fame.

    Fashion accessories


    About Philippines Nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet

    Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet is made from Agarwood type of origin from Philippines. Normally, bracelets will be made into 50-54 beads. The number of beads will be selected based on the rules of the cycle of “birth – old – disease – death” to bring luck. You should choose the number of beads divided by 4 remainder 1. Accordingly, the last bead will fall into the word “birth”.

    This is a product belonging to the collection of Agarwood bracelet for women, which is put into a lot of enthusiasm by the craftsmen of Thien Moc Huong. Made from PHILIPPINES AGARWOOD with 24K gold feng shui CHARM. Each design is a unique wish that Thien Moc Huong gives customers.

    The meaning of “Nine-Tailed Fox” – The number one mascot in feng shui for eternal love.

    The Nine-Tailed Fox in folk is a mascot originally from a fox. Through the process of perennial cultivation into a fox turned into a Nine-Tailed Fox so not only smart, agile but also sharp. They are the number 1 mascot in feng shui for love and family happiness. Nine-Tailed Fox when turned into ordinary people is extremely beautiful, clever and smart, has a strange charm so extremely strong peach blossom.

    Golden fox charm brings good luck in love, family happiness and also has the effect of connecting the couple’s affection and job.

    Trendy Bracelets for Women

    When women wearing Nine-Tailed Fox feng shui will increase their fortunes of love affair, predestined with the opposite sex. At the same time it can improve the affection of the couple. Prevent the situation of adulterous husband or the third person appearing to destroy emotional. It is not uncommon for women to use Nine-Tailed Fox stones to keep their husbands and protect the happiness of the family.

    Moreover, the Agarwood Bracelet is submerged in Philippines so the colors are darker, worn on the hand to lighten the skin, exudes a luxurious beauty, sophistication for women. This is a feng shui item that is particularly suitable for industries that need the flexibility to behave or need the ability to communicate such as business, financial advice, real estate, …

    Quickly own a bracelet that brings good luck, favorable conditions TODAY

    Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm - premium
    Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm – premium


    The perfect combination between Agarwood and Nine -Tailed Fox mascot 

    Inspired by the # 1 mascot in feng shui on the road of love, resonating with high quality Submerged material that brings the essence of heaven and earth, the Nine-Tailed Fox bracelet is a luxurious charm jewelry, highly aesthetic and above all, bring good luck peach blossom, help improve relationships in life, promote career advancement.

    Submerged Agarwood Bracelet is also a product for couples. It honors the noble love, which is the strong bond between men and women. Wearing a bracelet will help your love road more favorable and warm.


    Agarwood Production Process
    Agarwood Production Process
    Size (mm)

    6, 7


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    Philippines nine-tailed fox agarwood beaded bracelet with 24k gold charm