Philippines 108 mala beads – premium


Agarwood Bracelet 108 Beads meaning Buddhist spiritual. 108 particles except 108 negativity, worry – bring feelings of calm, peace to the wearer.

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    108 mala beads Philippines agarwood beaded bracelet helps wearers become luxurious and impressive, bringing a simple and happy look

    I. Philippines 108 mala beads Information

    Material Agarwood 100%
    Country of Origin: Philippines
    Beads size: 5mm – 6mm – 7mm – 8mm
    Number of seeds:  108 beads
    Agarwood ages: 40-50 years sedimentary
    + Male
    + Gifts for relatives, friends or colleagues, subordinates
    + Brings good luck,  peaceful for your mind, eliminates sorrows

    + Meaningful gift for Buddhists

    II. Product Description

    This agarwood beaded bracelet product belongs to Philippines mala beads Collection hence it is the most preferable product for women at Thien Moc Huong store. Most notably, they used silver material to create a bracelet that has a compact design, precise but very aesthetic, charm bell. It has many very attractive uses that not all types of bracelets have.

    1. Learn about Philippines 108 mala beads

    Philippines 108 mala beads is made from Agarwood originated from Philippines. The submerged Agarwood which has more than 40 years, accumulates more essential oils. Philippines agarwood exists in some islands. Therefore, it has darker color and more glossy than other types.

    This bracelet has a gentle aroma that makes the wearer feel comfortable and relaxed. The bracelet symbolizes the image of spirituality in Buddhism. It is the representative of the witness of the Three Paths of Dharma eliminate sorrows. With 108 beads, this will be a gift, meaningful jewelry for relatives and Buddhists.

    2. Meaning of the number 108

    In Buddhism, the number 108 means full and depth. People are born with ears, eyes, nose, tongue, body and consciousness. Eyes see the scenery, ears listen sound. Nose smells scent, tongue knows sweet and sour taste. Those emotions make our your mind peaceful and worried. 108 emotions mixed from the past, present and future.

    3. Feng shui bracelets – peace for men

    Feng shui bracelets bring peace of mind, mental intelligence for work and life, especially for men. Wearing a bracelet on the left hand in important meetings will help wearer get many fortunes.

    Philippines 108 mala beads - premium
    Philippines 108 mala beads – premium

    BUY NOW for you,108-bead Philippines agarwood submerged Bracelet which increase the elegance and cool.


    4. Philippines 108 mala beads is unique – distinct beauty

    Philippines 108 mala beads is a combination of a rosary bringing peace and trend for the jewelry. Thanks to this agarwood bracelet, wearer will keep their mind calm, peaceful. The bracelet can also be combined with other charms, depending on your preference.

    III. Manufacturing process

    Agarwood Production Process

    Size (mm)

    5, 6, 7, 8


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    Philippines 108 mala beads - premium
    Philippines 108 mala beads - premium