Blue Chalcedony uses and meanings

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Blue Chalcedony will increase your ability to communicate, especially the thoughts and feelings you receive from yourself.

It is an excellent emotional healing stone, with powerful metaphysical properties.

Help communication-Gentle nourishing energy

Its energy resonates within the throat chakra, providing a lovely sense of peace, as it alleviates anger and nervous tension.

Blue Chalcedony is a soothing and nurturing stone that will bring you calm and reassurance.

It is an excellent stone for you if you need to enhance your self-expression when you feel it is imperative.

Blue Chalcedony is a soothing and nurturing stone
Blue Chalcedony is a soothing and nurturing stone

Where is it? Meaning of Blue Chalcedony

This blue crystal has been found in South Africa and Romania. It is a Blue Chalcedony that is easy to buy and is available at most crystal retailers.

The meaning of its name relates to very attractive lace bands of either white, gray, or darker blue lines running through pale blue stones.

It has a funky look on the surface of the stones, and these stones may also have small sparkling druzy crystals.

Medium stones are simply lovely pieces that you can easily find sold as crushed stone, and as crystal jewelry.

This is a good stone to keep in your hand while you are doing a daily crystal meditation.

Why do you use Blue Chalcedony?

Blue Chalcedony will help you clarify your thoughts, so that the person with whom you communicate will clearly understand your point of view.

They will get exactly what you want them to understand.

It will help you to speak freely and release any emotions related to other people’s opinions.

Using Blue Chalcedony can benefit you
Using Blue Chalcedony can benefit you

Emotions help you express your feelings, so they encourage you to let go of old feelings, especially those related to childhood trauma.

Using Blue Chalcedony can benefit you, as the vibration of this blue stone can help you speak out without fear of judgment.

It is great for helping you release the anger that may have been stored in your body from past experiences.

If you prefer to use positive affirmations, this crystal helps amplify energy.

Blue Chalcedony is a great asset to use if you do any healing using sound, like using crystal bowls, or any energy work using voice, such as EFT mining.

Use Blue Chalcedony

When using this stone, your ability to manage all kinds of communication is greatly improved, including psychological communication.

Through its ability to help you get in touch with spirits, it helps you communicate with your spirit guides.

It also helps you to make contact with other beings in the spiritual realm, and helps you communicate with angels. This lovely blue crystal can facilitate smooth communication on all levels.

it is a powerful stone for psychic communication
it is a powerful stone for psychic communication

Blue Chalcedony can help you get answers to your questions from your guide regarding the specific information you wish to learn from them.

This is an excellent stone to wear on the throat, as it is a powerful stone for psychic communication.

By wearing a pendant around your neck, in a position that holds the stone near or in the throat chakra area, is very helpful to aid your communication.

How will it help you?

When used during meditation, it first clears the throat chakra, then connects to the third eye.

The energy will then continue to move up through the crown chakra to help you make a connection with your higher self and the spirit world.

Its energy also resonates strongly within the heart chakra, and this resonance alters your communications to manifest your heart’s desires.

Blue Chalcedony can help you heal old unresolved problems
Blue Chalcedony can help you heal old unresolved problems

This is a lovely, soothing stone to wear on the body, or simply hold in your hand while meditating.

Crushed stones can simply be placed in your pocket, so you can keep their vibrations within your aura.

If you have found in the past that you tend to speak without thinking, or find it difficult to talk, this stone will soften your communication.

This blue crystal is one of the more powerful healing stones for those with an affirmative speaking method of psychic growth, or if you are doing EFT mining.

It is a lovely gemstone to ease any feelings of agitation or confusion you may be feeling. Blue Chalcedony can help you heal old unresolved problems.

Its tranquil energy is a stone for anyone who wants to allow their vibrations to lift, while enhancing their ability to communicate.

Because of this ability to touch the vibrations of the heart, it smooths the flow of pure positive emotions, and it is very effective for supporting emotional healing.

How to use it

It is an aid to the healing of the inner child, and it will help you release old bitterness.

This energy will help you heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, as well as heal the physical body.

The vibration of this stone will benefit the glandular system, especially the thyroid and parathyroid glands, and is said to heal arthritis and aid in healing broken bones.

It is also known to aid in the healing of disorders in the skeletal system, especially in the bones of the neck and throat area.

It allows you to first access spiritual thoughts and feelings
It allows you to first access spiritual thoughts and feelings

Enhance communication, especially when speaking

Want to improve the way you communicate? Blue Chalcedony helps you to connect with your higher self, and once connected, it aids an easy flow of communication.

This can encourage you to understand yourself from a higher spiritual perspective.

This is a beautiful, quiet stone that works primarily on the throat chakra. The vibration of this stone has a strong influence on your ability to communicate freely.

It allows you to first access spiritual thoughts and feelings, and then express them honestly but peacefully. If you realize that you are not being heard, it will give you a greater level of confidence to speak your truth’ when you feel that you need to.

“The problem with talking too fast is that you can say something you haven’t thought of.” Ann Landers.

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