Black quartz stone: 5 effects & the Morion reborn stone

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In front of our desk is a small block of black quartz that fits in the palm of his hand, given to us by one of the artisans after digging somewhere, saying it will remove the damn energy from what you count…is ruining you every day.

Sadly, we often run around the house with our computer, then go to Coffee, goes to the stone workshop, workaround, so it is difficult to carry the black stone with us.

The solution can be to use carry-on stone jewelry for convenience, but black quartz is an extremely rare thing on the Vietnamese market.

So we also did not dare to post products on the Website, because the goods are not abundant, sometimes there are products posted on Facebook that people buy immediately.

Today, we sat down to study the effects of black quartz stone, its origin…how to use it in life… Before you read the information about this Morion stone, you can check out Thien Moc Huong’s deciphering of all quartz articles. The article reviews all quartz family stones in as much detail as possible.

The biggest black quartz we have ever owned
The biggest black quartz we have ever owned

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Table of Contents

1. What is Black Quartz?

The scientific name is black quartz stone.

Chemical composition SiO2.

Hardness 7.0.

Density 2.6

Shell fracture.

Black color.

White streak color.

Glass light.

The black stone is mainly composed of Granite, Granite Pegmatite, Quartzite, and many other Silicate rocks.

Worldwide it is mined in the Czech Republic, France, Ukraine, Brazil, and Russia.

In Vietnam, we have them in Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Kon Tum.

Smokey quartz (a brown or black variety of quartz) specimen
Smokey quartz (a brown or black variety of quartz) specimen


2. Confused with black rutilated quartz & smoky black quartz

When it comes to black quartz, we talk about a stone with a black stone color, ebony black like a black cat. That is also an external recognition feature.

Another stone that is often confused is jet-black rutilated quartz. This stone is so thick that the hair inside is so black that it looks black. But when the light shines on, the hairs emerge.

Another stone that is often confused is smoky quartz, with the confusing name smoky quartz. However, the appearance of this stone is completely different. So it’s easy to recognize. Take a look at the pictures below to distinguish yourself.

Smokey black quartz - Black-haired quartz - Jet-black quartz
Smoky quartz – Black-haired quartz – Jet-black quartz

Because quartz is not much, please take a look at the black hair amethyst bracelet at Thien Moc Huong – Agarwood Jewelry.

3. Most of the black quartz on the market is now another semi-precious stone

Obsidian black volcanic rock, this type is the most common.

Tektite meteorite.

Beautiful black tourmaline, very strong feng shui energy, the same price as black quartz, so they often use this to sell to customers who have real quartz needs.

Black onyx line dyed black, not good.

Use black plastic to fake.

4. Status of Morion black quartz stone in Vietnam

Black quartz is especially favored by strong feng shui energy, has many special effects, but is very rare, and is counterfeited a lot on the market.

The black stone is now not too expensive but quite difficult to find, many customers ask but Sen does not have it for jewelry, if you like it, remember to contact us.

A piece of black quartz recovered during the mining in Vietnam
A piece of quartz recovered during the mining in Vietnam

5. The meaning of quartz stone in ancient times

In the past, Morion quartz was thought to be associated with a new source of life, it was often attached to products to commemorate loved ones who had just left this world.

Doctors thousands of years ago used amethyst as a medicine for blood diseases, it helps to treat heart attacks and prevent strokes and plaques.

Because it is black, the forces of witches and wizards in the past considered it as a dark force, used in prophecy and divination.

In honest people, Morion Amethyst will develop imagination and dreams and can eliminate negative energy in life.

However, if using Morion black quartz stone for self-interest purposes with time, the stone will no longer be good.

It is a stone that nourishes the glands of the brain to help develop a healthy spirit, belief and spiritual life.

6. Black quartz stone processing

The black stone is a very rare type of quartz, has very strong energy compared to other types of quartz, which is formed at very high temperatures and pressures in nature, so there are many cracks in the rock that are difficult to process. work.

Especially black quartz is not available in large quantities for industrial grinding, so if you want to own a black quartz bracelet, you must order it manually from raw quartz.

In order to process sophisticated black quartz bracelets, artisans have to spend a lot of effort, requiring carefulness, ingenuity and meticulousness in every detail, so the bracelets made from black quartz are very popular. value.

n order to process sophisticated black quartz bracelets, artisans have to spend a lot of effort
In order to process sophisticated quartz bracelets, artisans have to spend a lot of effort

7. Effect of black quartz stone

Energy affects the belief chakra.

Quartz affects the chakras, nourishes the glands of the brain for spiritual development, beliefs and healthy spiritual relationships.

7.1 Black stone is very good for the body

Black stone has great use in the treatment of blood diseases, treatment of infarction and anti-stroke, against atherosclerotic plaques.

It has a good effect on the movement support apparatus and helps strengthen the spine, making the spine stronger and more flexible, especially for the elderly and office workers who have to sit for a long time.

Using an amethyst bracelet helps to develop intelligence, enhance eyesight for young children, and stabilize the mental state of those who are anxious or thinking.

Amethyst also helps to eliminate magnetic waves emitted by televisions, computers, microwave ovens, it is especially useful in this day and age when people are often exposed to radiation emitted from electrical products. .

Sen always leaves a black quartz stone in front of the computer when working at home, less bad skin, less eye fatigue.

Dissolve the phenomenon of overriding.

7.2 Use amethyst as a placebo for healing – a form of spiritual encouragement

The black stone regenerates a new source of life, possibly with mysterious energies that science cannot prove.

Magnetic energy brings freshness to living space, has a therapeutic effect.

This makes it easier for people to relax and fall asleep.

Since then, the immune system in the body is strongly released again.

Overcome fatigue and depression. Help owners become optimistic.

At the same time, strengthen the body, qi and blood, slow down the aging process.

Increase thinking and creativity for owners. Bring confidence and ability to cope with difficulties and challenges.

Of course, these anecdotes were all in the form of placebos, drawn up by his fathers but without substantiated evidence.

It is a reason to use it as a way: Promoting spiritual beliefs religious beliefs.

When talking about healing, it is clearly a sensitive issue, Sen suggested: You should exercise, have a healthy lifestyle and eat right. And use quartz stone as a spiritual booster.

Magnetic energy brings freshness to living space, has a therapeutic effect.
Magnetic energy brings freshness to living space, has a therapeutic effect

7.3 Using amethyst stone in fitness & sports 

All applications revolve around the level of magnetic energy that the stone brings, so the closer the quartz is to you, the better.

That’s why you can wear a chain of arms for jogging and breathing exercises. Or appropriate games that have a mental effect.

7.4 Use amethyst for meditation

Meditator these days, and now wear spiritual beads all the time, could there be a reason?

According to the East, everything is interrelated. Whether it’s people, creatures, soil, sand… We are all individuals created by the mother earth, raised and hidden deep in the earth’s black quartz.

When on the ground, the black quartz stone has absorbed a strong life force, absorbed good energy around, merged with nature to form a unity, repelling bad ideas in each person’s subconscious.

And bad thoughts are one of the main effects of meditation.

7.5 Quartz stone for feng shui house & architecture

Black quartz was used by the ancients to ward off evil.

Bring luck in love, strengthen the relationship between husband and wife, improve the love and relationship of the owner with others.

Moreover, quartz also has the effect of deodorizing and decontaminating gas in the family.

Quartz helps balance the energy in the body.

In particular, quartz is often used to neutralize bad stars like La Hau, Ke Do.

The power of the black stone is extremely strong, allowing the owner to contact the mysterious power of the universe, helping people to increase physical and mental strength, and bring luck in love as well as in life. career for the owner.

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8. Application: Black quartz stone in the household jewelry industry

Black quartz stone bracelet

Turing the black stone beads according to the sizes: 8mm, 10mm & 12mm… forming gorgeous traditional beads.

Black quartz stone bracelet
Quartz stone bracelet

Black quartz stone necklace 

Natural stone necklaces: Simulating natural shapes such as water drops, round, oval … can be combined with 925 silver or gold to increase aesthetics.

Black quartz stone necklace
Quartz stone necklace

Black quartz stone ring 

Similar to necklaces, stone rings are created in many shapes that are suitable for gender.

Black quartz stone ring
Quartz stone ring


9. Application: Black stone in feng shui life

Raw black quartz stone

With the rough quartz line, the people who play feng shui stones do not interact anymore but place these stones in the house appropriately to take advantage of the energy source.

A raw black quartz specimen
A raw quartz specimen

Black quartz crystal

Quartz crystals form beautiful ice cavities with strong feng shui effects, used to decorate homes. Placed in the living room, desk…

1 piece of black quartz crystal
1 piece of quartz crystal

Black quartz stone marbles

Quartz stone spheres also have the same effect, decorating and balancing the living energy in the house.

A black quartz sphere
A black quartz sphere


10. How to distinguish real black quartz stone

Light will not penetrate 100% of real black quartz; use a flashlight to inspect the clarity; there are numerous fissures inside.

Obsidian black For thin stone slabs, light will penetrate but the inside will be dim and free of cracks, sometimes with air bubbles inside, volcanic rock is very dense black that does not allow light to penetrate at all, once half a flashlight comes into play, shine on and it’s done, for thick stone slabs, light will penetrate but the inside will be dim and free of cracks, sometimes with air bubbles inside, black obsidian is lighter than black stone.

Tektite is lighter than black quartz and has a glossy black tint that is practically resistant to light.

Black tourmaline is likewise black, has a low sheen, and does not penetrate even under intense light.

Black onyx is lustrous, frequently with white veins, does not absorb light, is extremely tough, and falls from above with little breakage.

When scratched, heated, or simply held for a long time, black plastic feels warmer than stone, and it is also quite light.

Because of the transparency and fissures in the stone, it is nearly probably feasible to identify genuine black quartz only by shining the phone’s flash on it.

Light will not penetrate 100% of real black quartz; use a flashlight to inspect the clarity; there are numerous fissures inside.
Light will not penetrate 100% of real quartz; use a flashlight to inspect the clarity; there are numerous fissures inside.


11. Summary of how to use black stone

Do you find amethyst right for you? Magnetic energy is always real, has positive effects, but how specifically on each person, science still cannot explain

And all the applications are anecdotes, empiricism from the ancients passed on by word of mouth. No one can guarantee it’s correct.

So to use quartz well, consider it as a placebo tool, cheering you up in life.

To really live well, you must stop deceiving yourself: Because the following things, which cannot be bought with money, can only be obtained through personal effort:

Physical by sports, hard work & eat right.

Don’t rely too much on the bracelet that you forget the basics of your personal life.

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