Big deals for Viet Nam Women’s Day 20/10

To celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day on October 20, in harmony with the “new normal” atmosphere after the pandemic, Thien Moc Huong sends customers a special PROMOTION program. Deeply discounted with agarwood bracelets and the collection of feng shui gems, which have just been released this october. Join the promotion now!!!

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Big deals for Viet Nam Women’s Day 20/10

Celebrate Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

I. Rules for participating in the program

*For Vietnamese orders
– Buy 1 bracelet get 15% off – Buy 2 bracelets get 25% off
– Give away charm bracelet silver lotus
– Minimum bill 1,590,000 VND
*For foreign orders
10% discount on agarwood bracelets (except gold, sinks, Philippines)
– Support 50% shipping fee
– Give away charm bracelet silver lotus
– Minimum bill $90
Offer valid from October 14 to October 25, 2021

II. Meaning of Vietnamese Women’s Day October 20

October 20th is  Vietnamese Women’s Day, celebrated every year to honor Vietnamese women. This is an occasion when Vietnamese women receive more attention than usual through many different forms of congratulation such as commendation ceremony, celebration party, gift-giving, congratulations,…
The Vietnam Women’s Union is growing stronger because Vietnamese women are more and more knowledgeable, healthy, creative, dynamic, compassionate, and more interested in the interests of society and the community. .
Not only that, despite going through many ups and downs, the sisters always face it positively, courageously, diligently, and dedicate a lot to their families, contributing to the growing society to create many great achievements today.
Therefore, October 20th is really a meaningful day for women, worthy of honoring and sending meaningful wishes, gifts along activities to celebrate the occasion. this.
What are you waiting for without giving our beloved women meaningful gifts right away!!!
Spend special gifts for your beloved women

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