What do the beads meaning?

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There is a special meaning of beads in any religion around the world: Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, …they also believe that the bracelet that is made from these can help eliminate the ghosts and evil that the usual eye of people can not see. Wearing beads meaning can make you have a good choice in each decision because of calm. By this meaning, you should try to read this content to know more about beads, from that you have a good choice in purchasing agarwood seeds or an agarwood bracelet that you want. There are a lot of materials to create a bead such as shells, agarwood, pearl,… Corresponding to each material, the price is also different. Gemstones, Jade, …. are also used as the items that guard of owner Guardian. Beads meaning make out your perception in the spirituality clearly, especially in Buddha.  If you have any wonder about the agarwood beads that you want to know, we will supply the information about these beads for you. Personal perception will be enhanced every day. The mink and meditator use it for praying in daily life. The bracelet from this material is really worth it. 

the prosperity
The enhancing of prosperity

I. How many shapes of agarwood beads?

Beads are small, decorative objects that are formed in a pair of beads of Nassarius sea snail shells dating to approximately 100,000 years ago thought to be the earliest known example. Moreover, the material to make these objects are variable: agarwood, shell, precious wood, pearl,… To have more profit and have more customers buy a bead, the supplier manufactures the plastic bead. Moreover, You can wear this string together with specialized red thread and flexible wire or adhere it to a surface. Seed beads, Metal, alphabet, and many others beads make the world of accessories more and more diverse.  

alphabet meaning
Alphabet bead is one type of beads

Beads meaning is really important in religion. This could be the belief of the negative person to overcome the difficulties and storms in their life. People divide beads into several types of overlapping categories based on some criteria like The place or period of origin, the patterns on their surface, or their general shape, the materials from which they are made,… In addition, there are some basic shapes of beads: Hexagon, square, oval, cubed,… On the surface of the beads are many simple Buddhist, Catholic, Astrology, Horoscopes,… The quality of a string or bracelet is based on many criteria: the price, the materials, purpose of use due to the desire and purpose of using that you can choose one for yourself and give it to relatives. Corresponding to your conditions that you can appropriate to choose the type of material suitable for you most. Any kind of bead has a different special meaning. 

In addition, you can make one for yourself with some simple materials: transparent strings, lighter, beads (optional which follow your destiny and preferences) by yourself. Having one accessory on your own will make you feel happier than usual. You should try one. Beads made from natural material are best, which are not harmful to the skin of the wearer. 

II. What does the meaning of agarwood beads in the region

1. The meaning of beads in the past:

In ancient times, beads meaning seemed to be one of the earliest forms of trade between members of the human race. Each color corresponds to a different meaning in astrology. Plastic, crystal beads, or gemstone beads,… are also believed to enhance the perception of spirituality. Besides, there is a product of agarwood, for users who want to save their own incense. The round of agarwood of the beads is specified in a loop only for the neck of the hand or collar. In addition, to meet the spiritual needs, religious agarwood is processed; the seeds of Agarwood are generally smaller in diameter than the beads. The round shape is the most common shape of seeds that are strung on wire to create necklaces and bracelets. It is also easy to wear without causing damage or pain to your skin. On the other hand, the oldest-surviving synthetic materials used for making beads have generally been ceramics: glass and pottery.  These materials do not oxidize and are very durable over time.

crystal bead
Crystal bead is one of the materials to make into bracelet 108 or string

2. The significance of material and shapes of beads:

Beads are the material to make many types of bracelets and beads. These products are so useful for meditation and praying. The beads help the meditator focus on recitation and repentance. The scent from agarwood also helps you feel more comfortable during breaths. Bad energy and negative thoughts will wash away your brain. From that, the new opinion and creation can appear again. Besides, it also has a cognitive benefit of improved belief in higher spirituality. Not only Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism,… anyone can wear these beads. In summary, it is actually attracting good luck, fortune, and peace to the owner. 

agarwood bracelet
Agarwood bead meaning

Beads meaning of this one does not make you surprised about its good usage of its. This is an item that allows the wearer to carry with you, as a form of jewelry and also as a precious gift. Your mental and physical health will improve better every day. The Guardian is always followed to protect you from evil and negativity. Agarwood is also an indispensable item in the solemn rituals of many religions worldwide. 

III. Some criteria to choose beads:

There are some criteria to choose these seed most suitable for you. You can base on the color, material, origin of its, ages of wood (if the material is from nature). It is not difficult to choose one 108 bracelets or string that have all of these criteria above. Especially, the craft is the most precious. Wearing beads help to define us through art and design. If you wonder how to choose agarwood correctly, below are some characteristics that you can notice for having the best choice of agarwood.

Moreover, the meaning of these beaded 108 bracelets has a lot of advantages for the wearer. Firstly, the perception of spirituality will be enhanced dramatically that making you surprised. Besides, it also helps attract prosperity and luck to you. Secondly, Wearing beads meaning following the color of your destiny is really good. Red represents rich, elegant, and passion in love and life. Black is powerful, Empowering, and Dynamic in spirituality. Blue is a symbol of calming and infinity. There are also a lot of different patterns and colors of beads meaning. Finally, all of them have one purpose is that help develops your career path and empower energy to succeed for you at present and even in the future.

IV. How to wear agarwood beads correctly?

1. Some criteria to choose beaded agarwood

Firstly, The scent of the version 108 bracelet is one of the criteria for using meditation and reading mantras 108 times. The natural material is the best. Without the choice, you can check out the artificial beads which do not contain the bad smell of plastic. This one is really important because of the baby. If they put them into their mouth, this can harm the babies. Because it is tiny and hard to see. On the other hand, the 108 agarwood bead is an amulet to protect you from the evil and negativity.

Next, the material of a bead can determine the quality and price of the bracelets or necklaces. It is often said that “you get what you pay for”. Therefore, you should not only choose which based on their price but also pay attention to the quality of the product. A good nut will help you save money on a long mop later. Price is also a concerned criterion for choosing beads. 

How to wear bead correctly

2. Should we wear beaded bracelets correctly?

There is no rule about how to wear 108 bracelets correctly. The beads meaning in each nation and religion is different. So you can rely on the way that your ancestor wore it before to have a good way of wearing these. Normally, there is a belief that “Male left, Female right” in Asia. So in Asia, they usually follow this belief to wear bracelets, thread, or a cuff, this could be right. Actually, there is no right or wrong in wearing accessories, just you feeling beautiful is the best. It is not important what you are wearing, you just need to be comfortable with it. You can wear it by wrap into many layers that want. If you do not like to wear it as normal, you can bring it followed yourself. Wrapping it into many layers that fitted with your wrist, which is made into significant accessories. Even wear it as a bracelet. Be flexible and creative. A beautiful accessory is an item that is suitable for you most. 

V. Some hottest agarwood beads at Thien Moc Huong store:

1. Jade Lotus 108 mala beads bracelet- classic:

This one is a special accessory that you should have in your wardrobe. Both lotus charm and mala are also the main points of this 108 mala bracelet. You can use this one while meditating and repenting. In addition, the lotus is also the representative flower of VietNam. 

Jade lotus agarwood beaded bracelet
Jade lotus agarwood beaded bracelet help increase your asset

If you are interested in this bracelet, you can see it here: Jade Lotus 108 mala  bracelet- classic

2. 108  starlight mala bracelet- classic

This one has the point of a pink Feng Shui stone. The 108  of starlight mala are a shining star in the blue sky. Wearing this bracelet, your skin will be brighter than usual. 

spiritual beads color meaning
108 bead starlight mala beads bracelet

You can check out this link below about our product: 108 bead starlight mala beads 

3. Agarmoon 108 beads mala- classic:

This bracelet has one red Feng Shui charm. Red represents luck and prosperity for the wearer. It can wash the negativity away for the mind to be calm and lucky. Dispel bad and negative energy. Blue is the color of the sea.   There are two versions of this one for you to choose from. 

how to choose mala beads
Agarmoon 108 beads mala has many colors to choose


If you are interested in this bracelet, you can check out the information here: Agarmoon 108 mala accessory

4. Agarwise Blissful Beans 108 mala beads bracelet- classic:

This item is really suitable for many formal occasions: meditation, anniversary, longevity,…This 108 bracelet is really suitable to give to your relatives and friends and even your customer. The person that you give this present, they will be really happy and appreciate you. Red from the FengShui stone is really effective in manifesting the luck and inner strength of the wearer. 

Blissful agarwood
Agarwise Blissful Beans 108 beads at Thien Moc Huong

Here is the information of this bracelet, you can see it at here: Agarwise Blissful Beans 108 mala string  bracelet- classic:

Bracelets are a good accessory for you to enhance the perception of your spirituality. To have a stronger belief in religion, so Each person should have one thing that represents spiritual beliefs. Wearing a bracelet is not only for beauty but also helps to have luck and helps you to feel comfortable in all aspects of life. During your leisure time, wearing it and reading mantras is really helpful in improving your destiny in the future. 

If you want to know more about it and want to have agarwood or another related agarwood bracelet, Please leave your opinions in the comments section below. Thien Moc Huong store is willing to answer your question. With a professional and enthusiastic team, we believe that we can help you choose a product from Agarwood with the best quality and the most reasonable price. 


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