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How to correctly choose feng shui colors for your house

Feng shui colors

What do you have to choose feng shui colors for? How have they strongly affected our life?  If you have explored feng shui for a while, you may understand its basic meaning. In fact, people are not sure that whether or not this can be right or wrong, it just depends on your belief. Feng […]

The facts about 9 tailed fox and its meaning in real life


There are so many stories about 9 tailed fox as well as its negative 9 tailed fox meaning. However, positive aspects should be also explored, especially in feng shui. Nine-tailed fox is applied for using like a good luck charm in love. To know this special charm as well as meaningful feng shui, follow this […]

Exploring feng shui meaning and definition in the life

feng shui meaning

As you know, feng shui meaning has affected many aspects of life. It almost depends on people’s belief as mentioning so much about right or wrong opinion. By the way, to make out clearly about this, you can follow the article below. What is the definition of feng shui? Feng Shui is the sum of […]

Red string bracelet – luck symbol or just in legend?

red string bracelet

Red string bracelet or red bracelet are popular in Asian culture. Using them means your life always takes place peacefully and fortunately. However, the explanation for this right or wrong opinion is still  out of question. This article helps you make out clearlier. The history of red string bracelet. There are many different views related […]

Four leaf clover meaning and its magical story

Four leaf clover

There are so many good luck charms in Asian culture. Four leaf clover (shamrock) is well-known as a lucky symbol. In general, people apply this feng shui item for making luxurious jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, …  The origin of four leaf clover Four leaf clover has long been considered a good luck symbol in […]