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Are you Wearing Feng Shui Bracelet in the Correct Way?

Pixiu 108 beads agarwood bracelet with 24k gold - classic

If you have noticed then you are walking down the street, you might have discovered that an upcoming fashion trend. Many people are wearing Jewelry, not only for accessories but also for some Feng Shui aspirations. These feng shui bracelet/jewelry are believed to function as personal energy booster or protector since you are wearing it […]

The facts about 9 tailed fox and its meaning in real life


There are so many stories about 9 tailed fox as well as its negative 9 tailed fox meaning. However, positive aspects should be also explored, especially in feng shui. Nine-tailed fox is applied for using like a good luck charm in love. To know this special charm as well as meaningful feng shui, follow this […]

Four leaf clover meaning and its magical story

Four leaf clover

There are so many good luck charms in Asian culture. Four leaf clover (shamrock) is well-known as a lucky symbol. In general, people apply this feng shui item for making luxurious jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, …  The origin of four leaf clover Four leaf clover has long been considered a good luck symbol in […]

Which personality of you does Agarwood silver charm bracelet stand for?

minh nguyệt xanh

Agarwood silver charm bracelet are not only significant items of spiritual feng shui, they are also wonderful jewelry since they can represent each personality of each different customer. Join Tram huong Thien Moc Huong to find out the following three types of silver charm bracelets will represent which personality of you. I. Uses of Agarwood […]

How to use the Agarwood (OUD) bracelet and take care of it

Agarwood is natural wood, does not adversely affect the health of the wearer. However, there are still a few people who are allergic to agarwood because of the weak body's condition, not suitable for wearing agarwood.

Owning one Agarwood bracelet is considered to keep the priceless goods, cause not only it is jewelry to make luxurious, but it also has tremendous spiritual value. However, how to maintain the agarwood bracelet? Using the agarwood bracelet needs what to keep in mind is that many people don’t know. This post will share with […]

Agarwood Bracelet – Best Amulet for Children – babies charm bracelet

vòng tĩnh an

It is always said that Children are precious gifts from God. Therefore, parents who love their children with their hearts always give them the best things in life. So, why don’t you give your children a agarwood bracelet – an amulet for health and fortune just at least for once. If you’re still considering, let […]

108 mala beads Agarwood and it’s interesting mysteries

ngọc bảo vàng

Accessories made from Agarwood from ancient times have been favored by Buddhists thanks to the ability to bring good flow of feng shui energy. Despite expensive price of Agarwood brecelets, they are still indispensable accessories in the closets of devout Buddhists because of their spiritual meanings. A typical example is the 108 mala beads Agarwood […]

How to calculate METAL, WOOD, WATER, FIRE, EARTH and the secret to choosing bracelets with birthstone according to the five elements

In feng shui, there are 5 main elements corresponding to each person’s destiny including: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth which represent the bracelets with birthstone. Here are 5 destiny rules about the destiny and personality of the person, if you know the destiny of others and understand it, it can partly grasp their personality […]

The meanings of Gold-wrapped – Agarwood gold charm Bracelet

Due to the increasing demand in jewelry, the jewelry market place has become variety with diverse bracelets such as bracelets with stone charm, silver charm or as luxury as gold charm Bracelet, gold-wrapped charm. What is the meaning of them? Let us recommend three bracelets with golden charm in which have been interested by businessmen. […]

The meanings of feng shui stone – birthstone charms to decorated the bracelets

Succubus Stone Agarwood Bracelet

It is very clear that Feng shui has played a vital part in life of Asian in general and Vietnamese in particular so far. People have arranged their house furnitures, bought cars, boughts jewelry based on feng shui which has been most suitable for them. They think that if we follow these spiritual rules, your […]