Agarwood incense- the meaning of meditation and yoga

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You are fond of agarwood incense products but have never known the spiritual meaning of it in your life? Why is agarwood incense is so popular? Let’s find out with THIEN MOC HUONG!

1. The conception of burning Agarwood in Vietnamese customs:

agarwood incense

In life, human needs food to maintain and nourish the body. But for the spiritual world, incense flows are the source of life. This way of burning incense often is used to worship ancestors. Moreover, it can help them to eat well and be warmed in the spiritual realm.

For deities, we worship every day. The agarwood incensation shows their respect for ancestors. They hope wishes are accepted by Gods for help and blessing.

2. What is agarwood incense?

For this above reason, choosing a type of incense that is clean, non-toxic and aromatic is a sign of devotion to ancestors as well as gods. Like you use clean food every day, agarwood incense will be your first choice. It brings a cool, relaxing, pleasant space and shows respect for the ancestors.


Agarwood incense which is burned will create a specific aroma. The combination between sky and earth for scents, for many decades, is the most precious thing than ever. The great function of agarwood will help clean the space in the house, spread the pleasant aroma. Additionally, it brings relaxation and comfort for your mind, is the string connects between the spiritual world and the real world. Prayers hope their wishes will be accepted by the grandparents and gods. In addition, peace and wealth will come to you. Moreover, agarwood incense protect health of your whole family.

Agarwood incense- the meaning of meditation and yoga
Agarwood incense- the meaning of meditation and yoga

3. Meaning of agarwood incense in meditation and yoga:

Scent is the bridge of emotions. Therefore, agarwood, which has a gentle scent, helps your mind relaxed. Additionally, it combines the energy of heaven and earth. Thus, this incense creates the positive atmosphere, help the customers balance the yin and yang. Besides, agarwood incense sweep away bad lucks, relieve stress. The magical energy giving the wearer a lot of new energy, attracts fortune.

incense bud and a ceramic censer
Agarwood is favored by nature for its pure scent, known as the king of scents. It’s the son of mother nature, carrying the spirit of heaven and earth which is combined by all the spirits of nature without mixing impurities. Therefore, agarwood brings a lot of meaning to the life.

Especially in meditation and yoga that requires calm and comfort, agarwood incense spread a gentle aroma which takes people to a higher level of emotion, is free of dust. That is the reason why sacred places always have smell incense. People come here to feel comfortable, have a pure mind, escape the stress, tireness in everyday life.


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