Agarwood fumigation – some notes for fumigation 100% natural

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1. Agarwood fumigation customs:

For Vietnamese and eastern people, the agarwood fumigation custom have existed for a long time. Perhaps it has become a belief deeply “ingrained in the blood”. Agarwood has one unique point that differs from other materials. It is a rare and precious material. Agarwood, the children born from heaven and earth bring prosperity to homeowners. Moreover, it has feng shui functions such as drive away evil spirits,… Thus, agarwood becomes a rare material that people search and sought.

2. Agarwood fumigation is good, isn’t it?

Agarwood is known for many usages such as drive away evil spirits; change destiny, feng shui,… In addition, it becomes a precious medicine in traditional remedies. Therefore, is agarwood fumigation good ?

In fact, agarwood fumigation has many meanings in feng shui. It brings many benefits to homeowners. In spite of a good usage, it doesn’t mean you use it too much in your life. There are some below notes that you have to remember when fumigate agarwood:

Firstly, agarwood fumigation isn’t in opened space. Therefore, the house atmosphere has a better scent. However, when you fumigate agarwood, it releases smoke. If you inhale too much, your health is not strong anymore. Therefore, agarwood fumigation should be in opened space which lets air circulation. Moreover, your home air become cleaner because evil spirits are swept away.
Second: Nowadays, agarwood is used for fumigation popularly. In the market, there are many fake goods. Thus, you should go to the prestigious agarwood shop for buying. Because fake agarwood have many unpredictable consequences if you accidentally use them.

3. When should we fumigate agarwood?

Because of the expensive of agarwood, fumigating the house by agarwood becomes a luxury thing for many people. However, we can’t deny the benefits of agarwood in this usage. Agarwood brings a fresh and gentle air. Therefore, Vietnamese people often fumigate agarwood in important and special days like:

agarwood waterfall smoke-component part
Agarwood waterfall smoke-component part


After building a new house, you do not want your house has a bad smelling. Or you are even afraid of appearing evil spirits in the home,… Fumigating agarwood is a great solution for you. Agarwood is called as a King of wood which carries a spirit drive away evil. Moreover, it can brings a warm atmosphere to your house.

Starting a new year or grand opening


Perhaps,for many years, people has known that agarwood become amulet for every home. On New Year or the opening day, everyone wants new and lucky things. Fumigating agarwood on such occasions will bring the positive energy into the house. In addtion, it can attract fortune, luck and harmonize the elements of yin and yang for homeowner.

Ending year

For the year-end occasion, in the sacred time between the old year and the new year, people often fumigate agarwood for their home.The purpose of this fumigation sweeps away the bad luck, attracts new things in the new year.

The Anniversary, Tet:

On these occasions, family members together gather to express their gratitude to ancestors. Children and grandchildren sits around and tell old stories without worrying about the difficulties in life. On these day, agarwood fumigation shows respects to the ancestors and bring warmth in the family.

4. The meaning of agarwood fumigation:

incense bud for fumigation
incense bud for fumigation

In feng shui and spirituality:

Agarwood – the king of feng shui” with functions as a amulet for every family. It is said that agarwood is as a rare feng shui item as others jewelry and items. Businessman take interest in feng shui, destiny. Feng shui as a spiritual gift for everyone. If you own a feng shui’s item, agarwood, luck and fortune will come to you.

As a child of heaven and earth, Agarwood is considered as a treasure that can bring good fortune to the owner. The mascot carries nature’s positive energy, which helps to harmonize the yin and yang, improve health and create comfortable atmosphere in work. Yin also sweeps away evil spirits, bad luck to welcome new things.

In medicine

Agarwood is an important ingredient in many traditional remedies. It is said agarwood is more valuable than gold. When we mention the herbs, its smell is a mental medicine to relieve stress, tireness and sleeplessness.

5. Type of agarwood for fumigation:

types of agarwood in Thien Moc Huong
types of agarwood in Thien Moc Huong

Agarwood fumigation has become a long-standing culture of Vietnamese people. In order to meet customers needs, many types of agarwood are created such as: Incense-Free Frankincense Incense, Incense Buds, Agarwood Powder, Agarwood shred, … Depending on customers’s demand, they choose a suitable agarwood for fumigation.

To choose specific agarwood suits your needs, you can see more here.


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